20th Regiment of Foot [Recruiting]

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Dasher54, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Dasher54


    Welcome to the 20r!

    We are a NC Infantry Regiment based in the EU. Our aim is to create a outfit that will provide a professional but enjoyable Planetside 2 experience for all kinds of players. We focus on triumphing over our enemies through discipline, skill and determination. We also aim to be a disciplined outfit however this shouldn't interfere with us having fun. We have no level specifications so you can join us and we'll assist you to level up etc.

    To join us register and apply on our website! If you need assistance just come on our teamspeak and a member will assist you in your application.


    Recruitment Requirements:
    Age +14
    EU (NA limited)
    Must have Teamspeak 3
    Must have a PC sufficient enough to run Planetside 2 without crashing issues.

    Our teamspeak! Come on it if you would like to join or if you just wanna chill with us cool kids.

    Our Website: http://20r.eu/

    If you would like to contact the 20r about something just add Dasher54 in game.
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  2. Imthehunter

    Woah there! I think you're being a bit demanding! :)

    Good luck though!
  3. Dasher54

    Yeah well I don't want a member who crashes every few minutes and thanks!
  4. Crashsplash

    You didn't say which empire and which server.

    Also I don't know why you put NA(limited)? I can't see a reason.

    Otherwise good luck!
  5. Dasher54

    Well we did post it on the Miller EU forums, and it does have the NC tag next to the title. Also most NA members cannot attend our playing times so that is why it is limited, I only accept NA members that can attend events at 8pm GMT. Anyway thanks!
  6. Dasher54

  7. Dasher54

    [IMG]Screen shot of a Bravo Squad Advancing with Delta covering them from behind and Charlie holding the bridge. Pretty Sweet Boyz
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  8. Tarjei

    Really recomend you guys who are looking for an outfitt to join!! We have great community and we are growing really fast!! :D
  9. Dasher54

    [IMG]A little work manic has been working on, he still ain't done.
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  10. DrHous3

    join www.ncto.eu

    it is an NC alliance on miller that coorperate every friday, and it has never failed to complete its objectives as of yet.
  11. AdmiralAli

    I think we're in an Alliance already, though I'm not 100% sure.
  12. Bvenged

    Nothing stopping you from joining NCTO. :)

    It's the main alliance for NC outfits on Miller. Just about every NC outfit listed on these forums is in it, participating in joint operations every week in some form or another.
  13. Arch

    NCTO sux :p

    Luv from TRAC :D
  14. Dasher54

    Yeah we aren't part of any alliance we just coordinate with other outfits but we'll try joining it!
  15. quickzR

    Gj on amerish today 20r!
  16. Trollakhiin

    Eh, I want to join, but I don't have a working mic at the moment. (busted it a few days ago.)

    I do galaxy drops often, and then bombard the area. Good times.
  17. Dasher54

    If you'd like to join us come on our teamspeak and I'll set you up bro its fine if you do not have a mic as long as you can hear us!
  18. Dasher54

    Great event on tuesday!
  19. Dasher54

    Update: New Banner.
  20. M4gn1

    We are still looking for new members to expand our operations. If you are interested or just want to try out for an event join our teamspeak! '20throf.enjinvoice.com'