30 scythes in 4 days

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RAS, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. RAS

    thats how many scythes i've lost due to other vs pilots .

    No i'm not joking and i'm going to keep my post as polite as possible as i want this issue sorting out and not have more threads removed .

    To anyone who flies its really not that hard to pay attention to your surroundings unless your called ray charles (altho he'd probably do better) .

    So SOE what are you going to do about this constant issue which also ties in with GRIEF POINTS ?

    Most of the scythes i lost were while i was hovering or on the airpad , several were lost while i was dogfighting then all of a sudden another pilot thinks "oh a smoking mozzie/reaver i'll pop in get an easy kill" then boom flies straight into me killing us both.

    Now the other point besides all the scythes i've lost is also the amount of xp i've lost due to missed kills and base caps .

    Gal pilots landing on the airpads or libs and crushing your ride , timers due to others etc etc etc you all know how it goes .

    Now personally if i hit someone and yes i've done it a few times i send a tell apologising and offer my scythe as it was my fault and i know how annoying it is , but soe needs to do something to stop this happening like remove the instant death collision code surely it can't be that hard .

    SOE you need to take note of these problems as alot of people are getting fed up with grief / timers caused by others , sure no one is 100% perfect and we all have hit or tk'd someone by accident but you need to listen before this BIG issue drives players away !

    And before the "i'm so clever learn how to fly/play" nubs start posting non constructive replies , don't bother either suggest solutions or move on
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  2. Pax Empyrean

    The only consistent feature in all of your dozens of mid-air collisions is you.
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  3. 12987

    because your being a,i will say this,move on,nothing is going be done,get use to it or quit.
  4. RAS

    Not sure which part of my post you two don't understand , clearly your shoe size is bigger than your IQ but i'd like to point to the part which says

    And before the "i'm so clever learn how to fly/play" nubs start posting non constructive replies , don't bother either suggest solutions or move on

    Seriously how some people manage to get dressed in a morning and survive in the RL is a mystery
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  5. Sparks

    Yup just gotta live with it it's not much better on the TR side either.
  6. Tuco

    Getting pretty crowded up there huh. Probably because rocketpods/Liberators are OP.

  7. AzK

    I've had LOADS of nc crash into me, from every possible angle at any possible speed.

    The ones from the front i can usually avoid since i see them, unless i move they'll always crush into me, always. Although sometimes they come at you so fast that it's impossible.

    The ones from the sides, back, bottom and top, are ALOT more problematic however, these champs will ram you usually at full speed cause they simply can't fly, and, despite having the whole sky at their disposal, they think it's cool to fly as close as possible to others, for whatever reason... And well, you can't see them at all cause you aren't facing them. They are facing you, as they come full speed into your vehicle, but you can't.

    I wish there was a way to have the camera further back behind in third person mode, to give me at least a TINY bit more time (or any time at all) to detect these flying bosses coming at me and avoid them.
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  8. WaRadius

    There is nothing you can do about this, some pilots are just too bad. Try to avoid groups of friendly aircraft and don't stay in one place for long.
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  9. DeadlyShoe

    I've only seen one friendly pilot actually grief. And he tried to grief my galaxy. (didn't do much.)

    People really,really, really need to watch they are landing though. THE OTHER PAD WAS EMPTY *******. Not that I'm bitter.
  10. Perry

    Sounds like the sky isnt for you, best stick to the ground where the real men fight.
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  11. Xale

    Better FOV would help. As you don't even have a 45' view to the left or right, someone flying perpendicular to you will never be visible to you.

    Also they've still not fixed the bug where friendly aircraft don't always show on the Minimap. Often the only que you have to go by the direction of the engine noise.
  12. NorthPlum

    Keep playing air, you eventually find a way to avoid all those collisions.

    I agree that kamakazi style attacks shouldn't be an instant kill. But, there should be considerable damage done in those types of attacks, where it forces you to land to repair.
  13. omgitsbees

    SoE can't do anything about you being bad at the game. Losing 30 scythes is clearly your fault, I don't get how you think otherwise.
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  14. RetroRayner

    Lost more Scythe to his own faction, than AA, again a clear illustration of the AA problem.
  15. Regpuppy

    So, there are so many ESF's in the skies that you're crashing into each other? Well now, I truly feel sorry for you for being killed that way.... this in no way points to a bigger issue with it being easier to get kills while in an air zerg. ;P

    There is no way to fix stupid people. But they can fix having air blobs murdering everything by re-balancing air.
  16. allattar

    It is pretty nastyitup there at times. I have chased enemy planes die had them burning only to have some friendly pilots desperate for the kill jump in at the last moment and crash right into me.
    One guy justified it that there where three of us stacked together. I was after that enemy first and the first I knew help had arrived was when it all collided with me.
    I even gadget one lib flying at and below me. Elevate up into me.
  17. Evilnox

    LoL - Well done sir, that made me laugh quite a bit.

    I agree that it does suck to be griefed with the aircraft. My buddy flies things sometimes and almost every time someone lands on him or smashes into the side of him. I don't know if it's bad pilots or people trolling. Now when he gets into an air ship he will fly away from the traffic and land where there shouldn't be any accidents. Although people still end up landing top of you....usually upside down :(

    Just tonight someone flipped his galaxy upside down with one between pillars lol, it was kind of funny but sucked because of some DB we couldn't use one for 15 more minutes.
  18. Botji

    I think at least some of the collisions are because if strange netcode, If I drive a flash and people are running over the road I EVADE them all but I still kill them... if I try to evade "infront" of them where they are running to. Mind you Im looking at 3rd person view and there would easily fit at least 1 more person between them and me, they still DIE and I somehow run over them. I think this is the same reason when you are trying to run over enemies and you actually aim at them they almost never die... they arent where they seem to be.

    This has happend at least once for me in a scythe, Im flying in 3rd person view and suddenly a friendly scythe comes from the side(but I dont evade because I can see that I will easily be able to just continue past him), when there is room for a little more than half a scythe between me and him I start taking MASSIVE damage to the scythe and before I can react we both die in a nice explosion, we didnt even touch each other.

    I think people just trust what they see with their eyes and the game kills them for it. Or people evade into people when they should have just gone straight forward right into the guy and they would be fine... but its hard to try to learn things like that "ram them and they will be fine!" is in no way logical but at least how it is with a flash on the ground with moving people.
  19. Jourmand1r

    Oh woah is me, i can't use rocket pods 24/7/
  20. VoidMagic

    Aircraft are the fastest vehicles in Planetside 2. If somewhere is too overcrowded don't land/rearm/launch there.
    The reality of the game is, friendly fire happens, learning to mitigate it and get over it when it happens is also a skill.
    If it's the same d-bags over and over, I suggest "helping" them team kill you till they're locked, works well.

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