(32-bit OS Users) Work Around for constant crashing after 5-30 minutes of play

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by JojoTheSlayer, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Nola1

    This fix worked for my system, I aint had a crash in 3 days. I Googled "large address aware for 32-bit OS". Its a drag and drop program that allows programs to use more RAM than the limits on the 32-bit OS. You have the extra physical RAM installed to get the best results. In my case I have 8G installed, OS limits the RAM use 4G. So when I pumped up the RAM usage on PS2 the actual RAM was in the system to use, no more crashes...
    PS- Big thanks to TSR Timothy A who helped me find this fix.
  2. GaussianGamer

    Anyone that already has Windows 7 32 bit, you can upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit and simply add more RAM to avoid any of these problems.

    A few posters cited the same issues with windows 7 32 bit. If you already have Windows 7 32 bit, and have a legit product key, then you can most likely change to Windows 7 64 bit with your current product key. You have to do a new install, since an upgrade is not possible, so you would need to back-up all your important data, and make sure you have any other product keys for various installed applications handy after intalling the new system.

    You can download the "Official" ISO images for the corresponding version of the Windows 7 product key you have from Microsoft's download partner, MYDIGITALLIFE. Do not download a different Windows image than what you currently own, since your product key will only activate the exact version its licensed for.

    WARNING: this will result in a new clean Windows installation, so you WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA unless you back it up. Do not attempt this until all your data is backed up on DVD's or flash drives. Insure that you have your Windows 7 product key and any other product keys readily available to use with your new Windows intallation.
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  3. GaussianGamer

    Here is a fairly COMPREHENSIVE LIST of all Windows operating systems, and the amount of RAM that each supports.
  4. GaussianGamer

    A lot of people are editing their pagefiles in this thread. Keep in mind that whenever your PC has to defer to the pagefile to retrieve data, it will most likely introduce some temporary lag into your system while the files load from the harddrive. Normally it will make the game kind of "jittery" every time your PC accesses the pagefile. If you notice issues like this often, there is a fairly inexpensive way you can work around this to minimize or even eliminate most of the lag.

    Find the CHEAPEST SSD you can afford. Thankfully there are some great holiday sales going on at the time of this posting.
    Install the SSD in to your PC as a 2nd harddrive. Then Re-Install planetside on the SSD, and instruct Windows to put the Pagefile on the SSD as well. This will SIGNIFICANTLY increase the time that the game can loads necessary files, as well as greatly reduce the amount of time required for Windows to read files from the pagefile, thus minimizing lag and making your gameplay more enjoyable.
  5. GaussianGamer

    EdIt to the above post:

    If you want to download the latest official version of Windows 7 with the SP1 already installed, TRY THIS LINK
    (sorry, the edit timer expired for the above post, so had to put it here)
  6. Rock-it

    I just started playing a day ago and I gotta say I've gotten hooked to the game. I am from South Eastern Asia, the game is very laggy on my side due to latency I guess but that isn't stopping me from playing the game. It's awesome.

    The only problem that bothers me is the crashes. It randomly crashes every 15mins or so. Sometimes it crashes even after a few mins of gameplay.I sure hope they do a hotfix. I'm really excited to roll out my NC! :)

    i5 2500k overclocked to 4.1
    4Gigs of Ram
    Radeon HD 6850 1Gig
    Windows 7 32bit OS
  7. Siilk

    Many thanks Jojo, your workaround helped me a lot. No crashes after ~5 hours of playing, for the first time since the closed beta. And I was crashing every half an hour before. My hat is off for you, good sir!
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  8. Redwolf4

    Welp, lacking the confidence to fiddle with my computers settings in such a way, I've decided to borrow a friends "better than real" copy of windows 7 and then buy some ram, see if that helps.
  9. JojoTheSlayer

    Here is how you can check if you might be in a risk zone. Which I bet you are not.
    I presume you have 4gigs hardware ram installed and that you have a 32bit OS. Right click My Computer_Properties.
    You should get a info screen telling you how much ram you have installed and what OS you have.

    Now, Start_Run_taskmgr_performance tab

    In Tasksmanager there should be a small box that says Kernel Memory (MB)
    Check the Total number and remember it.

    3300*0,25 = Total Kernel memory after bcdedit because you lower it from 50% of 4gigs to 25%. Total = 825
    If the number in your Taskmanger Kernel window is lower than 825, which I think it is, there will be no real risk for you to turn down its access. I bet most dont use more than around 300 tbh...

    Only issues you might have is if some Kernel drivers are hard coded to assume Kernel has 2gigs access and wont run if that isnt correct. If this happens some drivers will not load or you might crash. Boot fail I will presume only happens if you run out of Kernel mode ram, which you have already checked is not going to happen via Taskmanager info. Is this likely to be a issue? Not really.

    If you have issues you can just remove the setting (See (R) in OP) and reboot again or start in safe mode, F8 during bootup, and do it there. I am not going to force anyone to test this, but I dont understand what you are afraid of IF you are planning to uninstall the OS anyway.

    "Oh no, lets not joy ride with the old tiers because we are going to throw them in the trash..."
  10. Duriza

    I´ve you wanna be "more cautious" setting the available ram to 2500 instead of 3076 also worked for me. Just had 2 hours of uninterrupted sniping action, thanks to Jojo ;)
  11. PanzerGhost

    If you are going from a 32-bit system to a 64bit system, you won't be able to simply upgrade. Your Hard Drive that contains the OS will need to be wiped or reformatted for a 64bit OS. This was the case for XP Pro 64bit version, Vista when it came out (2007?), and now Windows 7(2009).

    So you will need to make sure to backup anything that is on your C drive before installing 64bit WIn 7. If you have other drives with stuff saved on it, I'm not sure how it will react when plugging them into a 64bit computer. With my sisters computer I bought a 1TB external and just dumped everything from her 2 Hard drives onto it. Then reformatted both drives while everything stayed safe on the external. Then once Win7 was installed, Service Pack 1, Firefox/chrome, Anti-Virus, Mictrosoft word, photoshop, itunes, etc. I just dumped the old files back onto the computer.

    *Remember you will need to reinstall every program, driver, Flash for web browser, etc. that you had before. This has always been the pain when changing from a 32bit OS to a 64bit OS
  12. Mattizin

    Hey thanks for the fix, but when i type it into cmd.exe (admin) it say "cant find the path" win 7 32 bit help?
  13. Rock-it

    Me and 4 of my friends (neighbors) aren't really confident enough to mess with things that we have no idea about, I guess we will just have to sit this one out until they do a hotfix.

    I only know the basics of hardware and I'm the guy in the group that knows more about computers. The others are just.. erm.. You know, the "I own a PC and when it starts acting I send it to the shop or the IT guys at the office" types. Anyways, the game is heaps awesome! Hope it gets patched soon.

    Team Clumsy out! :))
  14. sotonohito

    Thank you, worked like a charm!
  15. TheEvilBlight

    This. I wish I knew why machines are still coming out with 32-bit windows when the hardware has _64 support. If you don't have 64-bit support, then...well...
  16. Vortok

    Guessing the memory issues here are at the root of many of my crashing problems (generally after an hour or two - not every 10 - 30 minutes like some). Got XP Professional version 2002 (lawl) SP3 and it's listing 3.5GB ram under my computer properties. Dunno if I should be tweaking the boot.ini or not at that point. Am I supposed to just put "/3GB" on a line by itself? Guessing so judging by what's bolding in Microsoft instructions, but the "3GB switch" info didn't feel clear. And then just '/userva=##' setting that it whatever number. Should I put it near 2500 to leave a gig for other stuff, be fine trying closer to 3g, or not bother as I don't have the full 4 gigs recommended for this tweak (or do I have 4k and My Computer is just hiding 500mb worth for system resources)?

    FINALLLY!!! Thanks so much dude that video realllly helped! Can't believe thats all i had to do this whole time

  19. Mnementh2230

    Your system is begging for a 64bit OS. Everything about your system is hamstrung by your ****** operating system. Upgrade to some version of Windows 7 that is 64bit. That will fix your problems better than any silly tweaks.
  20. GaussianGamer

    What kind of video card do you have? Something with plenty of VRAM? If so, you can check in your Motherboard BIOS settings and set the RAM reserved for video memory to its minimum setting. If it was not at the minimum setting already, this may free up some RAM to your system that was previously reserved.