300Certs, What to upgrade?

Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Dukemontague, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Dukemontague

    I'm new and the only thing I upgraded is my Tool to Max and got a couple Claymores. Wondering what to use the rest of my 300certs on NOTE:: I usually play only support or defense as I am a terrible shooter.
  2. Armcross

    Tank mine for more destruction. Flak jacket would help you in big fight while dooing your support. Sticky Grenade for lols and other practical use.
  3. Liewec123

    first things to always cert up on engi, repair tool and ammo pack, so i'd recommend ammo pack next!
    at max rank you can have 2 and they have a very nice range and duration :D
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  4. Eternaloptimist

    Yeah - ammo pack is a big cert printer if you are hanging around near a lot of infantry and Max firefights. Max rank ammo pack has a bigger radius (I think) , will get used before lower rank ammo packs and you can drop two of them. I also drop them at the entrance to spawn rooms and on cap points.

    And Sticky 'nade is great for accurate placement plus higher damage (I think) than a frag. And worth lots of laughs if you can stick one on a guy who pops out of a spawn room shield then runs back in with the 'nade still on him.

    AV mana turret is good for longer range support as it will kill infantry as well as tanks and deployables. But you can cert up gradually to reduce the cool down time between shots.
  5. Cynosure

    I'd vote for ammo pack. They're extremely useful for your teammates and, once you have two, they're essentially a constant stream of experience for future certs (as long as you aren't relying on them solely as the experience gain will eventually be disabled).

    ..or, tank mines. They help you set up a defense (even if your faction is currently on the offensive--say, in between your sunderer and the enemy base) and, honestly, are extremely funny to use/troll with. Not many things in this game have made me laugh harder than a bus full of people running over three of my mines, sneaking behind a tank who is in first-person view,.. or, going three hexes away, forgetting that I had dropped tank mines at the previous base, and seeing the message that I got 2 kills and a bunch of experience from blowing up a tank.
  6. Erendil

    I'm not sure if you've spent your certs yet or not, but here are a few things that are in - or close to - your budget.

    100 certs - Sticky Grenades.
    100 certs - Tank mines Lvl 1. Great for killing MAXes indoors. Level 1 gives you 2 tank mines so it's a great place to start to see if you like that playstyle
    160 certs - Ammo pack 3. 4m radius, 3 min duration
    211 certs - Ammo pack 4. 5m radius, 4 min duration
    211 certs - Flak level 4. Level 5 costs another 1000 certs so I'd hold off on that until later.
    300 certs - 2 Tank Mines.

    Personally, since your playstyle is support/defense, I'd get Flak 4 first. Since you'll be away from the front lines, explosives/rockets/tank shells will probably be your biggest threats, and none of the other upgrades matter if you're dead. :p

    Then, either Sticky Nades, or Tank Mines Lvl 1. You'll need 11 more certs to get either one tho.

    Lastly, save up for Ammo pack 3. The added duration and radius is nice, but even the default pack can print lots of certs for you. You just have to be mindful to keep laying down another pack as your first one expires, and don't put it near other packs.

    Generally-speaking, the AV MANA Turret is also an incredibly good investment. It costs 1000 certs though, so you'll probably want to save up for it a little at a time. Or you can throw down 700 DBC and buy it outright. Then it'll be available to all of your characters, which is a nice bonus. :cool:
  7. Ximaster

    Well,i usually put this on my engineer every time i start a new one,but maybe turns the game into Halo one:

    Maximize Mines/Claymores/Bettyes

    Maximize Adv.Shield Capacitor

    Maximize Repair Tool

    Maximize Ammo Tool (Well i usually dont arrive to max lvl,but one or two lvls more and i get the max lvl for this tool)

    This,of course,if u are new engineer at BR1...If u only have 300 certs because u are playing other class than ur main and u are higher than BR15,then use the tips from Erendil.

    Also,as u are playing TR,let me recommend u,caused u are terrible shooter,to pick an autoshotty named Nighthawk.

    Autoshotguns and engies are VERY compatible. Im using the Pandora on my Vanu engie and i dont repent mate...