50% VS overpop, 100% frustration

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  1. SavageBacon

    You could focus on teamplay like many VS communities did back in the day when they were underpopped and had no XP incentives or boosts for being underpopped. You'd be surprised what the outcome brings over time, especially when pops start to change.
  2. Zombo

    exactly what weapon was nerfed from TR that didn't need to get nerfed?
    if you say Striker: TR members themselfes asked for it to be something else than another lockon, that a change of the mechanic completely nerfed the thing is BS and everyone knows it, but ZOE was hit by that as well
    Vulcan? desperately needed a nerf, MBT used Vulcan for AI rather than the AI option
    Fractures? had way to high dmg against infantry and were all around better than comets when they were introduced
    Pounders? maxes were using pounders as AI on purpose because it was just about as effective as a high-damage low-capacity lasher
    Lockdown Prowler? sniped ESFs out of the sky with insane bullet velocity of AP rounds, even worse than Vanguard and with higher weapon raise, plus two shots to correct right after shooting
  3. Hatesphere

    except you're wrong.... the point of any balance action should not be to alienate that many players, especially when the apparent other 66% that are going to be alienated according to you cant even bring up a good argument other then "its not fun to fight VS" when most threads pop us. many things could be done to improve or attract players to the other factions that would not alienate. Instead though we get guys like you who will cry nerf and let loose the dogs of war to crush one third of the population into the ground to make the others feel better.

    you also haven't really answered the question, you just assume you need to **** over the VS to get anything done at this point as far as I can tell. you are even to the insane point of suggesting conspiracy with the devs.
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  4. Fatal_Finn

    Planetside 2 is a futuristic mmofps and VS is the only "Sci-fi" faction. VS is the only choice IF you really want to have the most futuristic experience. That must be one of the reasons why so many people decide to choose VS.
  5. CMDante

    We are going to have to agree to disagree. In my experience every piece of kit the VS possess is easier to use than either TR or NC equipment.
  6. Zombo

    yeah, hovertank that needs half a minute to turn 180° and is the slowest sure is way easier to use than the "press a button to win 1vs1" Vanguard or "press button to make goo out of enemy" Prowler
  7. Citizen H

    TR and NC demand satisfaction for the game to survive. VS tears are the only thing that will suffice.
    It's only fair because VS has been screwing over everyone else since the game launched.
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  8. CMDante

    Who doesn't love a bit of hyperbole now and then? But non the magrider plays like superheavy infantry, there is no learning curve regarding body and turret orientation. There's also a several second delay before a prowler can lock-down.
  9. Hatesphere

    then you are crazy. VS kit is all over the place (some easy, some hard) I highly doubt you have used more then the starters.
  10. stalkish

    Thanks for that 'tip' i guess i could join the zerg (and get redeploy stomped as soon as we hack a base), like i watched VS do during the start of the game (hence their zergfits nowadays) but it bores me, id much rather go find the VS vehicle zerg and stomp it out, like i did that day.

    My point wasn't 'go off on your own and solo all day every day' it was simply, 'make the most of the current situation'.

    Please dont pretend like the VS are super organised always talking on proxy, discussing priority targets and deciding battle plans, this just isnt the case. Outfits do this in all empires on all servers, and usually in TS not the unreliable voice chat we have in game. Tbh VS just seem to have bigger outfits from what experience i have in game on various servers.

    But if you want my tin foil hat idea then here goes.

    The TR are UP.
    Think about it and it accounts for all the stats people throw around about VS being super dooper skillful and NC being super aweful.

    TR, being UP, do not like fighting VS. They cannot fight off or slow down VS zergs at range due to a lack of long range AV available. Yes the prowler is there but infantry with mana AV and lancers can easily wipe out any prowlers, especially if they are using their 'unique ability' to get the massive DPS advantage they need.

    VS are totaly the opposite, they have excellent ranged AV, the diff being they also have excellent up close weapons to compete with TR when fighting over points after the main arrival of the force.
    So TR see an uphill struggle when attacking VS fronts (due to aformentioned ranged AV) and once they reach the base have a 50/50 duke out, so again a struggle to win if they manage to get close enough to deploy sundies.

    When defending against VS since they cant stop their zerg at range they have to wait till its close, at which point the VS can compete with their close ranged weaponary.

    So TR get a hard fought battle attacking VS and are unable to slow the zerg whilst defending, this creates an 'Im not fighting VS' attitude within the TR. This inturn causes the NC to be unfairly attacked by the majority of TR and the usual half VS, meaning NC find it hard to make any ground, are killed more, and win less.

    ^theres more holes in that theory than a block of swiss cheese, but who cares, this is a tinfoil theory, they dont need to make sense right?

    O and just for extra seasoning:
    'T-Ray and Higby were responsible for nerfing TR to its unholy dire level, there were no TR devs to stop them'
  11. stalkish

    Thats an interesting line of thought.

    Which empire 'sticks' to its starter weapons the most?
    (pure curiosity)
  12. Hatesphere

    your line of thought is even more interesting, what does that say about anything in your opinion? becasue there is more then one answer.
  13. stalkish

    Sorry i dont follow you.
    Long day, brain fizzles, (just take a look at my post above LOL, if that isnt brain farts i dont know what is)
  14. Hatesphere

    Im asking what that would mean to you. what it means if an empire is sticking to its starter weapon and not moving on.
  15. Stormsinger

    This is SoE style nerfing, which has been generally the same throughout it's various games.

    Vulcan: Yep, this was insane, then it was nerfed, then it was buffed - now, all factions are getting something intended to compete with it. They couldn't balance it, so everyone gets one. This is at least a better solution then removing it, or nerfing it through the floor again, although I really wish there was more faction unique-ness.

    Fractures: These were being used for Anti Infantry at point blank in biolabs, something needed to be done, but right now they are essentially firework launchers. CoF needs to be removed, I wouldnt mind Laser guided projectiles either, in the style of Ravens. Changing them to burstfire with a short refire delay, perhaps... Eh, just some ideas.

    Pounders: These are still being used for anti infantry work, and are insanely potent versus vehicles at close range. If you let a pounder max sneak up on your sunderer, it's not worth undeploying and trying to move - you'll barely make it to 10kph with racer 3 before exploding. That said, I don't think these are overpowered - i'm fine with leaving them as is, despite AI / close range AV potential. SOMEthing needs to remain in a working state - luckily, these have survived.

    Prowlers: I adore my Prowler - this thing is the best MBT in the game, with the fastest stock speed, the highest AI potential, and it presents the lowest profile for peeking over hills. The rapid reload allows for outright obliteration of any target that doesn't have a quick way to escape - and i've never seen a number of engineers that's sufficient to repair a sunderer vs a maxed out 1/2 AP / Lockdown prowler firing uncontested for more then a few seconds.

    The problem here, is that too much of the TR's overall potency is focused on the Prowler and the Harasser - right now, I do not fear the TR when they don't have an accessible tech plant - knowing my vehicles are more or less safe then long ranged infantry / max based AV is not a good thing, and it's frustrating as hell for the TR themselves. Without a good long range launcher / max AV solution, the TR lacks teeth... with a tech plant, I find them quite a bit more potent then even NC's vanguard / raven spam.

    Striker: Compared to the competition, this thing is poo. Poopy poo poop. The recent changes have made it less poop, but there is still sufficient poo involved to make it a less then desirable choice - Ideally, i'd like another firing mode for the thing, perhaps duplicating the mechanics of the NS-Swarm in addition to the current (which could use a complete removal of it's CoF, and a ~50 m/s velocity buff, to start out with.) If what is generally accepted as a TR mechanic oriented thing is being implemented for a NS-launcher, give a superior version of it to the Striker. The NS version should be the knockoff, not the other way around.

    Just a few thoughts.

    Edit: I completely agree with your statements on how the VS currently has nonfunctional junk as well, but as that's what I usually focus on, I figured i'd blather a bit about TR's current issues instead for once. :p
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  16. stalkish

    Nothing really, it was pure interest.
    If i had to guess id say NC, its starter gear is great (i know, im reluctantly using other weapons atm, another victim of directives i have to admit).
    I guess it would mean the empire that sticks can spend more certs on other items, i.e vehicles - weapons, chassis, defense slots etc.
    Possibly also spend more on nano armour or grenade bandolier on their infantry.

    I doubt it makes any diff to the effectiveness of an empire, it really was just curiosity.

    I dont believe one empire is seriously lacking in their starter weapons, hence the interest in who 'sticks' and who doesnt, could maybe share some light on who is more 'casual' between the empires, but i doubt theres much diff.
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  17. Hatesphere

    I know for a fact for the HA its going to be VS with the Orion. Its by far the most used starter in the game, but that could be for a number of reasons, it would be nice to see a list though.
  18. stalkish

    Id also rather they left the vulcan as is and didnt bother with the new weapons, but if i look at the bright side, we get more ES gear and more variance on the battlefield.

    If you were in charge, would you:
    A. Give TR a long ranged infantry (inc Max) AV option
    B. Leave the long ranged AV to the vehicles and remove or rework (nerf into ground) the option on NC and VS?
    C. Something else (because theres always something else)[please elaborate]

    Personaly id leave the long range to vehicles, they need some kind of niche outside of farming newbies and oblivious players.
    Reduce all infantry AV to 350m maximum range.
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  19. CMDante

    Your starting LMG is the most commonly used weapon on the mosy commonly used class. It has power, versatility and usability all in one free package *mic drop*

    For a more in depth answer, you have rocket that's almost hitscan, an LMG that can kill people around corners, the most capable MAX outside of point-blank range(debatable, ravens are ********). You have no bullet drop, and your guns don't actually lose more damage over range, which makes you the most powerful long-range army. And you have a strafing tank that can climb mountains.

    So tell me, where does playing the VS get difficult? It's not like you lack cqc options either.
  20. Hatesphere

    Personally I would leave long range AV to maxes and tanks. infantry weapons should be toned down slightly in the long range AV department, and be geared more toward brutal short range ambush.

    and buff the fractures :p