6 hours , passed !!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by iLoading, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. iLoading

    "Server downtime is anticipated to be approximately 6 hours"
    Ok they passed , can we get some info on how much is going to really take till the servers are back on?
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  2. Stevezor

    How am I not surprised someone made a forum topic about this...
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  3. Delain81

    How boring has your life to be? I mean honestly...lol...they're allready on locked status, usually they come back up shortly after that. That's so pathetic..:eek:
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  4. bNy_

    They said approx 6 hours, didn't they? And they changed from "maintenance" to "locked" pretty much dead on 16:00 CET. My guess is that they did some last tweaking and preparing to launch it and it should be up any minute now.
  5. c0r3

    You should ask for a refund!
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  6. stalkish

    Go outside of your house, there is a whole world out there.
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  7. LordMondando

    Because we get at least 4 of them every time.

    MMO addiction lol.
  8. iLoading

    Thats so pathetic , ***** please u ******** were w8ing for this i mean look at those 2 stalkers..
    Stevezor, 1 minutes ago , Delain81, 1 minutes ago , ***** 1 min is too much i actualy refreshed the page and the comment was allready there.
  9. Arenthas

    Nonsense the North America Continent is almost always empty and boring. Better to be on Indar. *sits back in queue*
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  10. stalkish

  11. Delain81

    :eek: says you're funny.
  12. MrDerpAssault

    Patience is MMO addict's worst enemy. For me, nope.
  13. iLoading

    ****** trollers , i just came back from out cuz i tought the servers where up and i wanted to go play with my mates some planetside 2 the most epic game at the moment and now i want to know at what time it starts soo i know when to come home .
  14. Stevezor

    I just woke up, saw this. Sad that you'd wait six hours just staring at your computer for this, and then turn around and call US stalkers.
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  15. Arquin

    Welcome to the wonderful world of MMO updates.
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  16. Delain81

    Come back in another 6 hours. I swear they're up by then! Now go play in your treehouse some more. :eek:
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  17. werzinator

    I'm completely fine with them taking more time if it in any way reduces the likelihood of performance problems like those we experienced immediately after GU04
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  18. crayy

    did they ever mention what would happen to duplicate purchases? i.e. 1 annhilator on nc toon and one on tr
  19. LordMondando

    Its not wonderful, its terrible.

    /junkie shuffle.
  20. Nyerk

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they're still "working on it".
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