26 and nothing.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AuraBliss, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. AuraBliss

    So ya its one week later. Then it will be 2 weeks later than 3 weeks then months. Nothing has changed still the same people making same promises of something new.
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  2. JibbaJabba

    hehe annoying ain't it?

    Notes from last night show they have the update where they want it. They hit some bugs that might impact stability and wrote a fix. Being a stability thing it's not wise to drop it on live fixed or not without some more testing right?

    So here it comes...one more big test then go....

    Cross your fingers I guess. Looks like we're about ready.
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  3. GunGood

    There are a couple of bugs they are trying to get worked out on PTS. Nothing gamebreaking, but they want this update to go off without a hitch. And honestly, would you rather have the update now with bugs, or wait a few more days for the update with no bugs?

    They said the decision to launch the update is now on a day-to-day basis. If you'd like to help them test the newest build and want more info on why it is delayed, see this article.
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  4. iller

    Emphasis on the operative wording.
    If they miss this Weekend window, I think it really will ruin a majority of the good will they were trying to win back
  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Are you serious? This is a night and day difference from what we had before.

    Maybe I'm in the minority but I will happily wait an extra month for them to iron out all the problems before a patch goes live if it means that I don't have to look at future updates from this studio the same way Wile E. Coyote looks at a new ACME product.
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  6. Rooklie

    For some reason, they keep people updated on twitter and reddit but not on their own forum .. you could check those ;)
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  7. Wadelma

    Funny enough they keep people updated on their forum... check the test server news where this stuff happens
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  8. Rooklie

    I've always assumed that test server was exclusively for stuff that was related to the test servers !

    Also, on the home page, there's a twitter feed, if that helps, cause I think now a days you can't always read tweets unless you have a tweeter account.
  9. AuraBliss

    I know about the post on test server its the fact they continue to use other means of posting info instead of on their main website new people wont know this stuff let alone check pts and twitter. By the time its ready they will need to be working on their next update asap or be stuck with this stagnant playerbase.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    so what? are your rear cheeks itching that much?
    i rather wait for them to have their stuff ready and bug free as possible than it being a buggy mess once introduced to live where it may get buggy anyway for them to have to fix stuff on live multiple times ...

    impatience is the worst you can bring to anything .. demanding things to be brought immidiately just for it to be flawed will only result in further annoyance ...
  11. Roccano1

    Hard to believe people want this rushed out while it still has bugs. I bet they are the same people that would complain as soon as they saw some of the bugs in game and started berating the devs about it.
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  12. Pelojian

    they should have spun off as a separate company years ago, if the fact that they are taking their time to fix **** rather then push through a buggy update schedule set by management that don't know how to manage games.

    maybe briggs wouldn't have suffered that year of bad connection which made it decline so badly if they'd spun off sooner.

    the devs must be happy to not have management breathing down their necks on deadlines.
  13. Johannes Kaiser

    They are walking a fine line here. If they release too late, hype will be gone and disappointment will drive more players away. If they release the upate broken the backlash will be intense.
  14. Liewec123

    Can't say nothing has changed, this is the biggest change since construction.
    But for me these changes, while big, will entirely be detrimental to my experience,
    i'm a lone wolfer, always have been, Never had nor wanted an outfit,
    and all that this update will mean for me is more annoying things...
    the fleet carrier will be even more annoying than OS, and outfits can now OS at will.

    and also a monthly event were the player base is a lot smaller while they fight on a private map.
    And then there is the pointless Sanctuary...
    Stuff that should simply be part of UI like purchasing stuff will now require leaving the map,
    And hunting down the correct vendor, making your purchase and then waiting to join the map all over...
    Thanks devs.

    None of this will be good for me, all of it will be bad.

    The big changes that I want are balance changes and content for ALL.
    Make NSO relevant, buff Nest Launcher, give defectors more weapons,
    add new ASPs, new implants, 360 harasser rumble seats (and make them more expensive)
    Buff NC max CQC potential, allow Lockdown TR maxes to crouch, rework ZoE,
    Make faction specific cosmetics for MBT topguns, a magrider looks stupid with a chaingun on top.
    Give flash turbo by default, buff or rework vanguard Nimitz Reactor, fix loadouts that don't save,
    Ambusher/Icarus jets with built in minor safefall, no more lib oneshots from dalton.

    So many things that should be happening,
    instead the devs are blowing crazy resources and effort to make my gameplay worse XD
  15. Johannes Kaiser

    If that is the case, of course noone wants to run with you. Question is only whether that's better or worse than a loan sharker. :D (I know, I know, that was a typo, but couldn't resist.)
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  16. Liewec123

    l'm On my tablet, it does some weird corrections, if I type "i'll" it likes to change it to i'Lloyd or i'lol,
    Pretty sure I typed lone!
  17. Halo572

    Well there is no doubt that whatever is going on - some patch or update of no significance as always? - has certainly set the world on fire and may - just may - crash the internet.

    The simple fact that there are TWELVE new posts today on this forum alone is a testament to how much interest there is in the next update to an 8 year old game with a very low playerbase.

    TWELVE! That is almost as many as THIRTEEN and definitely in double figures.

    And using Steamcharts as the player count tracker - being as there is now no other way to track player numbers - it is possible that at least 0.0000005% of humanity is in a frenzy about what is about to happen.

    This is BIG and we were here!
  18. AuraBliss

    Again this nothing about it being on time but more about the fact they still refuse too post it on their main news feed that update is delayed. If I was still a new player and saw a huge update like this to only see nothing in the live game i wouldn't think oh should check pts for info. No i would move to another game. "Though with this post people might start checking these places" so kinda made this thread for this very reason. I just want them too start using their website correctly.
  19. iStalk

    You are part of the problem when it comes to this game. At least the developers are being open and keeping us up to date on the state of the game. Would you rather it go back to how it was before? Kept in the dark or updates pushed to live with little vetting that had major bugs? Some bugs that even broke chat? we have a group of dedicated players who are spending their free time testing the update on the test server. Maybe you should make your self useful and help out. If not then be quiet and wait.
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  20. AlcyoneSerene

    Can't believe some are complaining they are polishing and testing it before release. Just unreal.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    Get a grip.

    RPG, take your time with it, as much as it's needed.
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