22 o´clock CET put you spandex on!

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  1. RHINO_Mk.II

    I have roughly 100x the hours on my main as I do on my alts, BUT there is no reason to waste 48 certs/day I get with membership in case I want to try enemy weapons etc.
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  2. Psychophonic-RNX

    The alert system is always destroying good fights since everybody seems to be conditioned to leave the area where the current fight is going on.

    This also make it uninteressting to go for something like a continent lock, because...

    a) You know the next alert is coming soon (too soon)
    b) Who cares about a benefit that doesn´t really benefit your empire

    So what we need are better benefit and/or to give facility more purpose.
    For example what is the ampstation benefit about, isn´t it just joke?
    The only thin would choose to conquer an ampstation is because it provides a link to another base.
    Biodome will heal you very slowly, hooray what a benefit.
    But everybody know they are good for defense, i think that is the current purpose of a biodome - having a good defense point.
    And since techplant once give the ability to spawn papertanks i also don´t see a real purpose to conquer one of that one.

    So all in all it does not really make sense to conquer ground and thats the point i would start with.
    With the implementation of CEP conquering bases would at least make some sense.
    And if the bases would have a more strategic meaning then just providing links,
    people would be more interessted in holding specific bases.

    Furthermore the goals of those alerts are choosen very loveless.
    I would prefer something like the "rabbit" event, those where always very funny.
    First at all i would like to see to decrease the frequency in which those alerts are happeing,
    that would help a lot!
  3. Psychophonic-RNX

    Oh i just read this and saw many many syntax and grammar mistakes, but i hope you can still understand what im saying.
    Don´t drink and write ;)
  4. Psychophonic-RNX

    Oh ya, who doesn´t know that frustated guy that switches empire and starting to TK people untill he is grieflocked,
    or switching on an alternative account and starts using cheats/hacks.
  5. Jeslis

    Frequency of alerts is population driven. Go to ps2alerts.com and check out the total number of alerts for each server.. and notice Connery with the fewest.. because we're the most active, most populated. We get NO alerts from somewhere around 2-3pm server till 11pm at night.

    side note;
    Could someone explain in detail the "
    1. Enable /comall /comam /comes /comin"
    Like.. specifically what they did, what was required to access it, etc.. ((I tried google, I found people requesting it for PS2, but no specific info on them.
  6. Psychophonic-RNX

    quote="Jeslis, post: 2475559, member: 112737"]
    Could someone explain in detail the "
    1. Enable /comall /comam /comes /comin"[/quote]
    Currently we got only /order (a message for all people which are on the same continent as yourself)

    /comall = Global message to all players on the server which are belong to your faction
    /comam = Message for all players that are currently on Amerish
    /comes + /comis = look /comam for Esamir and Indar
  7. Psychophonic-RNX

    First at all there are empires and there are outfits don´t mix this up.
    Furthermore i enjoyed those little vendettas we have had within the last 10 years (we = mcy and rnx).

    I had a better opinion from you as you joined us on the TR in the last year of PS 1,
    or later as i switched over to NC because of Jeff.

    But it seems outfitlead pushed your ego up to mars and you got no empathy of how it feels like
    for those casual players, which are not inside an outfit.

    For those players which are having problems to understand the game mechanics it must;
    no it not only must, i know they are a complaining about this.

    Very right, i can remember month after month having only 25% - 27% population on werner
    and still got doubleteamed by VS and NC.

    And you know what? I enjoyed those fights the most, it was straight action all the time
    while it must have very boring for you guys.

    That was also these days when you switched on your TR alts to do something against the imbalance
    and for sure also to get some better fight going on then just zerg one base after each other with 65% +.

    Looks like the only one who is pointing and mocking is YOU!
    My advise climb from your high throne you have created within your mind
    and participate in a constructive way or just leave it.
  8. Psychophonic-RNX

    Just to let you remember ;)

  9. Phazaar

    I literally just cried with laughter. Brilliant.

    On topic, NC (SUPREME OP FACTION OF THE MONTH) are currently 18% world pop on Miller. We so pro.

    Weirdly, on the 'L2P' score, I just had what may well be my best ever infantry only session, hitting ~4K/D without cheesing with AV turrets or similar for the whole hour. Eternally 12v24-48, and somehow I still had fun... Weird... Oh, and don't get me started on that 50% boost. LOVING IT.
  10. Xasapis

    Well, yesterday was kind of weird day with VS spiking and having a population advantage at 11pm as opposed to the usual past midnight crew staying late. Thing is, at no time during the day NC was third, population wise.

    We are talking about Miller, right?
  11. xxlotucxx

    the much easier solution would be to forbid multi-chars on a single server.

    i have 3 chars for 3 Empires on 3 different server simply because i dont want to disturb the balance like these 4th-faction-noobs are doing all the time.

    btw, why are you talking about it? SOE wont listen anyway. these guys believe they are much smarter than they actually are and ignore what the ppl are saying most of the time. ^^
  12. Phazaar

    Yep, Miller (I don't know if you noticed, but a few days ago fighting in (IIRC) Echo Valley Substation, when VS were holding the point outnumbered 2:1 and still getting in and out of spawn, I suicide rushed you 4 times with C4 when you were a MAX. Failed every time. It made me awfully upset :p ). NC was -definitely- third when I was playing last night; as I say, 18% world pop. TR 30%, VS 51%.

    I realise it's largely unimportant in that we are talking about ~3-4am, but it still happened ;P
  13. Xasapis

    I just rechecked the graph. It seems that NC did actually go third in population last night. At 5am. I start to believe you're a worse insomniac than me.
  14. Phazaar

    Hahaha blame SWG. I've never recovered. My therapist says it's gone and I have to accept it and give myself time to grieve. Meanwhile... Emulators... ;)

    I make it 2am though - are you using Sirisian? If so, try http://borderlinetactical.net/rsnc/...&zoom=0&daterange=1391735521248,1391757121248 - it's far more accurate (and you can see just how pitifully few people we're talking about - there's a spike at 5am where VS are 60%; NC have 20 people online at this time :p ).

    What I'd love is some tracking on how many people are logging out and how many logging in per X minutes. That way we could really get some interesting trends out of the stats.
  15. SevenTwo

    Funny, I have two characters on Miller because of population imbalances.

    Back during the first WDS-era of massive TR overpop on Miller I switched from playing TR to primarily playing VS, because it was becoming dull literally always having a 38%+ overpop during primetime and at least 35% pop during literally all other hours of the day.

    I could switch back to playing my TR character, but I have to admit, that I've come to identify with my VS toon and faction much more than with the TR, so at this point re-maining TR is really not that attractive an option to me.

    As for limiting Empires to only one per server, it's not a valid option - Australians and West Coast US only have a single server in their region to play on afaik. so they'd effectively have their whole account locked to a single faction unless they want to deal with connection lags.
  16. Tar

    Your wish is my coommand :)

    Drama queen!
  17. Tar

    The what now of what? Are you also loyal to black in chess?
    Sorry but this is not somethiong that should be forced by design. It's just a silly computer game after all.
  18. DQCraze

    You must work for CNN, youre great at taking things out of context, and yes I do love my popcorn.
  19. xxlotucxx

    First, it honors you to switch to the weaker faction, but you are an absolut exlusion from standard.
    Second, These Us-Guys can play on other servers not in there Region, for as long as every damn Patch is in EU-Primetime i dont see any reason to care about something like that. for the AU-Server of course could be made an exlusion, but that is something which could be managed for every server.

    And if not for the US- and AU-Server at least lock it for the EU-Server and seperate all Servers from the standard-Patchroutine so the servers are patched when timezone is ideal for it.

    Hmpf. My english is to bad to be angry about all the crap happening in Planetside right now. Lets just finish with the fact that the SOE-Guys are incompetent. ^^