550 RPM HC-1 Now Means I'm Not Buying It.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CactusLynx, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. CactusLynx

    If I wanted a Razor clone I would have asked for one. I'll stick with the AMC, atleast it has a half decent fire rate.
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  2. Tommyp2006

    Funny, because the rest of TR wanted a razor clone. Sorry about your bad luck, but we didn't need another short range carbine like it was set up for before. For that, you can either use the Lynx for CQC, the Jag for CQC-Mid range, or the Trac5 for an all around weapon.
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  3. SharpeShooter

    idiot TR wanted a Razer clone! like you it seems!

    we could have had a best in class weapon. Instead because of people like you we got a gun which is complete garbage.
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  4. Bankrotas

    Correct term would be: "most vocal misguided TR".
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  5. Tommyp2006

    right, I'm the idiot for not wanting another carbine with overlaping roles with what we already have. Forgive me oh great one for wanting some variety.
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  6. SharpeShooter

    we have the TC-AMC for a long range carbine! It has more bullet velocity, a larger mag faster ROF, better recoil. Its just BETTER than the new cougar! and renders the gun pointless!
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  7. NoctD

    Who wanted a Razor clone - I wanted a Pulsar C clone or better yet a TR version, ie. 600 ROF 167/125 mid-long carbine.
  8. Squeeck

    If you want a long range carbine just take the T5AMC.
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  9. SharpeShooter

    I will change it to "loud mouth idiots/morons!" I'm not as polite as you!

    Now watch all the people who have now tried the cougar come on here and say "I always knew it was going to be terrible" -_-
  10. Tommyp2006

    so if it was a short range gun, it would have been rendered pointeless by the jag, lynx, trac5, armastice, and hailstorm.
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  11. Vearo

    I'm sorry that you don't like control weapons.
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  12. Tommyp2006

    your right, that would have been better.
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  13. Bankrotas

    Oh, I'm not polite, just trying to help not to get your posts deleted by mods. Just in last month I had more than enough of those deleted :D.
    Funny thing is, it seems that half of TR want to be NC, the other half, knows what they're are doing.
  14. SharpeShooter

    No because its BETTER than all of them! What we NEEDED was a gun that competed with the gd-7F and the serpent and old cougar would have given us that, instead we got a gun which fill NO GAP! In the next week count how many times you get killed by the Bandit, then switch to the NC and see how many times you get killed by the cougar.
  15. lolB0b

    I wanted a 167 and 600rpm weapon because that's the one we are missing.

    I'm not getting it either. It serves no purpose, because the T5 AMC is superior to it in every range.
  16. SharpeShooter

    Control weapons? do you mean controllable? Have you even tried the cougar? Its jumps about more than Michael J. Fox.
  17. Vearo

    Unless they changed it between live and PTS, yes I have.
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  18. SharpeShooter

    Use the T5-AMC and use the cougar and come back here and tell us which one has the better recoil!
  19. JesusVoxel

    What's with the crying here? HC1 Cougar is hands down best carbine TR has at the moment, it's really good.
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  20. Vearo

    Using (adv) grip and 1x Reflex scope for both weapons (no HV ammo, no comp):
    The Cougar and AMC are about the same for a VR target at 60m, although it feels like the AMC has greater horizontal recoil despite the Adv grip. That is probably due to the Cougar having its recoil based around going up and to the left instead of straight up.

    Really, there isn't any greater difficulty in controlling the weapons. One just needs to adjust to the up and left recoil pattern of the Cougar and it is just as potent.
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