[40FY] Fortify Gaming

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  1. WeRelic

    Fortify is a combined arms outfit that values fair play, team work, and dedication in game, as well as good laughs, good times, and good friends outside of the game. We aim to cultivate a community above and beyond being just a PS2 outfit, one that challenges you, and helps you grow as a gamer.

    We're currently looking for 18+ players that like to hang out in and out of game and have a good time. Microphone preferred, but not required.

    We don't require you to be at any given level of skill (meaning no K/D requirements), though we do look for a certain competence of mind, and an attitude that lends itself to improvement of yourself, or others.

    We have a dedicated website and our own TS3 server.

    Be sure to keep an eye out for our tags on the battlefield!