2022 Road Map

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  1. synkrotron

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  2. Baulk

    So in YEAR'S time they are PLANNING to add a couple of weapons and a couple of vehicles and people are jumping out of their pants? It's funny cause they are talking about outfits and such and yet they completely lock out people of outfit related stuff if you want to play NSO.

    This roadmap does not in any way address the core issues of this game.
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  3. FreedomMan12

    Does anyone think the Devs will be planning to expand the old continents to feature the new water mechanic?
  4. krozerg

    Must be because the water mechanics are so fantastic and fun. And why no one already cares about going in the water on oshur, Its nothing but a free escape route for ESF's.

    And codex/lore related stuff? LOL. Last reason im playing PS2 is because I care about lore. You are making a sandbox shooter... if people want lore, they will play games like witcher. Complete waste of dev time. Most players don't stick around to even care about the games lore because of other glaring issues with gameplay. As far as just information goes.. there's already YT reddit and the wiki. Bet that covers everything in way more detail than anything you will add in game.
  5. DarkStarAnubis

  6. RabidIBM

    Honestly, looking at this tells me that the population has generally stabalized over the last 4 years. Sure, the pandemic bump is tapering off, but compared to pre-pandemic we're doing ok.
  7. Demigan

    The only somewhat potentially interesting things that could have a positive impact on the overall gameplay experience: the infantry attachment and grenade updates and the "garrison squads".

    I've proposed the idea behind Garrison squads for what, two years now? It would help solve the issue of squads being too inflexible and too dependent on someone herding cats, and simply let players play together. "Hey I notice that an aircraft has just joined the squad, I can now communicate a bit better with them and guide them to a target". Since squads usually devolve in one-size-fits-all (everyone vehicle! Everyone in the Gal! Everyone spawn infantry at base X and move in!) This would make Garrison Squads far superior in flexibility, variety and what it can pull off.

    I hope they also finally properly take the idea of attachments I proposed. The SMG with class-specific UB grenades was a far cry from what I envisioned. UB weapons need to be fired almost instantly without having to switch to them and by adding class-specific UB weapons you can attach these to underperforming weapons to simultaneously boost their capabilities and make classes more unique and capable.

    The rest is garbage filler, wasted devtime that should be refocused on improving the core gameplay instead.
  8. Demigan

    It literally says they will in the roadmap. Which is great! More ultra-slow movement, disabled weapons and VS Magrider favorable terrain! Oh so exciting...
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  9. Pikachu

    Damn... the roadmap is back, after 9 years... and Nexus is on it. I'm going to have to eat several hats.
  10. OpolE

    PS1 BASES.

  11. Demigan

    From everything I see about PS1 gameplay (including your video) and meta it would NOT be good for PS2. The incentives are on finding or creating easy fights rather than getting players to fight one another as hard as possible.

    Dumping PS1 gameplay straight into PS2 is a bad move to start with. And PS1 gameplay was good for the time it was build but now its mostly good for nostalgia, not because the metagame and gameplay was the creme de la creme of game design. I would rather look on how we can improve the very core of PS2 gameplay: letting players fight each other as hard as possible, with incentives to find the toughest enemies and kill those instead of farming the weakest to complete your ditectives/certs/aurax medals etc.
  12. AuricStarSand

    Ye, well I like the basilisk, underwater fighting, the new boat vehicle, & new mines. Plus I wish the devs the best this year.
    Tho where's the new oshur infantry bases? Where's the construction item update? (those were like the 2 major requests for this forum)

    Wrote this for the video: " I've written 400 paragraphs on the main forum, about how construction item balances & updates are needed. Theirs been more threads about construction this past year. Suddenly a bunch of infantry ***** about Oshur & now we only have Infantry related updates, wth. I like the road map, more the merrier, yet still. Salty infantry players are on my nerves now, they whined on the forums for Oshur & now all previous explanations of buffs needs are out the window. "

    Literally waiting for a construction update, when I return from this gaming break. So over these infantry players whining, just be glad you have a desktop pc for smoother fps headshots & move along. " Oh but i'm leaving the game, because Oshur has water, that my bullets don't matter as much " *sarcasm*. Anyhow, the new year of updates still sounds nice. Just seems like I wasted 400 paragraphs I've written about construction, if not 1 single construction item update is being mentioned for this road map. Sigh.

    Tho either way, still good news, this road map. Bless.