6/20 Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Test Server: Announcements' started by d_carey, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. d_carey Developer

    • Major Hossin updates to bases and terrain
    • Continental Locking
    • Outfit Recruitment
    • Outfit Base Capture
    • A sneak peak of our new major feature after Hossin
    • Dozens of bug fixes
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  2. Sagabyte

    What's the new feature?
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  3. Ribero

    One out of Searhus, Valkyrie or Colossus Tank would be my guess. Though that's just speculating.
  4. Heyitsrobbie1984

    why not tell us what the new feature is?
  5. GamerDJ

    Colossus pls.
  6. Pikachu

    The sneak peak is probably the new button with no description or clickability yet.
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  7. Ribero

    Or this. That's probably what it is.
  8. asdfPanda

    Hopefully it is the certifications page.
  9. tekknej

    yeah, i also wondered what that button was. now i guess it's Directives then :3
  10. ironeddie

    If bringing back the certification page is the devs idea of a new major feature then we're ******.
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  11. Sagabyte

    There's a button at the bottom of the screen!
  12. SpcFarlen

    Why cant i click it... IT MUCH BE CLICKED!!!! :mad:
  13. SpcFarlen

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  14. Caserion

    SOE, tell me what the sneak peak is. C'mon don't leave me hanging.

    *grabs smedbucks and forcefully pushes them against Higby*

  15. Eyeklops

    No, it's probably an "Instant Access UPGRADE NOW" button. SOE would consider that a "new major feature"....to their wallet.
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  16. Pikachu

    I think the new button and the new feature is directives.
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  17. bronybuscus

    when will physx be put back in? will they do it once they get the 64 client back up?
  18. Torok

    Can't wait for Directives really, those hype me more than Hossin do!

    Free Rewardzzzzz!
  19. Wobulator


    Or Directives, as you people like to call them.
  20. Rhumald

    That's got a bit more than just directives spoiled in it o.o
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