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    To celebrate the launch of our new website to coincide with our 1 year anniversary we here at the 56th Assault Battlion have decided to post a recruiting message here on to the forum.

    [56AB] Is a Terran outfit founded on the 16th of June 2020.

    Within a short period of time after it's creation, the 56th Assault Battalion started gaining members very quickly, and still continues to grow to this day.

    The goal of the 56th Assault Battalion is to create a great gaming space and community for self development, and for the enjoyment of the game.

    The Ways Of Achieving Our Goals Are:

    ◉ Chill Squads
    ◉ Tactical Squads
    ◉ Tryhard Squads
    ◉ Joint Squads
    ◉ Trainings
    ◉ Providing Newcomers with Training Video's and Guides
    ◉ A Chilled and Relaxed Enviroment

    Our Timezones are: UTC+2

    Every Tuesday we hold trainings for new players that have joined the 56TH!

    Every Wednesday we hold Tactical Squads - (During these events we aim to win Alerts)

    Other Squads:

    ◉ Tryhard Squads - (Here, our goal is to seek the most difficult fights possible, rather than trying to win the alert) (These events usually result in us holding an almost full platoon duking it out in some of the biggest battles the game has to offer).

    ◉ Chill Squads - (No sweaty tryharding, or trying to win, we just play for fun and to have a good time).

    ◉ Joint Squads - (Here we play in/or Platoon up with other Outfits to both learn new things and to strengthen our relationships with the wider community).

    ◉ Colossus Pull - (Here we take the mighest of tanks that the Terran Republic has to offer, TL;DR, Big fat tank go brrr).

    ◉ Bastion Pull - (Here we take our trusty Bastion, to sail the seven skies with copious amounts of flak and death).

    On other days we also plan Jaeger Sessions - (These are sessions where we practice and train with other outfits in a controlled enviroment to better ourselves in communication, leadership and teamwork.

    We also do internal Jaegers as well, where we train with each other on the same skills.

    We hold around 5 to 10 activities per week.

    We also have detailed training guides and videos about playing PlanetSide 2, these guides and videos and there to teach new players all about the mechanics and stratagems of PlanetSide 2.


    Check out our website at: https://56ab.club/

    If you are interested, and you would like to join us at [56AB], simple search for "56AB" in-game under the Outfit section, and join our Discord: https://discord.gg/C5KxG4N5ca

    Our Discord is what we use for all communications and activities.

    Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you planet side!