3rd Republican Shock Guard [RSG1] still recruiting?

Discussion in 'Cobalt (EU)' started by Renblo the Arzt, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Renblo the Arzt

    I noticed this outfit called RSG1 lately and they were unbelievable! Every time my mates and me got some real problems with bases they appeared out of nowhere and saved the day. Every time!

    I finally grew some balls to ask the one question we always wanted to ask; Can normal players like me join this outfit? The answer is yes!
    I googled them and found out that there are no BR restrictions and the only thing you need to join them is a brain. Yes you read that right! You only have to follow orders.

    So please if an RSG1 member/leader is reading this please give me and all the other players in bad outfits a chance to be part of something bigger, something that gives my soldier in ps2 a reason to exist!

    If other poor randoms like me are reading this please dont be afraid to ask for an invite because i want to give everyone who barely gets into real squads the chance to join one.

    You can send an ingame application to RSG1

    Ts3 required