50 shades of infiltrator, a commendation-speech for the valuable posters of this subboard

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  1. iller

    Unironic stayclassy post... not sure how to handle these.

    Fortunately, some things ARE improving about the class. Our cloak is still crap and we need a variant that works against ESP'ers who are everywhere these days. But we're atleast starting to see some viable strategies coming around and we're also not the 'wilting flowers' in CQC we used to be. (I still have a better KD on stock medic in CQC but that's b/c lag penalizes semi-auto firing a lot worse). Minimap improvements also help. (I put my zoom for it on mousewheels and would HIGHLY recommend everyone else do that too and STOP using mousewheel to change weapons, that's what the 1-4 buttons are for).

    Once we can actually sneak out of camped spawns & get behind other people or change more of our gear on the fly for every situation (& get better utility in general), we'll have a lot less to argue about. We're still the only class that's completely useless for AV, but even that might change eventually.
  2. Stinneyt

    I'm at the point of giving up arguing.
    I know that infiltrator is awesome. I know for sure some other people complain about it because they suck at it, but somehow want to feel like they're really good at it.

    I don't expect to play PS2 forever. At some point SOE are going to mess it up. I'm just going to play as long as it is fun. If infiltrator becomes too easy, or there is less to distinguish a good infiltrator from a bad one, then I'll simply stop playing.
  3. Dr. Euthanasia

    You're telling this to someone who has stated elsewhere that he would give up his primary weapon, shields, utility, tool, and suit slots simultaneously if it meant having a better cloak. I continue to stand by that statement. My argument is that our selection of tools for the purposes of entering enemy territory undetected is laughably bad, and needs improvement. The Infiltrator actually is statistically worse than all other classes anyways, but I don't care if we get a straight-up buff or if something gets taken away as compensation. We just need a cloak which is objectively better than Hunter Stealth.

    See above. While I would prefer retaining some actual utility to work with, I would give it all up for a cloak which actually works well if I had to. Don't ask what I'd use it for - probably something creepy.

    We're talking about a mechanic which has no effect unless someone is looking at you. If the most effective way to use it is to avoid lines of sight entirely, there's a problem. There are three situations in which I'll use Hunter Stealth; the first is at long range since we no longer render past what is apparently 60m no matter the graphics setting, the second is to avoid or remove spotting, and the third is when I know for a fact that I won't need to shoot my weapon and/or be able to accomplish anything by doing so. The first two are circumstances where it functions reliably, and the third is a circumstance where I'm still playing like it does nothing, but I don't care about the harsh drawbacks of turning it on.

    Also, don't insult my outfit. Nobody needs Infiltrators to accomplish anything, which is another problem altogether that I can only hope will be solved somewhere down the line, and most likely after some very significant overhauls of PS2's metagame or base design.

    If the base design doesn't accommodate hiding, the stealth class should possess tools which make hiding possible anywhere. I don't care which one gets implemented, but lacking both creates a problem. 12 seconds of partial invisibility and a bunch of bases with no nooks to crawl around in just won't cut it.

    Hey, you don't need to talk to me about hard. I use my pistol instead of an SMG just because.
  4. Wobberjockey

    hey now... the manticore is nothing to mess with... it can actually kill an enemy before they drop you.

    granted your armor will look like a bloody sieve, but you'll still be alive...