3min until cap on the biolab and...

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  1. cassan0va

    We decided to go in and recapture it.
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  2. Shinrah

    While commend my VS brethern on their heroic effort in recapturing what rightfully belongs to us, I have to point out:
    Don´t your guys know how to use a repair tool? You don´t let it overheat, then wait until its rdy again.
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  3. MangoPunch

    But... but... when the SCU is blown you're supposed to either sit inside the spawn room shooting people who walk past the doors for 5 minutes or go ghost cap empty bases instead. Everybody knows that.
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  4. bodmans

    not a real biolab fight, when you exited the tele at start there shouldve been a f*ckton of guys awaiting you(if not with their faces towards the spawnroom)

    anyway, GJ
  5. Zotamedu

    And this is why the new timer system is vastly superior to the old system. I have seen a lot more last minute rescues since it was introduced. Now you actually need to defend it properly because there is a real chance that the spawn will overflow at the last minute, hoping to catch people off guard.
  6. cassan0va

    You ask quite alot of common soldiers:)
  7. Teoke

    I was the white camoed MAX to first step into the teleporter at the beginning of the video. In the scenes after you can see me firing outwards from the SCU room. There were a few TR sitting around the Spawnroom and i managed to scare them off. I wouldnt say there were a ****ton though. Most the battle were around the SCU shield gen since the NC were there at the capturepoint nearby. But we managed to sneak in and repair that up.
  8. Pella

    Played DWG.
  9. TeknoBug

    What server? Nice to see VS try and get that base back, VS basically runs away to another base on Matherson.
  10. HMR85

    Nice to see somebody actually re-secure a facility instead of running off elsewhere or sitting in the spawn room for 10 minutes. GJ
  11. cassan0va

    We're on the miller server.
    Yeah that seems to be the general problem, there's no static bonus popup for resecuring a base so most people pop over to a free cap.
  12. Zotamedu

    I hope the existence of the ribbon for defending five bases will slowly sink into the mind of the zerg because there is good XP to be had there. Defending a contested base can award you multiple defense marks for one fight.
  13. cassan0va

    Yeah but people dont see that:)
    Nowdays you get tons more defending than capping that assuming the fight goes on
  14. Zotamedu

    I always liked defending. You could get some really nice fights that way. Much more entertaining than just standing around an empty base, waiting for it to flip.

    Now with the fixed timers where everybody on the map can track the process has made some seriously cool rescue operations possible. This weekend, I played with my outfit and we managed to save a base with one second to spare. It was awesome.
  15. RaZz0R

    Even as a TR I have to say - Very nice resecure!

    Hope more of it happens - will start to make people defend bases instead of running off to the next one before the caps done.
  16. cassan0va

    Yeah well this whole with the fixed timers just encourage free capping atm, we need the "lattice"
  17. OKBuick

    Strategy I've noticed is factions waiting and staying silent until the last 2min or so of a cap and then flooding it with defense from the spawn, galaxys or whatever. When people sit and wait 8 min for a cap they get complacent and bored... may even get up and get a sandwich or call a buddy leave for another cap etc... Most are too ADHD to wait vigilantly, I know I am. Then a platoon comes roaring out of the spawn and your dead by the time notice. Its a good tactic.
  18. Liquid23

    nice work... I always found it amazing how even tho there are all those nice small bases with pads/teleporters around biolabs which are just as good to attack from as the spawn room and fairly easy to take over almost no one ever uses them on the defensive side... with the cap times the way they are currently it's not like you don't have plenty of time to set up and launch a counter strike
  19. Zamos

    lol lattice .. zerg vs zerg

    also post how DWG faces off another outfit not afk zergs who were already back stabbed by NC
  20. cassan0va

    well atleast the lattice will counter the free capping.
    Those videos would be rather short, but we should have some