314mb Ninja Patch

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by InsanityOnABun, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. redshirt

    Yea I have also noticed around ~10 fps drop. Which makes large fights go from playable to just horrible.
  2. InsanityOnABun

    Hmm. If anything my FPS has gone up a few frames.
  3. Tertiary

    Erm, and here's another one today. I'm really not digging the patches w/out patch notes... I'm especially not digging patches w/out any explanation at all. Next time the patcher starts trying to update and I don't see an item in the news feed explaining why I am shutting it down.
  4. InsanityOnABun

    While I prefer getting and reading patch notes, choosing to refuse patches that don't have notes is dumb. Frankly we've been a bit spoiled up to this point with the patch notes - a lot of games and software don't release patch notes period, whether it's an incremental update or major version change.
  5. OU7CAS7