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  1. oTec

    Derping around ps2.fisu to check the pop on cobalt and something catches my eye.


    Dat kd :O. So is it Pro or H4x?


  2. OldMaster80

    Just a kid who didn't understand how the game works.
  3. Moridin6

    someones friend is helping them pad methinks
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  4. orangejedi829

    Clearly Pro.
  5. Liewec123

    yep stat padding, its suspendable/bannable offence though.
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  6. oTec

    Well a day later he's still at it. On Ps2.fisu it's soo obvious on the cobalt server yet no action is taken against him.
  7. FallenRoach

    Show must go on:


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  8. ZDarkShadowsZ

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  9. oTec

    So PS2 has the info, on the ps2.fisu site and on the normal players site if you check kills. Still nothing is being done about it, like always.
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  10. TeknoBug

    Second one looks like stat padding, reporting usually fixes that.
  11. Towie

    What bothers me most if you look at his last 1000 killboard is that he spent 5 hours (at least) stat padding.

    5 HOURS !!!!

    Now that is one sad, sad individual. I think he should be banned for a week so he can discover something more interesting - like - the world outside.
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  12. FieldMarshall

    I found out that an ingame friend of mine (who is no longer my friend) statpadded his candycannon (and the other novelty weapons)
    I reported him. Submitted screenshot evidence of chatlogs where he admits it. A screenshot and a link to his killboard. I even had a video of him doing it (but had problems uploading it).
    Also reported his acomplice.

    I got the usual "We will investigate and take action. But you wont know the outcome of what we do" message.
    He never got suspended. He never stopped playing. His kills and directives never got reverted.
    Nothing happened. The report went straight to the trash bin and was marked as "solved" is what happened.

    Well, the sad irony is that most serious padders run a bot/script to pad while they are sleeping or doing other things.
    So they probably spend more time away from their PC than people who play normally =[
  13. Liewec123

    surely it would be incredibly easy for DBG to have their anti cheat software pick up this kind of stuff...
  14. WeRelic

    CS:GO tells you flat out that a player you reported was banned. It's a much better system since you know your reports are being taken seriously, and actually being acted on. We should have that, with names included, as well as an addition that tells you if the person you reported was cleared.

    Name and shame rules be damned, transparency with customers in good standing should be more important than the ego of someone who actively chose not to follow the rules.
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  15. oTec

    Pretty much evryone at DBG when you speak off anything related to cheating/exploiting.

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  16. vanupolice