24 hours played time and...

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  1. Smatchimo

    I'm at 450 certs. I'd like to find out how much everyone else is playing to how many certs they are earning.

    Dont need to know what you think about the game, prices, or turtles. Nor is it ****** measurement time. I just want to know played time to cert gain so we can all get a good guestimate on how long our guns will take to earn the hard way.
  2. messymike

    just over 13 hours, 326 certs
  3. Bags

    Played: 15 hours
    Certs: 832
  4. DJPenguin

    22 hours.
    753 certs.

    Engineer main, almost entirely as infantry.
  5. PirateCrayons

    Idk my time
    or my certs...

    But I know I don't have enough for how many people I've killed (I'm #352 out of all players in kills per hour which is like 156 kills per hour)
  6. Dhart

    Not sure... I spend them as fast I earn them

    I do know that taking and defending earns more points than just straight XP...
  7. Gamenut556

    I have been playing probally about 12 hours. Only 300. I was infantry for most of it though. I should try to find a Liberator to gun for on my server. Seems like killing Vehicles are more rewarding then busting my *** off trying to kill on foot.
  8. Dhart

    Should also mention primary class/specialty...

    Wager Infiltrators/Max will overpower Engineers and Medics by a ton... in certs/hour
  9. Rane

    Dhart what is your logic behind that? As an Infiltrator I get 100xp a kill period. I can't kill vehicles etc. On a side not my friend can sit in his sundered in the middle of a base with ammo mod and gain 26xp per second as long as I park a tank next to him and hold my mouse button down for the entire time I wait for a base cap.

    1 kill = 1 cert or 1 kill = .5 certs. GG System fixed, That = 1000kills= a good gun and xxx kills = good gun with adequate modifications. I figure you get at least 100 kills or so an hour if your not blind, stupid, or intoxicated.

    I actually like the .5 per kill better. 2000kills for a weapon would be like 20hrs for a beast weapon. Either way battle rank or kills should earn and effect certs more then they do now. Getting a bunch for capturing is ok, but sometimes those bases take hours to drop. I know a couple days ago i fought at the same base all day without any progress defending or capping, just people murdering eachother non stop.
  10. SKYeXile

    44 hours, 6000 certs.
  11. mintyroll

    16 hours,
    399 certs.
  12. James161324

    23 hrs with around 450 certs, mostly have played heavy
  13. Smatchimo

    I tried to Edit my thread and it created a new one. I was wrong on how much I'd earned. Here are my stats. You can get to this by going into your first tab in your Menu.

    My scores reflect lots of support gameplay and lots of driving the outfit around in a sundy, not getting much deploy xp. No boosts obviously.

    K: 420
    D: 352
    Certs: 539
    Score: 115446

    Upgrades I've found useful:

    Flares for Aircraft of choice: 100 certs (cheap and keeps you alive long enough to duck behind a mountain)

    Infra red scopes for all guns: 30-90 certs (might be for me only, but i need to see through all the smoke grenades my outfit spams)

    Zoom optics and 1st upgrade for ammo for 2 regular sundy guns: only 4 certs TOTAL (if you dont have these yet, open your game, buy them, and equip them)

    Upgrade I'm pissed I spent certs on:

    Engy Proximity mines. Takes away the ability to drop ammo?! FFS. Nuff said.
  14. SKYeXile

    these certs come in pretty fast.

  15. Smatchimo

    So you're a lib gunner or tank driver then?
  16. Sentnl

    He clearly photoshopped the numbers.
  17. SKYeXile

    you dont get kills like that as a lib pilot, obviously i did it in a mag, since its OP.
  18. Smatchimo

    Headed out for a bit, giving the thread a bump. Would like to see more stats screens from people, this is good feedback for devs.
  19. Trysaeder

    15 hours, 650 certs.
    No boost, bought the infantry starter pack, otherwise I'm using stock and mostly un-upgraded weapons.
  20. Krawdad

    I think I have just over 30 hours logged, ~10 of which have been 35% boosted since I bought a sub last night. Think my total certs gained is around 2500.

    I exclusively play Engineer (so I never run out of ammo) and almost entirely focus on infantry combat. ~1300 kills with the AF-Merc (NC starter gun) but I just got an upgrade today so working on leveling that up a bit too. Always drop ammo cans, always rep MAXs, rep vehicles if it's handy, and always aim for the head!