20th Regiment of Foot [Recruiting]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Dasher54, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. RooZ The Fish

    I like fish sticks.
  2. DokterMichael

    Fish sticks with some booz i hope?
  3. RooZ The Fish

    Fish sticks.... WITH C4
  4. DokterMichael

    Let me put some mines on the table as well
  5. sTordyvel

    Hmm... My outfit have been really inactive lately, so I'll probably leave them soon. This outfit seems to be nice and I'd really like to join. I got a mic, play quite often and like infantry gameplay.
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  6. RooZ The Fish

    Hey there, well if you are still interessted in joining (if Michael hasnt scared you off yet), then feel free to look on our website:
    where you can sign up, and see when we have an event next time. We also play a few other games, so just ask on our website if anyone wants to play something sometime :p
    I know this is a bit in advance, but warm welcome to the 20th ;)
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  7. DokterMichael

    Dont listen to rooz, all he wants is to give you ammo.(And more:eek:)
    Im just asking of you that you, you know... die from time to time, got to earn my certs mate.
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  8. RooZ The Fish

    michaelroelant: 2077
    spandex be with you
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  9. DokterMichael

    Dear diary

    While fighting over the mao tech plant, i killed a lot of soldiers with my warden battle rifle, then suddenly i heard a sound.
    What sound you might ask? The sound of no bullets left, so there i was looking for an engineer.

    some time later i was still shooting my spandex enemies(with my pistol) and saw an engineer run past me. I followed him up the stairs and asked for ammo. He then started to aim at me and we looked at each other for 10 seconds.

    He then went down the stairs and died shortly after. I was confused, and heared explosions behind me. I am going to check on that heavy, he might need a revive. If i dont come back, pls put an ammo box on my grave....
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  10. RooZ The Fish

    *Gives Michael some ammunition, as he was running low*
    *Michael shoots my ammo-box*
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  11. DokterMichael

    Im sorry rooz, i thought you made me some breakfast again.

    Dont want any of that...
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  12. DokterMichael

    Im reviving this thread, just hang on!
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  13. RooZ The Fish

    you accidently killed it instead, gj "DOCTOR"
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  14. DokterMichael

    you meanie
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  15. TheRighteous

    What's this? A FC style bump is what :D
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  16. DokterMichael

    It is appreciated
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  17. RooZ The Fish


    This thread is now haunted by g-g-ghosts!
    Roll 10 or higher with 2 D6 to avoid falling over in fear.
    If you roll 11 or 12 then you have damaged the ghost with 1 hp.
    It has 99hp. Good luck!
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  18. DokterMichael

    I rolled a 6 and 4, damn you stupid ghost!!!
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  19. RooZ The Fish

    *You just crapped your pants. You move more slowly in combat now*
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  20. Dasher54

    Great job during the server smash tonight guys!
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