6 hours , passed !!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by iLoading, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Maso

    This is another post made by annoyed and bored user, move along, nothing to do here.
  2. Vokker

    Thanx for the reply though. ;)
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  3. Commandant Cleavage

    This is even better than dubstep.
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  4. Hecket

  5. Captain Khi

    It was pretty good but I couldn't help but feel like the drummer was behind the beat the entire time... could have been tighter on his part.
  6. Hecket

  7. WantedOne

    That's subjective.

    I enjoy some dubstep, Flux Pavilion for one.

    But this is not the place to talk about who's taste is better or worse.
  8. ThaPhreak

  9. Commandant Cleavage

    >assuming dubstep is tasteful.
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  10. Tykune

    >assuming you have any taste.
  11. UdoKoch

    I understand all the issues the game has as an MMO, but I've lost credibility on your "approximate" time frames with your game updates. And yes, this is a formal complaint.

    At least update us on a new thread with what's going on because I don't think this is not fair for the rest of the community adjusting their schedules with your misleading thread on the update's expected time frame.

    So I think it is just fair you update us or stop giving us approximations if the team is not confident with the update because it gives everyone a false sense of hope and anxiety.

    Thank you.
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  12. duslove

    You're totally right, dude
  13. Cosmic1978

    Take all time that you need but just pls fix the problems :)
  14. Cryless

    and will always do!
  15. Eggsbenny007

  16. Tykune

    Haters will Hate
  17. Toumal

    Individual servers fluctuate between "Server unavailable" and "Server locked". It looks like they're busy trying various fixes for whatever issue they found.

    Considering that they are in deep feces if they mess up this update and potentially make players lose some or all of their purchases, I'd rather have them take as bit longer than having to deal with a horde of enraged gamers. Would be cool to get at least an update once per hour or something while we wait.
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  18. Badname0192

    Dub step is terrible, that video is funny. Helmet-less VS attempting to attract the admiration of nearby TR males type nature video.
  19. Mario64Amazing

    If it makes the game have less bugs then im ok with the wait but i shouldn't have to wait past 3PM eastern time that gives them over 11hrs to fix. The game feels more like a beta now then it did in the beta.
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  20. Laraso

    I don't believe you used that word correctly.
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