550 RPM HC-1 Now Means I'm Not Buying It.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CactusLynx, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. minhalexus

    Did you guys even use the Cougar on live server yet?

    Or are these all assumptions?
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  2. libbmaster

    Most likely assumptions.

    TR has (with the exception of the GD-7F) the best CQC carbines in the game (both now and before the HC1).

    What the TR needed was a 167 damage long range carbine, which every other faction had but they did not.

    So when the HC1 was revealed to be a CQC weapon, TR freaked out.

    Which is why when SoE changed it to a long-range weapon... the TR freaked out.
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  3. Bankrotas

    Not really, since Cougar's TTK is a bit better than T5's not counting in headshots, which will increase gap of TTK even more then.
  4. z1967

    Pick a random TR carbine and use that for CQC. As long as you didn't end up with the Burst or the T5 AMC you should be fine. That is how many of those types of weapons we have in our arsenal. 5 shotguns, 2 smgs (2 more if you count NS), and 2 carbies that are meant for close range and one that wants to join the CQC club.

    No, just go join NC if you want that type of weapon. Seems it suits your fancy a bit more than the TR Cougar does.
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  5. SharpeShooter

    well that's simply not true! Use the attachments available to to the AMC and use the ones available to the Cougar and the AMC is just better! Its a fact! It has less recoil!
  6. SharpeShooter

    AMC DPS = 652/60 = 10.86 x 143 = 1553dps

    Cougar DPS = 550/60 = 9.16 x 167 = 1530dps

    The AMC has a better TTK. Where are you getting your numbers?
  7. Vearo

    There is hardly any difference in recoil between the two. There may be some technicalities, but really the difference between their recoil is so small that there isn't really anything noteworthy.

    Just for fun I tried to use the new Lynx, and THAT was much harder to control at 60m than either the Cougar or the AMC.
  8. z1967

    AMC has better DPS based on those numbers. Generally, higher dmg weapons have better TTKs because of Alpha damage. I also imagine that the Cougar has better DPS/TTK at farther ranges because of it's damage profile.

    Aside from that, 23 DPS is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Especially since the T5 is more mid-long whilst the Cougar (when it was on PTS) is better for long range, possibly even harassing/killing snipers.

    I cannot emphasize this enough so I will put it in big bold letters, Our arsenal already has enough CQC weapons, we do not need any more. Go roll NC if you want a 632/167 weapon.
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  9. Van Dax

    Whats wrong with 167x550? Same as the Ursa and the razor, you wanted a long range supremacy gun and you got it.
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  10. TeknoBug

    I picked up the HC1 Couger mainly for its 167 damage capacity, oh boy I was doing pretty well with it. Nice to finally have a worthwhile carbine for TR (I'm not a fan of any of their guns besides the MCG and SABR-13).
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  11. Aegie

    Yeah, you can thank your fellow TR for that- a lot of vocal TR were saying exactly that; this is what happens when factions start demanding the other factions' gear.
  12. z1967

    To be fair, the only other way we would have gotten a long range 167 would have been by SABR-ing it. Which, come to think of it, actually might not have been a bad idea :| dammit brain why couldn't you think of this a few weeks ago...
  13. Bankrotas

    DPS =//= TTK, I thought, you're better than this. But you're terrible at forumside :p
  14. Kunavi

    So TR are now the Burst Faction? :p Inqui Burst, I could definitely get used to that ^_^
  15. Aegie

    I still do not understand this as I find the AMC to be great at long range, especially against moving targets. To some extent I understand the argument that all TR carbines were 143 and so there was no variety in terms of damage per shot so I guess having one is good.

    I have not yet unlocked the SABR (it's expensive) but it is certainly one I have my eyes on and yes, I agree, a SABR carbine would have been cool.
  16. Maljas23

    Current Cougar is alright, having used it on the Live servers, but the old Cougar(now currently the NC's Bandit) would have been much better. It still feels pretty bad knowing that fellow TR players cannot see what we just missed out on though, and thus got it changed to the Razor clone that it is.

    Everyone wants what everyone else has, so getting stuff that's of a different mindset is a taboo here on Forumside 2. TR has demonstrated this, perfectly.

    Truly a pity.
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  17. phreec

    Anyone who would argue that the Cougar is too uncontrollable needs a big ol' cup of L2P.
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  18. SharpeShooter

    I wasn't saying it was uncontrollable I was saying its not AS controllable as the AMC!
  19. Lucidius134

    'it isn't the highest 167max rof and this is our faction trait!'

    shrug, tr are just picky. People love the T32 bull but if it wasn't there and then implemented people would be complaining that it didn't have 600 rof like the LA1 Anchor i'd bet
  20. NoctD

    Its a wonder people are so narrow minded... in between CQC and long range, there's a whole another category!

    A versatile weapon in the mid range category is not a CQC weapon, but a low ROF 167 weapon is mostly limited to encounters at range. Plus the Cougar has the WORSE hip fire of any carbine in the game, besides the AC-X11. It doesn't have the DPS of the AC-X11 or that high bullet damage though.