2x / 3x Station cash sale?

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  1. -MJ12-

    They said there will be no more 2x and 3x sales yes, but there will be a time when the most paying players have been milked enough and there are too few new players.
    Most people have already noticed how brazenly overpriced everything is and therefore won't buy anything. It's simply common sense, because you can play this game very good without spending money.
    When that happens, SOE will have to lower the prices.

    Meanwhile, just don't spend money, especially when you are an EU player.
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  2. Cirevam

    I don't care that they're not doing sales on SC itself anymore. 50% off of entire categories in the depot like we had during Memorial Day is practically the same as 2x SC if you plan things out ahead of time. I got a harasser bumper on Friday and a camo on Monday, both for half off. I didn't notice that they put up one of the PS helmets I wanted so I'll see if anything else goes on sale next month. We had some sort of sale on July 4th last year, so I'll be watching to see what they do this time.

    Get your flare guns ready.
  3. ironeddie

    your making a huge assumption that the majority of players buy game cards and then waits for a sale.

    Firstly those game cards are not available in all countries. Secondly most people are dumb. I would bet my left nipper the percentage of players who play the system is quite small. Consider the thousands of people playing the game. I reckon soe still makes money.
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  4. unsinnsschmierer

    I'm Ok with removing 2x and 3x SC sales. That kind of thing creates uncertainity and makes buyers wait for the next sale. However SC prices in the depot should go down, 7$ for a gun is just insane.
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  5. Jogido

    agreed, the only reason I liked x2/x3 was because the prices in the depot were too high barring item sales.
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  6. Jalek

    I was one of the bad people that used 3x sales to buy All Access time. That situation couldn't have lasted, but I'm sure it gave them a short-term boost in card sales, maybe to solidify distribution since it had to be retail cards. Many stores sold out quickly.

    That was before Player Studio in any game so they were only reducing their own margins, they didn't have to pay out to people as they might now.
  7. MorganM

    Trust me if they actually made money doing it... they would do it. That's like... the whole point... to make money here.
  8. MorganM

    The sales they have had now that they aren't discounting SC were actually pretty awesome. In some cases you got WAY more value than you ever would have out of discounted SC. The thing that gets me is that most the stuff on sale I didn't want or already had. So the sales they do have are great... if you catually want the stuff that's on sale.
  9. ShureShot

    Probably somewhere after the H1Z1 launch.

    We've only had one 3x SC sale, close after the launch of PS2. And it makes sense to only do it when you just attract a completely new customer base that has never spent money on an SOE product, to get them into that initial buy.

    So my guess: a few weeks after the H1Z1 launch, we'll see a 2x SC sale. 3x is not very likely to happen, because the difference with the regular price is so big that you put people off from buying anything outside 3x sales.
  10. Bindlestiff

  11. NeverWas

    For those who say SOE will get higher quantity of purchase through hosting 2x / 3x station cash.

    yes, they will, but at the cost of having no people purchasing SC ever again in the future without 2x / 3x station cash, also de-value-ing in game cosmetics due to players hoarding more SC.

    In short, 2x / 3x SC event is a bad practice, it hurts a company so much it's poisonous. it makes consumer only passively wait for special promotion before they'll ever think of spending, that is bad for the economy, bad for game, and bad for the company itself.
  12. JesusVoxel

    Not that many people are willing to spend money on free-to-play game in the first place. Some random sales from time to time ain't enough for most players to spend lots of money to get not that much SC.

    However, if you can get lots of SC for half the price, people who wouldn't spend money otherwise, might just make a one time investment. And as players come and go, it would be much better to get those one time investments from players before they move on to other games.

    Surprisingly many of my outfitmembers back in the launch bought a lot of SC (with around 10-100€) during those sales. Many of them wouldn't have bought any SC without those sales. They haven't bought more since, but most of them ain't around playing this game anymore either.

    As for the new members who have joined the outfit after those sales, not that many have bought SC at all, and quite a lot of them are gone from this game too, without any purchases.

    Ain't it more profitable to get players to spend money on this game before they move on? I see all the time new players joining and I clear non active players from the outfit all the time.
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  13. K2k4

    I'm pretty sure they got replaced with the 'holiday daily sales' of 99 sc items for all and 1sc items for members with 50% categorical discounts on other items each day of the sale. This way people don't just stock up on SOE's major currency for all their games, but instead they can choose from an assortment of vastly less expensive things with their existing SC.
  14. KariH

    Well ... I only buy when it is discount.

    65 % is pretty close like 3x cash and some items was 65 % rebate.

    Unfortunately my paypal count has only few euros. Has to fill up.
  15. Stormsinger

    The complete lack of this type of sale is the primary reason why I don't play all that much anymore. I'm currently waiting to see if they do one for the 4th of July (I believe they had a 2x one last year) ... if no sale materializes, I shall be bidding my sub adieu.
  16. Morti

    My understanding was that they no longer do 2x and 3x SC sales and now more frequently do 25/50% off item sales in-game.

    Really, both ways work, it's just that people are used to bigger #'s for their buck
  17. Taemien

    Very well said.

    I'd also add that there's a 10% member discount and 500 free SC a month for them as well. It just reinforces the point you just made even more so. And it goes further than this, as you used to be able to buy EQ/EQ2 expansions with SC... people were buying these for effectively 4-5 bucks. They don't let us do that anymore obviously.

    2x or 3x sales were nice. But the playerbase mistook the kindness for weakness and exploited it. Now we get SC discounts once in a great while that get you more and more discounts the more SC you buy at one time. Like 10000SC would be $51. But again that is pretty rare.
  18. Inex

    Even without the cards, SOE loses money on 3x SC sales used to buy Player Studio items. You don't have to wait for sales or do anything else. 3x SC is a money loser for SOE so they just can't give an SC discount that deep anymore.

    Take advantage of the 50% and 65% (2x and 3x respectively) Depot sales instead.

    It's late so I'm not exactly going to go scrape the @PS2DailyDeals feed, but I'm pretty sure that between the two daily sales, Memorial Day and Valentines Day and... some other one... All Access members have seen almost every item be at least 50% off twice this year, with a lot of it being 66-75%. Even Steam only does a big blowout twice a year. ( I think.. haven't logged into Steam in a while. GOG 4 Lyfe, etc)
  19. siiix

    yeah what they said, player studio = no SC sells EVER again, they just cant, and player studio is not just for this game but several SOE games

    should have gotten a lot of SC years ago when they still had 3x sales, i got 20000sc back then that lasted me for years, it just now started to run out

    what you can do is get SC cards on the internet, sometimes you get it less then 1x, maybe you can get it with 30% savings, but half i would not even dream about
  20. FieldMarshall

    Knowing SOEs track record, it will most likely happen during one of the two following things:
    1. When the game is almost dead. One last cash grab before moving on to the next game.
    2. 2 Days before a "Trials of Obi-Wan event".