3-13-2014 update 290mb, 64-bit

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by D3amonEngineer, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. D3amonEngineer

    Today 290mb update include PlanetSide2_x64.exe this means it's getting close to go on live server, haven't tested it yet but really happy because it do get on PST, EXCITED 64-bit FTW :)

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  2. D3amonEngineer

    Just tested it and the improvement that I see is:
    1) Game start up and start-up loading screen become 20 times faster then before
    2) Before this 100% render quality = 30-40 fps and then I change to 90% render quality = 50-60 fps and now with 64-bit pull my render quality slider again to 100% gives me 50-60 fps. (I believe it does improve a little in fps wise for me not sure about you guys)
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  3. Nanomorph

    Which GPU drivers are you using?
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  4. D3amonEngineer

    I'm using 334.89, I know it causes black screen for 3-5 sec but this is the best so far for my fps in this game
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  5. RDKillerITA

    Has someone tested it with the new Drivers ( i mean 335.23).
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  6. RIctavius

    Yes - caused the same issue - Im sticking 332.21 it doesnt negate any performance on my machine
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  7. MasonSTL

    Yeah I noticed that menus, like the map, load up much faster then before. Same with spawning in, everything renders right away as I spawn.
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  8. D3amonEngineer

    I'm thinking this might go on live server next week or on 27th March, as just now saw some x64 files updating on live server. My game got a bit smoother with today's update on live server but same number in FPS.
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  9. Torok

    oh yeah it's definetly there then!


    Very Nice :D
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  10. DocteurVK

    Need to test it ASAP !

    curious about one thing :

    How is doing the CPU usage now ?
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  11. D3amonEngineer

    There you go guys this video compare the start up time of client for those who don't have downloaded test server can see this :)
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  12. whitupiggu

    Looks like they've been doing some optimization. I wouldn't expect that much of a difference just going to 64bit.
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  13. D3amonEngineer

    Yeah I think they still not completely finished with the 64-bit yet and hoping for more optimization. I do play on High setting with 90 % render quality and get 50-60 fps and I'm expecting to get the same fps on Ultra setting, I have smoothing=On so maximum is only 60 fps for me. I wish after 64-bit comes I don't have to turn on smoothing and get some more fps
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  14. Chipay

    64-bit won't increase FPS, it'll increase stability (less frame drops and such), not performance
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  15. D3amonEngineer

    64-bit client to live server might be the next week, as this week patch note is already out and no word on that yet
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  16. Krayus_Korianis

    I love 64-bit clients. It does run better on a 64-bit machine than 32-bit does :\ It is a known fact.
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  17. Astealoth

    Finally got around to loading up the 64 bit test client. Played for 20 mins or so. Was pretty dead but got repeatedly attacked by TR in the warpgate LOLing at the no warpgate invulnerability. So we had a bit of an in faction shootout for awhile. One thing I notice is I get a more stable frame rate in higher detail compared to 32 bit. Also drove a lightning around for awhile from zone to zone and zone transitions seem a bit smoother. In 32 bit there can be a bit of slight hitching for me when loading large assets for the first time. It is not apparent in 64 bit.

    I saw only improvements and no downside or bugs in general gameplay. All in all excited for this to go live.
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  18. Blarg20011

    Saw this and first reaction was "Awesome, better go update my test client'

    And then I got an 8.5 GB update, and I quickly became less enthused.
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  19. D3amonEngineer

    • It is happening guys, lets hope everything will work fine for those who has 64 bit machine and able to use higher texture quality