5.3 GB update on Steam?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zotamedu, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. JDC052

    Well dang, Finished the 4 hour upload and now ALL MY CHARACTERS ARE GONE NOOOO!!!
    Hope others have better luck than I, the dust mote in the wind
  2. exfakm

    5.3G download for me. Steam luckily was downloading it while I was away. Sat down to see this massive download finishing up in minutes ( Characters are still there )

    Wife steam still has 3G out of the 4.8G :(
  3. Spazmatism

    Is the download going incredibly slow for anyone else (around 80kb/s)?
  4. AssaultPig

    has anybody explained what this update actually is? kinda hesitant to download it, as steam has ****** up installations before
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  5. Colonelveers12

    #2daydownload #60KBS4thewin
  6. 13arracuda

    So this has been happening all day and there's still no word from SOE either here or in the announcements? The fact that it's a different size download for everyone (10 gigs here) just make it seem real fishy. It can't be a game update... Then what the hell is it? Of course, the stupid part is that if you're playing through Steam there's basically no way to bypass it.
  7. Beef Hardcheese

    Full 10 gig download for me, too. And, of course, complete silence from Sony.

    I forgot to cancel my membership when it was up for renewal a few weeks ago. I regret that oversight every day.
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  8. dezusa

    You can not and probably WILL NOT get any OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS on their OFFICIAL FORUM, instead, they'll post it on THIRD PARTY SITES like twitter and reddit. Though im not sure they'll post anything at all since they've been keeping quiet ever since their failed bugged patches (Valk and QoL) o_O

    Last time i saw my client, it was around 18.7gb(?), and the steam / launcher download is around 10.5gb(?), so yea.
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  9. 13arracuda

    I was able to bypass the download and go directly to launch client through the local folder. Still had to DL a 100 Meg patch of some kind, but much better than 10G.
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  10. BxRuce

    What's the folder location for yours? I don't see the local folder. I'm at 11% 11 hours later...
  11. WarmasterRaptor

    Don't download the update from Steam!!

    Go directly into your game folder and launch the game from the LaunchPad.exe

    Would look like ProgFiles/Steam/steamapps/common/PS2

    You totally dodge the USELESS update from Steam and the game still works perfectly.
  12. Xiad

    That's all well and good, but is there any news on the issue being remedied on Steam's end? Also, I've already downloaded some. Anyone know how to delete those downloaded files?
  13. JDC052

    Does anyone have any workaround for this in the meantime? I already downloaded the thing but all 3 of my characters are gone, and I was hoping to practice more before the ServerSmash this weekend NOT as a BR1. Thanks.
  14. BlaxicanX

    The launchpad work-around doesn't work for me.


    I've been trying it periodically since last night.
  15. SeanFree

    Launchpad workaround isn't guaranteed, I opened mine that way and got a 10 GB update on the launcher itself. Looks like I won't be playing til I can dedicate some time to allow it to download...
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  16. 13arracuda

    So it's four days later and still no word about this from SOE. Can't spare a person to call steam and ask them what the heck this is about?
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  17. AssaultPig

    What likely happened is that Steam updated the version of the game it's pushing to clients; it sees that the last version you downloaded from steam is way old, so it tries to push out the updated files it thinks you need because it can't tell that you've been patching from the launcher all this time. Anyway, here's a workaround that worked for me:

    1) locate the PS2 folder in your steam directory; it should be root:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\PlanetSide 2, unless you've saved it somewhere else.

    2) Run the launcher manually from this location (Launchpad.exe.) Let the launcher update if it needs to; you want to be sure you have the actual most recent version of the game.

    3) Back up that Planetside 2 folder, either to external storage or elsewhere on your hard disc.

    4) Load up the steam client and tell it to uninstall PS2 (delete local files.)

    5) Exit steam (close the client.)

    6) Now, restore your backed-up PS2 folder to its previous location in your steam directory.

    7) Start steam, browse for Planetside 2, and click Play. Steam should 'discover' your local game files in the course of the installation process and see that you have the most recent version, and you should be good to go.
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  18. SierraAR

    I'm not going to read through all three pages, so I apologize if this has already been explained. Additionally, I heard this second hand, I'm not sure if this is actually the case or not, but it makes sense.

    SOE recently allowed Steam to use their own systems for validating and updating the game, instead of just being a shortcut to the PS2 launcher and having the launcher handle updates and validations. Because Steam handles updates/validations a bit differnetly from SOE's launcher, Steam thinks the game either hasn't been installed or is vastly out of date, so it downloads the entire game again (Probably into a slightly different folder structure)

    If you don't want to re-download the game, cancel the steam download, then go to your planetside 2 directory in your steamapps folder (I'll assume you know how to find this), then launch the planetside 2 launchpad directly from there
  19. Vordrakis

    Same problem. Both Steam and PS2 launcher keep re-downloading 10 GB.

    As I have limited bandwidth (thanks to 2011 Canadian laws), this is terribad. I'm screwed.
  20. Vordrakis

    I hope this Steam issue will be fixed. In my case, the consequences were a) the extra 20 Gb busted my monthly bandwidth limit (which will cost me a penalty of about 20$) and b) I can't play PS2 until I download it from another internet connection.