32 Bit has been crashing since the beginning of October

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by MasterDemoman, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. MasterDemoman

    It's bad enough that you guys haven't added the ability to swap between 32 bit and 64 bit in the launcher yet... I realize you've tracked the issue on the tracker, but this has been going on for a while with very little acknowledgement from you guys.

    I realize you're busy, and working on other things, but the minority of us that use 32 bit for whatever reason are quite literally unable to play the game because of these ridiculous crashes. They happen when you switch weapons or weapon sights, while you're traveling, or simply when you swap classes or pull vehicles! It's ridiculous!

    Please, for Higby's sake, I want to be able to play this damn game again (I WILL GIVE YOU MORE MONEY!!!)

    (And for those who won't read my signature, yes, I do have a 64 bit computer that is unable to run 32 bit because of some unknown reason. I've already tried everything, so unless there's something new, please do not link me to some thread that has "fixed" this.)
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  2. Badname406

    on my case both versions get CTDs, sometimes it lasts 10 , 20 mins.
    sometimes only seconds... yeah seconds
    so why not switch back to 64 bits? maybe its working now
    anyways the game is facked up
  3. dezusa

    I tried PS2 on a 64bit PC, and by the vanu gods it was horrible, FPS was generally lower than on my 32bit PC / Client, had to force-switch to a 32bit client every darn time.

    And yes, they're busy with cash sinks and the anniversary bundles and even more cash grabs on the roadmap to actually bother about performance fixes with no acknowledgments from the devs.

    32Bit, still unplayable CTD piece of rubish. Been this way since just October like OP says. You keep releasing new 32Bit exe all the time but each one fails. Gota ask...why do SOE insist on releasing un-tested patches week after week?

    Apparently you said that your lot would not be constantly releaseing patch after patch on a weekly basis and instead would focus on quality pathces that were stable. This is certainly no the case and you continue to fail your loyal customer base on a weekly basis.

    Absolutley pathetic.

    PS i have 64Bit OS but have to use 32Bit client as overlays wont work with 64Bit exe. Thats why im forced to use 32Bit exe, because 64Bit have compatability issues with overlays and for me at least, it performs garbage(64bit)
  6. MasterDemoman

    Maybe we could get the devs to acknowledge us by breaking the forum rules, hue.

    Anyway, I'm just going to bump this thread because soh ee r u srs m88 1v1 me rite now sware on me mum ill throttle ye m80 at leest til crash wich wont take very long

    Edit: Oh yeah, the launcher should say:
    "Anniversary Bundles! 64bitonly"
  7. MasterDemoman

    Good to know I wasted a month and a half's worth membership money the last time I bought it. Good to see yah sticking with your customers SOE...

    I think I'll just go play Skyrim, I can run it better, it looks better, and with my 10000 mods it still doesn't crash.

    I don't want to sound petty, but holy FFFFF this is so infuriating.
  8. user101

    A Dev on Reddit just said if they catch you running PS2 32 bits on a 64 bit OS they will BAN you NOW......!
    They gave this guy on Reddit a final warning.... or he is going to be BAN from PS2....!
    This is not a temporary but a full out-right forever BAN....!
  9. MasterDemoman

    I chuckled, 9.94/10
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    Link to that please.
    Your saying a PS2 dev stated clearly that using 32bit client will result in BAN?

    Link to that please good sir ;)
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  11. user101

    This is part of the link.. http://www.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/2mak6h/32bit_client_crashing/cm2i34x?context=1
    Sorry not real good at hunting things up on Reddit... There is also another link I can't find on this.
    There is a script that does a quick change from 64 to 32 for the guy and the Dev did not like it.
    The long and short was 64 bit works and eveyone that runs 64 should use it now.

    I though the dev was a little over reactive in this. But it is there game. They may have good reasons because of stats info they use from the game.
  12. PromptCritical Developer

    Running the 32 bit client will not get you banned. I was talking about another program that only runs on the 32 bit client, that is not approved.
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  13. FireclawX

    People really do like twisting your words huh? :p
  14. Aaren

    Not to thread derail or anything - but I can't believe you guys are actually at the stage of threatening bans for using the FoV fix, without offering any in-game option for the nauseating vehicle FoV.

    Infantry isn't quite so bad but vehicles and turrets are pretty much unplayable for me and quite a few others, due to the horrid FoV that completely ignores your setting. I understand the need to make exploit / hack injection as watertight as possible, but are we really going to have to wait another 2 years for a second FoV slider, as we did with the Mumble crosshairs and the eventual scope overhaul?
  15. Lavans

    There's a lot of things that players have been waiting on ever since open beta. Don't hold your breath on SoE delivering anytime soon. As an example, they patched triple monitor FOV about a year ago, but the LOD and UI is still broke as **** in triple monitor resolutions. It seems that SoE does just enough to keep us baited without putting any real work into fixing what the community wants fixed.
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  16. MasterDemoman

    I log in to play the game after every hotfix, and it still crashes after every hotfix.

    This is the story of PlanetSide 2.
  17. MasterDemoman

    By golly, it's almost been 2 months of 100% incompatibility!

    I have never seen such a swift and heroic response from any game designers, ever.

    I bought your damned anniversary bundle, now fix my 32 bit, damn it!