30 seconds before alert ends...CRASH. Thanks GU13!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RobotNinja, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. RobotNinja

    I used to play alerts for the full 2 hours without crashing on mid/high specs and get alert XP! Now, thanks to the new and improved GU, I play alerts and at some point during those 2 hours I'm guaranteed to crash at least once! Plus, with the all new alert system, once you crash even if you manage to get back in before the alert ends the game removes any credit you had for participating in the alert before you crashed. No credit for participating? No xp for alert!

    Finally, an end to 4th factioning! ...and 3rd...and 2nd...and 1st factioning!

    THANKS GU13!

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  2. Zombekas

    That simply isn't true
  3. RobotNinja

    Have you crashed near the end of an alert after participating in most of it? Other players have reported the same thing, crashing during an alert wipes their alert credit. Another player played for almost the whole two hours, crashed right before the end, got back in and got like 10 certs when the alert ended which would mean after crashing he wasn't credited for the nearly full 2 hours he spent actively playing in the alert before crashing.
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  4. MichaelS

    this happens before ...
  5. Zombekas

    I've crashed in the middle of an alert, we dominated that alert and I got ~9800 exp.
  6. ForAlcoholicBeverage

    As i understand it, you wont get full reward just for being online for 2hours, your empire must win? did his empire win, or did they own like 20% of alert objectives?
  7. y3ivan

    I had the same problem, crashed in the last 5 mins, relogin and the reward was recorded for the last 5 mins.
  8. GU13

    You welcome!
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  9. RHINO_Mk.II

  10. LibertyRevolution

    I crashed 3mins before an alert ended that I had spent the full 2 hours playing.
    I relogged in, alert ended in a draw, I got my 4000XP still.

    When the game crashes, you don't log off, the others in your squad see you in the squad still with the disconnected icon.
    When you relog, you are automatically in the squad still, you don't need to be invited.

    If you wait to long to relog, then yes, you get nothing.
  11. Nintyuk

    Some times it doesn't work that way, You can log back in as soon as your computer recovers and the game treats you like you just logged In. It only Treats it like a crash for certain crashes.

    The game needs to log how long you participated in the alert and save that info between log in's. So if you were there for the first hour of the alert and you have to log off so you can deal with real life it remembers it for your next log on and rewards you for your efforts then.

    Also alert rewards should show up in your Player time-line on the player-site so you can properly track your rewards and efforts.
  12. Goretzu

    I wonder if it does it in a squad, but not if you're not?

    All these people can't be lying, so something iffy is happening somewhere.
  13. LibertyRevolution

    I also wonder if it treats solos different.
  14. LivesInNameOnly

    i crashed with 20mins left in an alert, logged back in, and recieved the full xp reward.
  15. Izzy

    Similarly, I got glitched in the last 20 min of the alert doing a continent change. Re-logged, and appear to have received the full 2 hours of xp reward at the victory.

    So it did work for me. (i remained in a squad if that matters, i doubt that would change the reward mechanic but mention it anyway).
  16. RobotNinja

    It sounds like it's going both ways, on some crashes not crediting time played during an alert and in some still crediting the time played. Like most bugs in Planetside 2 it seems to be manifesting itself sporadically.
  17. The King

    Ehh, people lie a lot so other will have sympathy towards them.
    In RL or in VL. For instance, I could have gotten hit by a truck, which is very minor. but I'll say that I was thrown into the air and hit another thing, etc etc, to make to appear worse than it truly was. People always do that.

    Anyways, for this instance, I don't know what is happening.
    If people are telling the truth or not.

    Thing is, what SHOULD happen is that, if you played or logged in time towards an alert and you logged out.
    You should still be credited. For example. If you played 1 hour and 30 minutes... Logged out since you were forced by your girl/wife/man/husband/children/etc If the empire you were playing on gained any XP at all at the end of an alert, you should also get it, -30 minutes wroth of XP.This will fix the problem people have here and make people play alerts and log out when they want, instead of ignoring the alert altogether since they know that they cannot be there for the whole alert.

    SO that's what I think should happen. And I do fear that I do crash and get nothing...scary stuff...
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