4-18-13 Daily Sale: Carnage BR/TAR/Corvus VA55

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by zaspacer, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. zaspacer

    Today's Daily Sale are Assault Rifles:
    TAR (TR)
    Carnage BR (NC)
    Corvus VA55 (VS)

    They are normally 700 SC/1000 Certs, but are 350 SC with the sale.

    Anyone want to give their thoughts on the effectiveness of these weapons?
  2. Remonew

    Disclaimer: I have only used the TAR's 30 minute trial, and in the VR room. For detailed stat breakdown, see the in-game comparison charts.

    In a nutshell, The TAR felt like a TRV with smg hipfire coupled with a very slow reload time. Whilst moving around in bases it was handy being able to quickly and accurately hipfire whilst moving from point A to B. The TAR's aim down sights movement penalty was only 25%, versus the TRV's 50% penalty, helpful when strafing or peeking around corners.

    Aside from that, the two felt pretty much identical. To quote another post on the forum, "would you rather pull right or left to compensate for the recoil?". Its' a gun you need to try out, in my opinion.
  3. Ganjis

    I like the Corvus, many do not. It is a good weapon, I feel, for those longer ranged fights (HVA, compensator, fore grip, 6X sights). Compared to the CME it takes one less headshot or two less body shots to kill at long range. If you are going plink plink plink with the odd rattatat anyway, then the low RoF/high DPR setup works better.

    Slap on some nano weave armour, find a secluded spot and team up with some snipers to great effect with this weapon.

    I use HV45 for short-med and Corvus for long-med and there is a nice overlap in effectiveness in the middle.
  4. Word Of Madness

    The Corvus was already a nice weapon for mid-long range combat, but with the recent VS damage drop-off changes, it'll be even better at that role.

    The TAR is an excellent CQC weapon, with great hipfire, and only a 25% speed reduction while ADS. I did a short review/overview of it a while ago.
  5. JudgeDreddy

    I've had the Carnage for a while, and while I normally prefer the harder hitting weapons NC have, you have to get dirty often as medic while reviving and quickly switching to gun down opponents taking advantage of the vulnerability. It's much better at cqc than trying to pretend it can do anything medium to long. It has a nice rate of fire that kicks in a very consistent though somewhat jumpy pattern, though it's boss with hipfire. If you already have some medic guns I wouldn't say it's a must by but it's a fun weapon that can cut through a few guys quite fast, but loses effectiveness quickly past 50m.
  6. Babaganoush

    TAR + Advanced Laser Sight is a hipfire beast.

    ...Except the TAR was the TRV before they nerfed the TRV, but that's typical SOE business.

    If you want to save money, just stick with the TRV and purchase it for 250 certs.
  7. Mekhazzio

    The Corvus is amazing. I'm playing medic now just to use this rifle. It's so utterly precise that it's the best medium-range weapon in the entire VS arsenal. It just drills entire bursts right into people.

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