3/30 update, thats when you lost my support

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Shilka, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Shilka

    I'm removing my subscription and will not spend any more money on this game until the implant system is overhauled.
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  2. Okjoek

    IDK, I like that it's not "chargers" anymore because I couldn't be bothered to recharge them all the time. Although you do still have to spend certs on the actual getting the implants now. I guess it's a trade off, but I think it's better than it was even if it's not perfect still.
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  3. Calisai

    Personally, I'd have been happy if you could buy the implants outright... either with DBC or Certs. I don't even care if the price was exaggerated... I just hate the RNG. I've always hated RNG systems, especially when tangible currency is concerned... If I wanted to F'n gamble, I'd go to Vegas.
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  4. Villanuk

    Im shocked it took this long..........
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  5. Liewec123

    i'll stay subbed, because i still think the game is the best thing around right now,
    but yeah the implant system seems like an extremely desperate cashgrab at the expense of the players.
    one day you have all of the implants,
    the next day they're taken from you and you're told to spend every cert you have to get a small fraction of them back.

    2 glaring mistakes that they made which could have alleviated alot of the toxicity.
    1. the conversion rate for existing chargers+implants should have been MUCH higher.
    2. there should have been a way of crafting/purchasing the implants you want.
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  6. Insignus

    Possible solution is on Reddit. Not enough people could be bothered to stop salting and whining to read it: https://np.reddit.com/r/Planetside/comments/62mgba/subscriber_iso4_conversion_boost/
  7. Gundem

    I was on Jaeger and bought 100(Yes that's right, one-hundred big ones) Deluxe implant packs.

    After all that, I was still missing Counter-Intel.

    I could literally spend 75000 certs or 500$ in DBC and not even have all the implants, FOR ONE CHARACTER. This is why RNG is unacceptable.
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  8. Bacardie

    I too have canceled my support. Log in and every damn implant I WORKED for, is gone..
  9. Kdog559

    Who cares about those two implants.Minor cloak and counter Intel are good in some situations ,but its not game breaking were you "Have" to have it. I only spent 10k and got all but the two rare ones which i never used in the first place because one of them wasn't in the game yet.I upgraded all of them from old implants and duplicates, I'm happy with it because I don't have to recharge them.Oh and because your implants are gone from what you had saved are recycled so you can better upgrade the newer ones when you buy the packs with certs or cash.Seriously this implant system is not a big deal nor going to be game breaking.
  10. Eternaloptimist

    Every post I read about the new implants, someone calls it a cash grab or P2W, when you can buy the things with certs.

    You may have to take a bit of time to win the certs in the game, but you get them for free, just by having fun playing the game! And if you're not having fun, what are you doing playing?

    In more than two years I've bought precisely two items with cash that I could of got with certs. They were both NS weapons I wanted for every avatar on every faction - and I used the DBC I'm given as a subscriber for that!
  11. Fraecker

    How big is the chance the get the rare implants?

    I spend now über 1000 Certs and got 3 different, thats all.

    But how many Certs i need for the Cloak?

    Ive played much with the old Implantat system and most of the time Tier 3 or 4, but now it is gamble.
    Knowing this system from other games (e.g. Star Trek) and it should only pull the money out of the bag. Some people will have luck and get some rare quickly, but >90% will not have that luck.

    I can understand why Shilka stop his subscription. I can understand the devs too, they want to make money.
  12. breeje

    i don't like this new system
    and can someone tell me what happened to the old charge ups ?
    i had 800+ normal charges and 31 ultra charges
  13. Liewec123

    all of your implants and chargers were converted into the new currency "iso-4",
    though the conversion rate was so low that you'll likely only be able to have a small handful of max rank implants
    if you've been playing for years.

    i've been playing since march 2013 and got 13k "iso-4" which means i only have enough to max rank 3 implants.
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  14. BadCoding

    It's not about being or not being able to get the max rank of the implants !
    It's about having no implants at all except for the very 2 granted !
    It's about not being able to receive implants anymore while taking part in any battle as with the old system while the patch claims this new system is "more rewarding and engaging", a flatout lie !
    Why is no one worried that 1 new implant = 2 old ones combined and that now 2 implants instead of 1 can be equipped, making it equal to running around with 4 implants of the old system ?
    Why is no one worried about the amount of stay alive & heal yourself implants making medic's healing less relevant ?
    Why is it not relevant that existing implants have been removed without cert refund to at least be able to buy some within the new system ?
    Why is it ok to **** up new players even more with just another cert barrier before becoming competitive ?
    Was this really an important thing that the game needed just now ? Did anyone even vote for this ?
    I'd rather see actual bugfixing to get rid of floating / disappearing mines and C4 and a bunch of other bugs instead of releasing something new and oh wonder oh wonder there are new bugs !

    I get it: You want or need money but the solution to this is NOT to design cert mountains like player base construction and the new implant system to make players feel like there's no chance of gaining access to any of this within their lifetime but to design a game that's FUN to play and worth it. Currently PS2 has 2 major plus points:
    1) mass battles
    2) free to play
    The fun part is ruined by the bugs no one cares for and design flaws. Design flaws such as a bad tutorial, a lacking VR Training, no story anywhere, all things long known and left abandoned. Bugs like floating or disappearing mines and C4, falling through the world, the object deploy bug. Why not take care of any of that ahead of questionable design ? You know if people feel like the game is actually getting anywhere else than downhill they might support it rather than questioning or denying support. Just an idea.

    In any case I believe it's better to just turn the game into a subscription fee based game but at a low cost, no higher than 3€ / month because that's the maximum this is worth currently. Then you can stop designing cashgrab bullshít like the mentioned things and finally focus on a fun and rewarding gameplay experience instead of focussing on how to keep non paying players out of gameplay content. About the other player, sitting on their cert mountains: Redesign the cert system.

    Cert system redesign:
    It's basically 2 things:
    1) Continent becomes unlocked = all players starting there have to start from 0 certs, 0 unlocks and 0 upgrades again and have to cert through stuff as the battle there progresses; this avoids players being able to sit on cert mountains and fixes the gap between veterans and newer players; because of that system cert gain speed within a match needs to be increased a good bit
    2) Player gained certs, made unlocks and upgrades don't carry over to other continents; instead each continent has a list of certs the player has earned there and the things he has unlocked and upgraded there; switching to another continent loads the list for that other continent; to allow continent switching to make still sense all players across all factions while on that certain continent have at all times access to a basic cert pool that consists of the average value of certs gained by all players across all factions on this continent; this cert pool is the minimum pool, individual players can still receive more certs by playing well to receive personal certs on top of that average cert pool granted to everyone as minimum; this allows teching up, promotes experimenting with unlocks and rewards good players, still; it'll also show in the long run what needs improvement
    => And so you get a system that is actually less of a one-shot, still rewarding, promotes a lot of things and doesn't hurt as much as the current cert system does. Because this is clever, hard to understand, posted in this forum instead of Reddit, lots of text and in a random thread instead of a topic that'll be forgotten anyways this will not receive any attention.
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  15. Zathrus

    This is the most overt conversion of something that used to be something you earned... that now you must buy.
    In short I feel like I have been mugged.

    I had all the implants I use at Tier4. In exchange for that you give me two worthless implants, and a bunch of points that can do nothing but upgrade said worthless implants....if I want implants I may actually use.... I must pay for them or wait for certs to build again.

    To the PS2 staff: THANKS FOR NOTHING!!

    Great job at trying to make overt theft look like some kind of game upgrade...... NOT.
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  16. Zathrus

    Just to add, while I am not a subscriber, I have been around since the beta. To support the game I periodically purchased $10 to $25 worth of stuff.

    But because of how the PS2 team has chosen to implement this implant change... I am not inclined to spend any more cash on this game. They have lost the small financial support I was providing.

    While that may not be concerning by itself, I doubt I am the only player who has traditionally supported the game who feels this way.
  17. oTec

    Yeah tell me about it, my new VS account from today has both the standard implants lv5 already and nearly 100k iso-4 left.
    My NC account went trough the conversion and has 220 ISO-4 and both standard implants lv1..
  18. Zathrus

  19. Bacardie

    This is how many MMO's have died. The devs, or those in charge, can't buy their Mocha Latte from Star Puck any more so they think of ways to make more money. Problem is, as they piss people off and people leave the game, the less they make. Then the more "toys" they throw at you to get you back. It's happened with many games, and those games are DEAD now. This one is headed there as well.
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  20. Jeslis

    Someone mathed out the chances.

    You have an 'average' chance after spending 166,000 certs to have 1 SPECIFIC rare implant. (around 83,000 certs to have EITHER of the 2 rare implants)

    Keep in mind, the 'average' chance means that.. if 100 people had 166,000 certs, and they ALL spend those certs on implant packs, 50 of them would have the rare implant they wanted, the other 50 STILL WOULD NOT HAVE IT.
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