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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by The_Red, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. The_Red

    Can you please fix the compatibility of 3D Vision ?
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  2. The_Red

  3. rawsome235

    I miss it very much, please fix the shadows or at least add an option to disable them completely.
  4. daxed

    Yes!!! In multiple places I read that Planetside will launch with "Full NVidia 3D Vision support".


    3D looks amazing on a 27" monitor, but this game is not even remotely playable in 3d. The shadows screw everything up. As a quick fix just let us turn them off! And the menus are in harsh 2d making you crosseyed to look at them.

    This is sad because Planetside has the potential to be a flagship game for Nvidia 3d. Especially since its free2play I imagine PS2 could be promoted all over the box of every 3d monitor. It's SO much more immersive (but currently you'll get a headache after 2 mins cuz of shadows).

    From Nvidia: Planetside 2 rated Not Recommended

    Cmon guys, you're better than that!
  5. Chade9

    I don't understand why they lied that the game will have full "nvidia 3d support" before they released it, but at least I didn't pay for the game, just wasted by time downloading.
  6. BlacShark

    I support this thread.
    I don't use Nvidia hardware, I use ATI hardware with Tridef. The game is mostly playable but there are many annoying shadow issues. The shadows project into the 3D space, but they don't project exactly on the same place in both eye views. Seen from far away, the shadows appear to work properly but from up close the gaps are obvious, and when the sun shines at a low angle, you can see many objects being lit in only one eye.
    At the moment, I have to disable shadows entirely. You can't disable them with the in-game graphics menu, you have to modify the user options .ini file.

    One good thing : most of the HUD works properly, the arrows and icons show up at their proper depth, but the crosshair is stuck at screen depth. It's a minor annoyance with tridef since tridef provides a dominant-eye aiming option, you have to learn to aim realistically though. However it is a major annoyance with some vehicles with huge crosshair decorations (the lightning tank for example).
    I also have some issues with the minimap in the corner of the screen which projects in depth instead of being a 2D object at screen depth.

    Sony, if you fix Nvidia 3D Vision, don't forget there are also some ATI Radeon users that like to play in 3D too. Thanks !
  7. The_Red

    up, please give us an answer !
  8. The_Red

  9. The_Red

  10. BenYeeHua

    Also ask for Nvidia, even them don't provide the PhysX(GPU) support yet.;)
  11. No_One

    Please fix it :)
  12. the pestimist

  13. MaddBomber

    Normally, you can get a player made patch to help games like this from the Helix Mod site. But... SOE's stance on injectors makes that not even possible with PS2.

    With all the things they need to get fixed in this game, making good on promises is probably low on the list.
  14. Furious Marshmallow

    Bump for great justice.
  15. Pezza2000

    Would love to use my 3D mode for this game!
  16. The_Red

    Please Give us an answer, Yes ? No ? Maybe ?
  17. Var

    I'd also like to see some proper support for 3D Vision. Just got a kit today and in the games it fully supports it looks amazing. Turning the Depth down to around 1% "works" right now but you don't get much 3D out of it. It also currently breaks the PhysX particles and causes them to not appear at all.
  18. Khannage

    I would also be grateful to have this working with 3D vision! Thank you!
  19. The_Red

    Oh!! You turn the depth to 1% !!! You can disable 3D, it is the same thing. Play TombRider, you will see what is a true 3D vision supported game.
  20. GrandRise

    GUYS i got a question. Sometimes when I'm on foot/using infantries, i can't see my own shadows.. i've tried the best graphic options but still it didnt work. All options are checked..still no shadow of my own. But when im inside vehicle, i can see my vehicles..

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