5 simple changes.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    1) Squad Logistics is now built into the Valkyrie.

    2) The Spitfire is now on a cooldown exactly like the other engineer turrets.

    3) Cut off bases capture 50% faster.

    4) MBT's now have access to Bulldogs & Fury's.

    5) Sunderers now have access to ES AI(PPA,Marauder,Canister).
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  2. Scr1nRusher

    Nothing fancy, but simply effective.
  3. Plastikfrosch

    1) yes
    2) yes, but since it is fully automatic the timer should be longer (like for an completely certed beacon)
    3) yes
    4) why not but i will always prefer the halberd or the ES av weapons over those named guns
    5) why not, but i will still prefer the cobalt over those options but a suny with double AV would be awsome (and totally op)
  4. tijolo

    1- This one is being requested a lot and there's no reason not to be.

    2-Could be interesting. Would have to be a bigger cooldown though to avoid flooding/running away deploying spitfires.

    3-They could probably do a couple of days with this on trial. If it's no good, revert. If it is, awesome. I for one like the biolabs that cap in 2 minutes.

    4-I'd love to see the reasoning behind the fact that they not have this already. I thought about it some time ago and couldn't find good reason for them not to have it.

    5-AI only? Cool idea. Makes me think that there should be more empire specific traits for NS stuff.
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  5. OldMaster80

    Regarding 1) safe drop would already be enough.

    Personally I wonder why the **** deva didn't change thia... players have been asking for 13 months...
  6. Demigan

    1) Yes
    2) make it a long cooldown, a minute is the lowest cooldown I would want on it.
    3) No reason. If people want to spend time at a cutoff base and defend/attack it, that's their choice.
    4) Don't see why not. MBT's should have some of the biggest arsenals available to them, there's no reason not to have them on MBT's.
    5) With PPA being OP as hell in the past I would have said no, but with current AI weapons I don't see why not.
  7. JojoTheSlayer

    1) No, but I do want them to move the drop mod so people INSIDE can see if its installed or not.
    2) I dont really see why this is needed. Spits are easy to destroy even without AT launcher. You just corner strife in and out and the spit wont have time to even shoot at you before its down. So I would most likely lean towards no here to.
    3) No, you dont want to reSec. Go play somewhere else on the map.
    4) Sure. More options for the tank without making it too good.
    5) Hell NO! This would make the Battle Buss, specially the TR one which would have access to the Gate Keeper and the Vulcan, OP!
  8. \m/SLAYER\m/

    AV can OHK infantry, AI - you can manage overheat. Slow Spitfire has such a low HP - you can kill it before it will make a noise.
    so you must refund it, then you can nerf it, make it decorative toy
  9. NinjaTurtle

    1) See no reason why not

    2) Don't see why not

    3) Seems reasonable and makes sense

    4) Disagree. I think NS weapons should not even exist, instead I would rather see more faction diversity especially on faction specific vehicles

    5) Agree for the reason in (4) more faction diversity

    I would also like to add that I think (3) can be expanded a little bit to also include capturing not lattice bases. I would propose that non lattice bases should be captureable (providing hex adjacency) but take 50% longer to cap. Would add more tactical map navigation and would help circumvent some of the poor lattice links on some of the maps
  10. asmodraxus

    1-4) Yes
    5) Not without the PPA being rebuilt as its a pile of steaming dog excrement and is less lethal than a spitfire
  11. Scr1nRusher

    ES AI =/= ES AV.
  12. Scr1nRusher

    A Cooldown means you do not need to resupply it inorder to rebuilt it.
  13. Scr1nRusher

    Are you the type of person who grabs there schoolbag every time they get a allied sunderer to pick them up?

    Because..... you got alot of things messed up.
  14. Scr1nRusher

    Spitfires are not worth a 1 minute cooldown.

    The cooldown for the other engineer turrets is 10 seconds.

    So the Spitfire should have a 10 second cooldown to keep it as viable in the field as the other engineer turret options.
  15. Stigma

    Sunderers are already farmwagons deluxe, with the added bonus of being notoriously difficulty to get rid of. They definitely do not need ES AI weapons. What happened to the sunderer being a support vehicle?

    The rest of the changes seem reasonable enough.

    2 - Spitfires obviously need a much longer cooldown however. Normal turret cooldown is essentially nothing, and you shouldn't be able to spam the crap out of free spitfires. Something like maybe 20 seconds from the time the turret gets destroyed until you can place a new one seems reasonable to me.

    4 - Sure, but I can't quite envision what tank would ever pick those options.

  16. TheFlamingLemon

    All of these are great but for clarification, the sunderers would be given weaker versions of the AI guns right? Also I'd like to make an addition:

    6: Make assists for things give partial credit towards all directives. For example, sunderer kill assists for objective support, kill assists in every weapon directive, and everything else that you can get an assist for.
  17. Scr1nRusher

    All are viable & all are effective.
  18. bLind db

    I'm cool with everything but 5. Battle Busses are already way too ******* powerful. Giving them even more ability to steamroll over infantry (the one aspect that can't reliably escape/fight back) just feels foolish.
  19. Deffington

    He said anti-infantry guns. In this TR would pick the short stick, since Marauder is like Fury, but Fury does damage to vehicles - I didn't know about it until recently. I wonder when it got this ability, it surely wasn't there when I tested the Marauder.
  20. Jubikus

    Spitfire isnt like the other turrets and shouldn't be treated as so im all for a cooldown but having it lower than a minute is well not good the reason why spitfire is bad is because it has no risk you can still go somewhere else and it still do its thing you can use your primary weapon while it still does its thing and you dont have to sit and man it and get sniped and it still does its thing.
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