(32-bit OS Users) Work Around for constant crashing after 5-30 minutes of play

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  1. Zagron

    I have windows 7 ultimate sadly 32 bit. can you help out with that?
  2. JojoTheSlayer

    If you have Win 7 (32bit) and 4gigs hardware ram then you can do the process.

    If you are unsure if you have 4gigs (hardware) installed on your system just right click My Computer and select properties. You should get a info screen about some info on your system. Ram installed being one of them... Even if 32bits OS cant literary address the FULL 4 gigs, which is kinda academically, it should still read 4gigs installed if you have that amount installed on your motherboard.

    Try A, reboot and try the game.
    Fail? Continue to B. Do B, reboot and try the game.
    Fail? Continue to *C. Do C, reboot and try the game.
    *(If you are unsure what 3d card you have you can press Start_Run_dxdiag_display It should be stated under Device name. You must have a nVidia card new enough to run these drivers of course.)

    If you have issues during a boot. Reboot and press F8 to start in safemode. Then undo the changes you just made with (R).
    If you get issues with the nVidia drivers then you need to uninstall all the Beta drivers and revert to a "released" driver. Its very unlikly that will be a issue as long as you have plotted in the right info.

    Good Luck :)
  3. JojoTheSlayer

    You have 4 gigs right? Okay, maybe you have allot of junk booted up in ram.
    If you have some level of understanding on what you need and dont need (junk software booted etc)...

    Get the program with the "suspecting name" HackThis.exe v2.0.4
    (Make sure you download it from their main site! Trend Micro, anti virus company.)
    I downloaded it from the link and scanned it just to be sure... Anyway, start it up and "Do a system scan only" and you will get a info screen on everything currently in ram. A good way to spot "strange" files loaded as well...

    Warning Note, that removing anything here in the hackthis window will delete them. You can click on an item and get basic level info etc.

    Freeing up ram (Man, its like gaming in Dos again :p ).
    Press Start_run_msconfig_startup
    Untick stuff you are sure you do not need, Press apply and ok. Reboot.

    Now do the A trick again and see if it works.
    Maybe your 3d card isnt "valid" because it tries to load some drivers it fails to do...
    You could also check dxdiag after the A and see if everything is ok in the display tab.


    64bits is the future.
    On state of the art games you already see it.
    This bcdedit has kinda got traction because it helped many people in BF3 and guess what?
    BF4 is going to be a 64bit program only. Big surprise...

    That said I am sure SOE will get PS2 running in 32bit eventually, but if you ever upgrade your PC or OS in the future go 64bit.
    (32bit applications will still run on a 64bit system. Unless they are very old similar to Dos games on Dos box etc)
  4. Almost

    I did:
    C:\> bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVA 3072
    And set gfx to lowest.

    And the 5 minute crashes went away.
    Played 40 mins.

    I have:
    Windows 7 - 32 bits
    4 GB
  5. GaussianGamer

    Heres something that might help (for Win XP or Server 2003 only)

    You dont need to set the /3GB switch to exactly 3GB, that switch just enables the tuning of memory beyond the 2GB barrier. You can fine tune your particular setting to anywhere between 2GB to 3GB. The /userva=xxxx switch is used in tandem with the /3GB switch in the boot.ini to accomplish this. Please see the FULL INSTRUCTIONS HERE. (scroll down to the /userva entry in the MORE INFORMATION section). There is a FULL EXPLANATION HERE of the problem you may be experiencing. Microsoft suggests between 2800-2900, but you can adjust that for your personal best performance.
  6. MXXVI

    Well thanks for all the words of wisdom guys, but I should point out; this is a pretty fresh install of windows (I recently had to replace the mobo and, as a result, had to upgrade the CPU and replace the RAM) so I don't really have much to untick. But I'll see what else I can dump from the startup list without it throwing a tantrum, and I'll try tweaking the 3GB switch a bit.
  7. MXXVI

    Okay, seems like Planetside 2 and my graphics card are very specific when it comes to requirements. I kept lowering the exact memory settings using /userva until I got to 2500, and the launcher still decided my card was inadequate. Weird thing is: dxdiag said there was nothing wrong.

    And this is after I stripped the startups to bare essentials.

    Oh well. It was worth a shot.
  8. GaussianGamer

    My apollogies if this is a silly question, but did you reboot your PC after you changed the boot.ini files each time? I noticed that the Microsoft page leaves out that all important little detail.
  9. Teshrrar

    I'm playing a 64-bit OS and have the same 10~20 minutes crashs.
  10. MXXVI

    lol yes, I did reboot each time, but that is an important detail :p
  11. Dekayem

    I have the same issue

    Win XP 4gb ram
    Radeon ati 4850hd

    I can play PS2 but will crash every 20min or so.. playing on lowest res and quality seems to buy more time but will still crash

    I tried the /3gb switch but then the launcher says my card isnt good enough anymore

    Really hope a resolution becomes available..
  12. Partiesplayin

    Cool you beat me too it i was doing testing this weekend after solving this issue and was gonna post this i wrote up after the first suscessfull run, this has also worked for me but there are some other things i did and you might what/need to check if your having crashing issues . this is what i did and now it only crashes when i exit the game . I can finally enjoy crash free Planetside 2 Yah !!

    Things i checked/ changed to keep planetside 2 from crashing every 10-20 minutes.

    1: make sure planetside 2 has full permissions in your systems firewall

    2: make sure your video card drivers are fully up to date

    3: Make sure the folder planetside 2 is installed in is not set to read only, if it is set to read only uncheck it and click apply

    4: Increase Your virtual memory to a maximum of 16 gb

    click start , right click on my computer , go to properties, once opened go to advanced system settings, then advanced tab, adjust best performance for programs and change the virtual memory to minium of 6142mb and a maximum size of 16142mb adjust to your avaible disk space if its significantly lower then 25gb free space

    5: Open cmd prompt in the search bar type in cmd, then right click on it run as administarater , type bcdedit/set IncreaseUserVa 2850 press enter

    6: restart your system

    7: right click on plantside 2 icon run as administrator every time and enjoy crash free gaming :)
  13. Tinksu

    Thanks a lot! Just had 90 minutes of crashless gameplay! =) It took more time to actually load the game, but everything else worked fine - it didn't affect my FPS or game quality. I highly recommend this for anyone who is crashing every 30 minutes.
  14. Miuku

    As a side note; You can install your respective 64 bit version of Windows with the product key you already have for the 32 _IF_ you have an OEM key.

    Upgrading won't work but a clean install will.
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  15. IshanDeston

    Thanks to Veratu, i finally went ahead and tried it. I am having enough confidence into them, to understand that if they recommend it as inofficial solution and even sticky it, i won't exactly kill my PC trying to do it.

    So i went ahead and tried it.. and i have been playing 6 hours in one sitting for the first time. :) I love it.
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  16. Azraelle

    This **** crashes on 64-bit windows as well.
  17. Tikuto

    lol it cleared up after i did something. i went to motherboard settings and set memory profiling to standard from extreme. cannot confirm this solved my proble, though
  18. EpicShade

    i've got a 32 OS with Win XP SP3 and when i type what you said in CMD nothing happends seems like the bcdedit isn't working or isn't there any ideas?
  19. gobbybobby

    Better fix, If you have the hardware to run PS2 you should be able to run a 64bit OS

    Go get a copy of 64 bit Windows.

    problem solved.
  20. JojoTheSlayer

    32 OS with Win XP
    Nothing happens? Nothing, never happens...
    Ether it says "Bad command or file name", *access denied (*=Run CMD in admin mode) or something similar.

    Type bcdedit alone and press enter. You should get a info screen of all the settings.
    If that dose not happen you dont have bcdedit.exe on your computers. XP still uses boot.ini so you can edit that to input the values, but I have not tested that since I do not have XP on my machine anymore... Well, technically I still do have a XP machine that I never sold, but its outside under 1 meter of snow. No I am testing that one LoL.

    Edeting boot.ini is just like editing any ini file to a game. You only need to open it with Windows wordpad or notepad.
    Just make sure you take a copy and dont mess up in there. The file works like a shopping list of what the OS wants started and done at boot. Kinda critical...

    HERE is a good explanation of of doing the bcdedit thing in XP boot.ini.

    You need the HD space and 4gigs of hardware ram for A and B btw.

    (Removal) To remove it you just change the line back to its previews settings. Best way is to just take a copy of boot.ini before you begin. If you have a disk station you could make a boot disk (CD and USB stick is also possible) just in case you screw up and have computer issues. If it fails for whatever reason just boot with the disk and overwrite boot.ini with he backup file you copied manually and the reboot again to get back to normal.