560Ti, Can it run Med-High?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Smaisteri, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Smaisteri

    Does GeForce gtx560Ti have the power to run this game at Medium-High settings with 40fps in bigger fights?
  2. LordMondando

    Be able to run most settings on high. However, atm your performance in big fights is CPU bound and even with a Ivy bridge i7, you cannot guarantee 40fps.
  3. Errorplane

    I run the game with a EVGA 560ti and the game runs great on High settings. My FPS averages between 60-70 fps. It large fights it drops to around 35 at the lowest but usually around 45fps. Can't go wrong with that card for the price.
  4. Nacasatu

    560ti gtx here with an i5-2500k quad core and I run everything on ultra. Absolutely perfect, 100+ fps in sanc and a steady 40+ fps in huge battles/zerg.
    I had some microstuttering problems when scoping in with sniper scope but sorted it out, I was blaming the ultra settings and thought the card or cpu couldn't handle them but it was down to the HPET being enabled in the BIOS, disabled that and all is fine.

    So yeah, 560ti gtx is a great card, especially for the price. Get the latest drivers for it too, currently driver version 310.90
  5. Smaisteri

    Allright, thanks y'all. Im just hoping my AMD processor can run PS2 with those settings IF they ever bring that optimisation patch for AMD users.
  6. Baleur

    Intel i5 2500k (unclocked, this is a slow mother f-kin cpu these days, but can STILL run most all games at 40-60 average fps).
    8gb 1333mhz ram

    Runs Planetside 2 at about 55 fps average, 30 fps in REALLY huge battles. 40 fps in 90% of the combat gameplay.
    This is with everything turned up to max, 1680x1050, with Texture Detail = 0 in the config file (highest quality, more than u can set ingame) and Render Distance = -1 (highest)

    If you are willing to put shadows to Medium or Low, you'll gain another 10-15 fps.
  7. Smaisteri

    Any idea if AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3,3GHz processor could ever run this Med-High on 40fps? It doesnt seem to be much less powerful than the i5 2500K. Of course, assuming that they're gonna increase AMD performance.
  8. Money

    I use the same card and run all settings on high with 0 issues. This game doesn't need or want an extremely high end vid card and I run multiple monitors. This game, however, is extremely picky about what CPU you run. If your not running an Ivy Bridge CPU, your games performance will suffer.
  9. Adamar09

    What? Ivy Bridge (the current intel generation) is about 10% more power than Sandy (if that) clock for clock. It's still one of the best CPUs for gaming, and overclocked it's a monster.

    Going from i5 to i7 doesn't make stuff all difference for gaming.
  10. Novmiech

    I have the lowest end 560 and I have no issues at all.
  11. Stigma

    It should do just fine for med-high if you just turn off the most demanding features like putting some likits on shadowquality, disabling AO and motionblur ect. One of the most important settings is textures, and that dosn't actually have any noticable performance impact at all to use on a higher setting as long as you have enough video-memory to fit it all in the cache. Not sure exactly how much videomemory you need for ultra textures (only possible to use with texturequality=0 in useroptions.ini as far as I know) but I'd think its either 512MB or 768MB. Your card should run either high or ultra on that.

    This game isn't actually all that demanding on the GPU - and is highly flexible with its settings affecting the GPU. The problem is the CPU. It is very heavily CPU bound in the more demanding scenarios and to make matters worse there are not many settings you can use to lessen the load on it - meaning if your CPU is only so-so then the game juts won't run well regardless. Making use of a conservative OC on the CPU is recommended if you know how to do that sort of stuff, because raw CPU frequency is the name of the game.

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  12. Zakuak

    That card will run the game pretty well but your Proc could use a little over clocking love to get some real gains from the game. Even with the stock cooler and using AMD overdrive overclock utility you should get to 3.8Ghz on that 1100.

    I did a conservative OC on my 1100 to 4.0Ghz and saw a dramatic increase in game performance and I have everything set to Ultra in the INI settings and render quality 1.41. Point is OC that CPU and yes that card will do work if it's getting the info from the proc.

    lol Typo master today....well you get the point =P
  13. Hydragarium

    Yeah a 560TI will do just fine with a good Processor - As mentioned earlier your CPU will be the issue once you have a decent graphics card. My 2500K isn't even capable of feeding my 7870 properly.
  14. Tsavo13

    I never drop below 50 fps, it'll be good man
  15. Smaisteri

    Actually, I have the AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition which means it has a maximum frequency of 3,7GHz but Im not exactly sure if my PC is using the stock 3,3GHz or 3,7GHz frequency. Should'nt the 3,7GHz frequency per core be enough?
    That is 3,7GHz * 6 cores which should be much more than many Intel processors have.
  16. Hydragarium

    You incorrectly assuming that the game can just split all of its tasks evenly across all cores - this is not how it works. Games are generally not able to spread their tasks very well - Intel often have faster speeds on each core, AMD has more cores.
  17. Money

    i read somewhere that 2 AMD cores are somewhat equal to 1 Intel core. People thinking that using an AMD CPU will give them an advantage due to more cores are playing with fool's gold. I am constantly amazed by people that will spend untold wealth on their rigs various components and then get cheap with a weak AMD CPU. Zakuak, I'm looking at you!!!
  18. AmaliaLaCroix

    GTX 560ti and a quad core, running the game on max graphic but tweaked the shadow and flora complelty offline
  19. TheBloodEagle

    running the basic 560 and I get fine frame rates
  20. Smaisteri

    Is there even any sense running this game at high graphics if you dont have shadows on? In my opinion shadows and lighting effects are more than half of the graphical beauty of this game.

    Anyways, I just enabled an automatic overclock option in the BIOS and got my AMD Phenom II X6 1100T to increase the clock frequency from 3,3GHz to 3,5GHz. Sadly, its the most I can get out of it with that feature and I dont know **** about overclocking. A bit disappointing though, that this processor is advertised to have a Turbo Core -feature that automatically increases clock rate to 3,7GHz under stress but it had never worked and is probably a scam.

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