[Suggestion] 3 new audio options - Disable Horn Sounds, Default Horn Sounds, Horn Volume Slider

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tilderx, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. QQmore

    If you are so annoyed with a particular horn abuser just C4 them. I've done this in the past after a verbal warning and it works wonders. If you are being trolled, troll back. It's the way of the internet. That being said most of the time the horns don't bother me because unlike the OPs supposition, people are't just laying on their horns constantly. The only time I find people over using their horns are at high pop caps of bases where the enemy has either given up or hasn't redeployed in force yet. AKA people got bored.
  2. Goldmonk

    Wait, he drinks?
  3. Flag

    There's a running gag that he drinks to deal with all of PS2s players.
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  4. Scr1nRusher

    Its more of a flowing gag
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  5. Flag

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  6. Goldmonk

    And all those reports and nerf threads I assume.
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  7. Scr1nRusher

    Drums are more lethal then a Spitfire & more effective at making noise that does something.
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  8. Tilderx

    i actually dont like to TK. You TK them, they feel they have to get you back and they TK you. Its a bad cycle. I prefer the horn just have it own volume slider like music and maybe an optional turn off.
  9. munglay

    You are why I hammer the toilet horn on my vehicles nonstop.

    It sounds like you have a fun problem. Maybe go see a doctor and have him perform a funectomy? Maybe get on the list for a fun transplant? Maybe flag down a nurse to change your diaper you enormous baby.
  10. eldarfalcongravtank

    true irony would be if this was implemented and OP returns with a "i get roadkilled so much by allied drivers" thread because he disabled horn sounds and cannot hear approaching and honking vehicles anymore...
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  11. Tilderx

    i have no trouble hearing the nature engine sound of vehicles coming toward my direction, as long as there is no sound polution to cancel it out
  12. ProletariatSon

    You're going about this the wrong way. To take away the ability of players to express themselves through PAID horns is just as unfair to them as you feel it is to you. They have done nothing wrong. You're beef should be with the developers who decided to incorporate horns into the game.

    Try thinking of plausible solutions. How about only x honks per minute? There could be an optional HUD that displays your use/honks left. That's just one that came to mind; there are plenty of less-drastic plans that are more suitable for the current issue compared to what you propose.

    If the developers decide to enforce such an atrocious suggestion, the customers should at least get their battle-cash back. From there customers can decide if they wish to reinvest in horns or have lost the desire too.
  13. St0mpy

    They can be annoying, if all the comedy horns disappeared overnight I wouldnt lose sleep but dont say they are of no use, you just dont know where they are used.

    My main complaint is the relative lack of normal horns. If a vehicle has two 'normal'(ish) horns to choose its lucky!

    I would buy more horns even, why is it so hard for DBG to add a few fricken 2 second sound samples for normal horns to sell? But as for all these overplayed comedy horns meh, heard them all too much. Sell me more normal ones already.
  14. Tilderx

    You read my post wrong. Nothing about it "takes away the ability" of anyone using any of their horns. Everyone who's against my suggestions thinks it will be "the end of horns" and thats not true. It's not like 100% of the players are going to turn horns off. If anything, most people who even care about using these settings will just modify the volume a little so that they don't drown out the rest of the game sounds.

    Let's just say that Daybreak adds in all 3 suggestions. And lets say 5% of the total population, at most, decides to turn off horns completely on their client-side. That means on average, only 1 out of every 20 people you come across can't hear your horn. The other 19 hear it fine. Is 1 out of 20 really the "death of horns"? I dont think so.

    You just can't assume that by simply adding in these options that your special horn purchases become obsolete. Maybe its an option that Daybreak can program to send info back when its being used. If they can track that NC are honking 200 times an hour, they might say that 2% of the population are ignoring them.
  15. Who Garou

    The horns can be far more annoying than players playing music in proximity with an open mic.

    I would really hate to say it, but I would PAY to have a button to turn-off the SFX for all horns.

    At the very least, there should be a cool down on the use of horns. Once a player sounds their horn, the can't trigger it again for another minute ... and I think letting them sound it once a minute is a bit generous.

    People don't use the horns to get people out of the way. They sound them because they like to hear them; kind of like hearing a drunk getting loud at a bar.
  16. Tilderx

    Ya, they are more annoying than an open mic cause 1) you can mute an open mic in 1 second with 1 button press 2) Usually they aren't repeating the same 5 second long SFX over and over.

    I play Guild War 2 alot. About a year into the game, they added "gem store" musical items (think of "gems" the same as Daybreak cash). They started out with 1, then another and now there's around 6 or 7 different ones, like flutes, harps, choir bells, etc. They have 8 notes and 2 to 3 octaves, depending on the instrument. But the problem was, that 99% of the population didn't bother to try and actually learn how to play songs with them. One person would just start random hitting notes and another person joins in and then another, until you have what sounds like a dozen 4 years olds banging away on a piano or pots and pans. You couldn't mute people or anything. Not a week later did the Devs add in a patch that added a separate SFX volume sliders for all musical instruments.

    Honestly, thats the only options we need. Sure, it be nice to have a client side option to change all custom horns back to the default "beep beep". But just having a Horn SFX volume slider is all we really need. As long as you don't put it at 0%, you'll still hear the horns, but it won't make your ears bleed. And if there is a zerg that is abusing their horns, it would only take 5 seconds to temporarily change it down to 0.