6 hours , passed !!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by iLoading, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. Delain81

    So..what do we bet for? SC?
  2. Josh Developer

    Sorry for the delay. We found another issue that we're working on to get resolved as soon as possible.
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  3. Defaceo

    Well...You know what the dudes say:
    Every patch/hotfix removes 1 bug and adds 3 bugs.
  4. Defaceo

    Was this posted? I can't find it.

    Sorry. Fixed it to English.

    Support FEMEN Now!
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  5. WantedOne

    That was...wow....much better than I thought it would be...it's...actually pretty good.
  6. duslove

    We're now waiting about 3 hours :(((
  7. ThaPhreak

    Take your time, seriously... we want the good stuff :)
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  8. Rusky

    Why would anyone support a bunch of demented lunatics who make death threats and promote vandalism ?
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  9. Commandant Cleavage

    Dubstep still sucks.
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  10. Defaceo

    They don't make death threats, they support worthy political goals and calling them "lunatics" isn't an argument.
  11. Eggsbenny007

    um. . OK. but watching that girl get slammed in the head with that water melon is just about the funnies thing I have ever seen. So , . . .im good till up get it right. That vid saved my otherwise miserable day. Thanks for that.
  12. VitMercury

    PS2 community...
    Whines when devs introduce a game update that adds a ton of bugs
    4 days later
    Whines when devs take their time to find and fix bugs

    Internet... its everywhere.
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  13. YngvaldsFuror

    Good job guys, stay at it. Why do all the servers have to be down though? Don't you have one or two you can test on?
    Keep up the hard work!
  14. Jooky

    OP has some real problems. please delete this whole thread
  15. UdoKoch

    can you at least give us a guesstimate? rather than anticipating for the last 3 hours.
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  16. Dramonicous

  17. Tykune

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  18. SebzIV

    ok its been like halfanhour seens he put up the ''testing comment'' so i dont really know if i shuld stay up and wait or just go to sleep.
  19. Eggsbenny007

    Im sorry i cant stop watching it. . . After she gets hammered in the face and she says "I cant feel my face" oh man. . . .sounds like a patch note. "Fixed a bug that will now allow infantry to correctly emote sound effects after firing new Empire Specific Rocket Launcher"Im sorry . . I have tears in my eyes. . . phew. .
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  20. Vokker

    Sadly... NO.
    That is why I stopped purchasing BOOSTER packs a while ago. I lose 2 hours every time the server restarts.
    if they fix this, then I'll purchase again.
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