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Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by Swordsbane, May 2, 2018.

  1. Swordsbane

    The 42nd Highlander Guards is restructuring and now looking for recruits to play on weekends. This is not a casual game group. We aim to win, and we work as a team, and we love tanks. If this is you, you may find a home here.

    We need tankers; experienced Vanguard driver/gunners, and tank commanders (position 2 in the Vanguard)
    We need Sundy crews: Drivers and gunners for Repair and Ammo sundies
    We need Lightning driver/gunners: especially people experienced using Skyguards

    Vanilla vehicles are okay, but a variety of loadout options is preferable. We don't care what it looks like, only how it performs.

    You are expected to fill a specific role in the Guards, to train for that role and become an expert. You are expected to be part of the team, realizing that when the team wins, everyone in it wins. K/D rating is irrelevant. BR is irrelevant. Whether you have a paid account or you're a freebee is irrelevant.

    We aim to be the best damned tank unit in the NC, from supporting infantry to armored assault. If this sounds like your thing, contact me to set up an orientation meeting. PM me here or reply to this thread.
  2. Creedmob1

    hey name creedmob1 ill be keen if your still looking
  3. Creedmob1

    i cant seem to find u on this server add me if u see this creedmob3 on this server
  4. Swordsbane

    This is the Connery Server. We're on the list as "42nd Highlander Guards". Check out our new Facebook page too :)

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