4000 certs to spend on medic

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Joexer, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Joexer

    I have just recently learned to love the medic class. I have 4,100 certs I am sitting on. I have fully certed The med tool and nano regen device as well as 2 levels in triage. I currently do not have c4 or rez grenades. I use resto kits for extra redundancy. I use a bone stock NS-11P which I aboslutely love. and an NS-44P Comissioner( I really want that black camo XD) and suit slot i have levels 1-3 in flak and nanoweave. Any suggestions for any certs. Like finishing triage or the underboss instead of my commie or c4 /rez nade suit slot etc. Thanks in advance. Btw i am tr I fight almost exclusively mid range 20-50m and i rarely hipfire.
  2. Joexer

    no one? really?
  3. Souleater

    Max out flak to stay alive through explosions.

    Unlock Rez grenades.

    You pretty much have everything èlse covered.
  4. AnuErebus

    Well, first thing since you mentioned resto kits. Max out your medkits and forget that resto kits exist. Medkits provide more healing and do it instantly, there is no reason why you should run resto kits instead of med kits.

    Second - By bone stock do you mean no attachments? If so, fix that. Compensator and Foregrip for the NS-11 to allow for more accuracy at range, If you don't mind slower velocity it's probably also worth it to get Soft point ammo to give you a little more close range power for emergencies. Laser on the Commisioner for more accuracy at hip.

    Third, since you fight at range I would then max nanoweave for that extra survivability against bullets.

    Finally I'd cert rez nades and grenade bandoleer for the times where you just want to farm mad certs from rezzing people.

    Those are the main things, but you'll probably still have some certs after that so it wouldn't hurt to grab C4 for times where you know you're going to be in closer quarters and encountering MAXes (Biolabs). Also if you run with a group it's often useful to have the medics split between nano regen and the shield regen device, so it'd be worth certing that in case another medic doesn't.
  5. Matt879

    Get revive grenades, max out flak/nanoweave depending on if you play more as a COMBAT medic or a combat MEDIC. (Offensive support of defensive support, i.e. rush in face first and use your AR or focus more on healing and reviving above all else). Get C4 if you're an offensive medic, if not get med kits, get the regeneration field if you're a defensive medic, if not stick with nano regen. If you like to use scout radar flashes, triage is surprisingly worth it, as you have to stay close to the fight anyway so you can stay near teammates, if not just stick with your 2 ranks of triage and forget about it unless you really want to go medic-only and max the class out. Next to that, get attachments that enhance your ADS capabilities (soft point, forward grip, compensator etc.), and buy the cheaper guns (250/500 certs) and mess around with them to see if you like them more than your current one.
  6. MrWolf3

    Dont bother with triage until you have everything else you need unlocked. I would suggest putting so me attachments in the NS-11p(just like a forward grip and a sup or somethin, it only gets better). commissioner is fin but I would equip a quick draw, panic pitol for when you get caught with your med tool out. buy c4 it is worth it(if just for pesky MAX suits). Depending on what kind of medic you are run nade bandolier or nanoweave.
  7. Joexer

    thanks for the input!
  8. HUDuser

    If you are trying to specialize healing then it might be worth sacrificing the defense boost for Bandolier. The additional rez nades are really appreciated when playing almost strictly support on a point
  9. LibertyRevolution

    I just decided to start playing medic more the other day..

    I was running grenade bandoleer with 3 res grenades on my medic before, this time I decided to switch to nanoweave.
    I ran a day in nanoweave and decided it just was not helping me enough to use it.

    When I play medic I tend to be hanging back, making use of my AR.
    If I take damage to my HP, I just back off since I am at range and near cover.
    Either I die pretty much instantly to headshot masters, or my HP bar was still half full at the end of most engagements.

    So I decide to give up nanoweave and run maxed out Advanced Shield Capacitor.
    This way when I retreat, I can reengage at full HP and shields in 6 secs.
    Shoot dude, take damage to my HP, Q spot, press F, back off, 6 secs later reengage target from different location using minimap.

    My COMBAT medic loadout is:
    Primary: NC1 Gauss Rifle, Forward Grip, Flash suppressor (Default NC Medic AR)
    Secondary: Underboss flashlight (finisher pistol or cloaker hunting)
    Tool: Medical Applicator 6 (This is the only option for this slot)
    Ability: Nano-Regen 6 (I will take AOE heal over that shield bubble always)
    Suit: Advanced Shield Capacitor (I am a medic, I have almost infinite life if I play smart, so faster shield recharge is better.)
    Grenade: Frag (I got tired of throwing res grenades at enemies..)
    Utility: Medical kit 3 (I prefer instant heal of the the medical kits over the heal over time of restoration kits.)
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  10. Caydn

    flashlights for all your guns , you can never have enough flashlights
  11. geekrider

    My offensive load out:
    Primary: CQC/Midrange weapon
    Secondary: Underboss/Repeater with Flashlight to get rid of pesky infiltrators
    Tool: Medgun to keep your front line brothers alive
    Suit slot: ASC for low downtime
    Ability: AOE for survavibility of team
    Grenade: Frag nade
    Utility: C4. This one is a doozy. Get this and you can take out MAXes and tanks when they're not expecting it. I mean the enemy knows that a LA a HA or an Engi can take them down. They never expect a medic to blow them up. Awesome 700 cert investment for medic.

    Defenseman load out
    Primary: Mid/Long range weapon
    Secondary: Preferential
    Tool: med gun
    Suit slot: Nade bandoleer
    Ability: Shield Bubble
    Nade : Revive
    Utility: medkits to offset your lack of self healing
  12. Crayv

    Triage, cuz it's stupidly powerful when used right.
  13. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    Can I ask in what scenarios is it useful? I find most people say don't get it. I've certed in quite deep and rarely do I see benefits or XP from it. So I guess I'm not using it right but what is the right way?
  14. Crayv

    Look at the score an hour...


    Sure it is during a double exp weekend and I have both membership and a boost going but even if you divide it by that I still feel that is a good score an hour. Especially since it doesn't involve much effort.

    Oh and get the shield regen device maxed out as well.
  15. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    OK thanks but how are you actually using it? Because from what I experience if I'm in any ground vehicle I get C4'd, and if sitting in a Sunderer you have half the enemy trying to blow you to bits as a priority.
  16. Crayv

    Flash with radar. A flash can get to nearly anywhere infantry can. So just drive it up where a group of friendlies are dug in, throw down your shield regen device, and get back on your Flash. Then just sit back out of the line of fire and watch as you get a constant stream recon, shield, and healing bonuses all passively while just sitting there. I call it the Lazy Flash.

    I think it still works while even in the back seat so you can sit there and throw out a rez grenade or use your med tool on nearby allies if need be.
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  17. Joexer

    Update: Other than triage I have maxed out my medic.Thank you all.