6 Month Plan: Where is the 3 man tank?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by L1ttlebear, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. L1ttlebear

    Of all of the things to add. The 3 man tank is missing?!?

    People have been calling for the 3 man tank since early beta! Why would it be completely forgotten? Did they forget to put it in the road map? The devs have said they would be putting it in so where is it? I wanna up vote the **** out of it!
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  2. BlueyTheWolf

    ITs more like a 3 month plan + long vacations.So simple and easy upgrades and yet sooo long time between each other.
    I would be surprised if they keep this game alive next 6 months.
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  3. An Hero

    It's right next to the ANT, how could you miss it on the post?
  4. bluEyedillusions

    Actually "supply containers" is listed in there. If it's not the ANT, it sounds awfully close.
  5. Ripshaft

    This is a rather massive misconception, they never said they were going to put in 3 man tanks, they just said it was an idea they were looking at. Clearly they looked at it and found it lacking, or at the very least too much work and of little priority within 6 months.
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  6. An Hero

    I was just being silly, there are no ANTs and obviously no 3 man tanks.
  7. bluEyedillusions

    What I'm saying, though, is that something very similar to ANTS, if not ANTS, will be making it into the game it seems. I don't know what else "supply containers" could mean except suppies/resources that must be transported.
  8. Sparks

    We called for defendable bases at the start of tech test, still waiting.....
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  9. MayorD

    tbh the lock dow of conti and vehicles transport looking like a massive zerg buff. 3 man tank is a good way to decimate zergs, but... no word about rebalancing, i hope is point is as default.
  10. An Hero

    That could be interpreted in many ways though.
  11. JudicatorRex

    I hope they scrapped the 3 man tank idea personally, not because it was a bad idea but simply because I have a hard enough time finding a good top gunner as it is... You don't understand the times I've picked up someone for the vulcan turret and they spam bullets at planes at flight ceiling. Also it would render 2 mans obsolete they would fill no niche that a 3 man can't fill better. Id prefer simply a new vehicle all together that fills a different role then the lightning or a tank fills, what that role could be I don't know.
  12. wowie

    If you read it, "supply containers" are basically TF2 crates. Player receives locked container,
    and can gamble away money hoping that there's something good inside. Downvote it please.

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  13. bluEyedillusions

    Ohhhh... right, I forgot you could actually open up the ideas for later months and read them.

    That sounds... I just don't know. It works fine in Team Fortress. I don't see it detracting from anything, personally.
  14. Zorro

    Personally, I want SOE to copy the World of Tanks system. It might bring in some complaints, but vehicle combat would be vastly improved, and many more vehicles could be added.
  15. lonegunman

    Watch, BFRs will be the new 3 man heavy tank. Coming in the first expansion.
  16. Zorro

    Those are not tanks, they are mechs. I would like them too, but tanks need to be reorganized as well.
  17. Iksniljiksul

    It seems that PS2 is a side project. That fits the time schedule of efforts while they spend the majority time on their other project.

    It only takes 15 minutes to add a new object in existing code, another day to model it and add sound effects. Then two days tops to test it out. It would not take six months to add everything listed, it would take three weeks. This is no exaggeration, I have done this.

    They are busy with something else. Of course we are talking about the new generation here... work ethic? What's that? (While they continue to text constantly).
  18. Choppstick

    Did you read anything about "Supply Containers?" Because it suggest nothing like an ANT. It actutally is more about getting treasure cheasts intergreated into PS. A HORRIBLE Idea IMO.
  19. Iksniljiksul

    80% of my gunners hop in, shoot all the ammo at nothing, then jump out to do the same thing in another tank. ****ing morons!

    The other 20% get more kills then I do. :eek: Of course I am the one keeping them alive dodging around rocks, hills and trees...
  20. Cowboyhomer

    The next project like the next 6 months plan? **** doesnt show up ready to be put in the game...the team has to design it first and then implement it afterwards. Then throw in the slowdown that is caused every time any game throws in new stuff (bug, glitches crashes) and you have a pretty long schedule. Just like when you hava computer issues...you take each part and add them in one at a time or it is impossible to figure out which one is causing the issue. The next project is what comes next along with debugging each new thing. Its hard to know how players will try to break things until you give it to them. They have to give us time to try to break things. Thats why new stuff doesnt ever come fast enough for us players.