20th Regiment of Foot [Recruiting]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Dasher54, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. DokterMichael

    Im ready for the next one
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  3. DokterMichael

    Guess ill have to spend certs in that new reload mechanic
  4. RooZ The Fish

    Guess we are still the only ones bumping this thread.

  5. DokterMichael

    And it will prob only be us doing this stuff for all the pages that are on their way
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  9. Irie3030

    Hello folks @ 20r!

    Today i received an outfit invite from one of your members, which appeared a bit 'out of the blue' to me, but after reading Dasher54 in this threat i'm thinking "this might make sense" as i received a [what i thought was a random] FI from you just the day before!

    Now i'm wondering, it might have not been THAT 'random' and 'out of the blue' - im still kinda nooby so i wouldnt necessarily recognize if im fighting side by side with the same person for a while xD

    Link to your website seems down though, either way you got me interested in this somewhat - where can i haz get more infos?

    Best Regards,
    - Irie3030
  10. sageofsixpath1

    The website is 20r.eu
  11. Fitz022

    Hey, as sage said the website is www.20r.eu now, please add me on steam [20r]Fitz if you have any questions :)
  12. DokterMichael

    Dont do it, "Its a trap!!!"
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