4th Faction / Same Char on a Server

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  1. 3punkt14159

    Hey Guys

    Yesterday i played as a max unit on Miller Esamir Crystal Ridge Comm Array. We defend as VS that base against TR for a long time. A get a lot of Xp as a burster max and later as AI Max. Then a char who i so verry often online, its a BR 100, blast me away whit c4. It was not a critical situation or so, so i couldt really belief that it was an accident. He played as VS for longer, not just some minutes. I wrote to him something like "really maaan??? you arent a noob god damm".Hey said sorry. Ok **** happens.
    Then just a moment later i saw the same name as a TR Mosquite up in the sky. It was obviously the same guy because also the outfit names were similar.
    Of course i dont now if he kills me on porpose, but just after he kills me he change to TR. And then he starts to battle in the exactly same area like before.
    Shouldnt it be inpossible for ,.. an hour or so to relog as an other fraction on the same server?

    If he not was team killing for porpose it is in minimum a leak of manners. I do not made a name public here, but i got screenshots from his killboard and also reportet him.

    Thanks for your opinion!

    And sorry for the spelling.
  2. BlueSkies

    Someone really needs to make PS2NameAndShame.com or something so we can all point and laugh at these failures
  3. CNR4806

    As long as this game is F2P, any attempt to limit the same person from logging into a different faction on the same server will be futile.

    Seriously, when will people actually learn and stop suggesting the impossible?
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  4. Tazekiel

    One day I was flying in my Mossy, taking out VS Scythes, when I noticed I killed the same guy twice. After the second kill he sent me tells about being a noob and using coyotes and blah blah.. I killed him three more times (he kept coming back to the same place!) and then went offline. A minute later I'm killed by a fellow TR in a mossy, and get a tell from this new guy who (surprise!) is the first guys alt, and he's gloating about taking me out... After that he camps the warpgate and is just waiting to see me spawn a new mossy. I instant action and go elsewhere, but damn if this guy wasn't an ***-hat.
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  5. MotionBlured

    Faction timers won't stop this. You should be grateful you ruined someone's day so badly they wasted 5 minutes to switch, hunt you down, and kill you in the cheesiest fashion possible.
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  6. Titan6

    True, but the harder you make it, the less people will do it. Not many people will be willing to keep making new accounts to get around it.

    Obviously trolls and the most persistent will continue to do it, but it will limit the majority.

    My only issue is, I now have 3 characters on 1 server (since the Waterson/Mattherson merge)

    They just need a login limit really. Just a 30 minute timer on when you can relog into another account.
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  7. 3punkt14159

    Why should this be inpossible, the code for that is writen in one hour.
  8. QuantumSerpent

    Because they can make and log into a new account rather than a new character on the same account.
  9. bladedcross

    I don't know why people keep saying this. Yes it's F2P, but every deterrent that SOE adds to discourage jackassery will help.

    Right now I can enter a fight, get wrecked by AA, switch to that faction and spawn at the base, and C4 them, then switch back within a couple of minutes.

    If there was a timer, not only would I have to switch to a second account (a lengthy process of loading up the game client again), but I'd have to make sure I have characters on that second account for every faction, on every server I play. I'd also need those characters to each have enough certs unlocked to get C4, and I'd need to play them enough to ensure that they have the resources.

    In other words - without a log-in delay for switching factions, all I have to do is switch to my other characters. With a delay, I have to create a brand new account for other characters, with the sole intent of using this account to TK others. Will some people do this? Yes, but I suspect that most won't bother going through the trouble.
  10. Xasapis

    Balancing between the quality of life status of having all your characters available whenever you want to play, versus the off chance once every six months somebody bothers to switch to an alt to grief. I know what I would pick as a developer.
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