252nd Spec Ops Outfit [252V] Recruiting

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  1. Luzario


    Hey you! Freedom Fighter! Yes, you! Come over here for a sec!

    I've been observing your performance on the battlefield for quite a while now. I have to say, I'm quite impressed with how well you fight. You are giving these TR supremacists and Vanu lunatics hell. You know your rifle, your Lightning and your Reaver. However, you could still improve, and I'm the man who'll be able to help you.

    Your main flaw right now is that you are a lone wolf. But when you're down to the last clip and your back's against the wall, who ya gonna trust to watch your back? You could be so much more efficient at kicking enemy butts when you have a company of battle-hardened soldiers by your side. So, if you want to, I can get a proposal up to the suits and you'll be transferred to the 252nd Spec. Ops. [252V] in no time. Here's a summary of what you can expect in our fine company:


    - organized operations with at least one full platoon on Wdnesdays, Fridays and Sundays
    - comrades on the battlefield every day, around the clock – you will never be alone
    - friendly, helpful, communicative and teambased company
    - flat hierarchy of command, good opportunity for advancement
    - alternative means of communication via forums and TeamSpeak server
    - a sub-team of players that are preparing for MLG
    - wookies!

    What we expect of our fellow outfit members:

    - follow orders!
    - teamplay
    - affinity for communication (preferably via microphone)
    - be active ingame and on the forums

    So, eager to gain new experience? To have soldiers at your side whom you can trust at all times? Just fill out our recruitment form on our webpage and I'll personally see to it that you get a response ASAP.

    Live free in the NC!


    GO TO: www.252nd.eu and fill out the recruitment form!

    And now see what you can expect from our Outfit as well:

  2. Luzario

    And to promote our newly established YouTube Channel:

    by FreedomDude

    And twitch.tv channel from one of our German speaking members called Kurbel:
  3. Luzario

  4. Arquin


    Good outfit. If you play cardboard soldier, do consider.
  5. Mr T

    Amazing outfit, community, team play, and Wookies! If you feel you got what it takes, then sign up now, you won't regret it!
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  6. Stubek

    Bump here
  7. Luzario


    A picture of us and the NCTO forces at the end of filming for SOE with Robert Stoneman (Saturday 23rd of February, 2013). Robert expressed his deepest gratitude to 252nd and all the factions of Miller, NC, TR and VS, for helping in the making of the movie.

    So the next time SOE will put out a commercial for PS2, you will know it was all off us ho made it ;)

    I do not know which Outfit's were fighting on the TR and VS side eventually, as i managed to contact just BRTD from TR and DIG from VS, before i got banned on SOE forums for spamming :D So if you were involved, please give a shout! :D

    NC factions involved were WASP, DL, JNJ, GAR and to some extent CONZ...
  8. Furus

    Hehe CONZ to some extent,you mean trying to galaxy **** the guys on the picture.
  9. Luzario

    ah, all good fun, im sure :D
  10. AlexS189

    I may have joined these guys fairly early on but that doesn't matter. Joining the 252nd changed the way I play the game. For the better. Good banter, good humour, good organisation! And they are right! You never fight alone. Ever! There is always someone online willing to team up in a squad. So yeah, sign up and you wont be disappointed :D
  11. Luzario

    And here it is... 252nd and NCTO outfits with the help from all factions of Miller... a video for SOE!

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  12. IMTasty

    Welcome to the recruitment forum. You are expected to pay BRTD 5000 certs every week in order for us to keep the bad guys away from your thread. If you do not pay us the requested sum you will suffer the same fate as all other recruitment threads that opposed us!
  13. Luzario

    well we wouldn't want any of our tanks... to .... brake ..... :D

    thx man... we are finally here... yes :D
  14. Luzario

  15. IMTasty

    Lol, love how it ends with 2 BRTD Prowlers friendship bumping/flipping eachothers. Showing off for the camera I bet, attention ******. :p
  16. Luzario

    he he :D they didnt know they were filmed... later footage was Robert just following the battles, not telling anyone...

    still, thx for showing up and helping with the filming :D
  17. Furus

    Here is a bumpy bump :)
  18. Arquin

    Death will come unless you find the light of Vanu. Rebirth tech is merely a scratch on the surface. Let us ascend humanity.
  19. Luzario

    ascend humanity?... yes... ascend humanity in pink? ..... not my color :D
  20. Arquin

    We will paint the planet pink with nanites