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  1. Kiradien

    In Planetside, the purpose of the ANT was a resource hauler to facilitate the main resource component of the games underlying strategy; why not let it live up to its original role on top of functioning as a vehicular FDU?
    (FDU allowed Assault Engineers to deploy a turret in Planetside, on top of TRAPs and the Aegis Shield Generator)

    I understand you can't just overhaul the bases to require these resources, but, there are some things that could play into this games overall strategy, I'll just give some examples:

    Certain Base hardpoints can be made to allow ANT Deployment in an existing base. These Hardpoints could have multiple options depending on location: AA Turret, AV Turret, AI Turret, Barricade, Wall Segment, ETC

    Some existing turret towers could be upgraded by these hardpoints, but more than these existing points, new ones could be created for some less defensible bases to create destroyable wall segments around the base. These walls could be repairable to a point by engineers, but the general idea is to require the ANTs to maintain the walls, once again turning the ANT into a strategic target, instead of something to just drive past.

    Though, I do love the idea of getting some of the feeling behind the FDU back, I would really love to see the ANT part of the core strategy again... I missed the ANT. :(
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  2. MichaelS

    Hmm, building towers? Well I would have preferred an energy gameplay but I'll wait to have a look. Well my first thing on building things would be sand bag palisades and anti-tank obstacles.
  3. Acceleratio

    This sounds good! Of course half of the fans have to cry and complain but they would complain about anything anyway: I for myself am happy to see some new content added. My skyguard is ready to protect some ants ;)
  4. Jimmie

  5. Helg

    I think that the game is great. But the main defect in this game is the Cone Of Fire of almost every infantry weapon in this game. I shot from many assault rifles in my real life. And from any of them I can hit the center of a target on the distance 50 meters. But try to hit an enemy on such distance from any LMG, Assault Rifle etc in the PlanetSide 2. You CANNOT hit an enemy on such distance – 50 meters - at all in the PlanetSide 2!!! And this is happening in the 29th century! Even on the distance 20 meters all bullets go to walk away from any burst of a weapon. :eek: What a shame! Please reduce this shameful Cone Of Fire in the PlanetSide 2.
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  6. theweb

    I still cannot play for 2 days. Are log in issues resolved yet?
  7. Takara

    Then don't, but the teams that do will prolly be the teams that win. In the first game it was a game in and of it self making sure your team's nanites were full. In fact it was worth some of the best EXP in the game to collect a full and and top off the bases. Everyone has a different thing they find fun. But for me, teamwork is fun....I get more satisfaction from achieving something in game then I do shooting someone. Every fool in the game shoots someone every second all day every day. Not everyone runs a little ATV squad that mass attacks vanguards and wins. That...is funny and an achievement. Sure we could have all got lightings or tanks and been more effective but....meh....that is easy mode...

    Make it a game....most players now days have this idea that the only way to be good at a game is to have a high K/D. TF2 and PS2 both share one thing in common...the guy who dies often does more for his team then the guy hiding in the back camping a door with a really high K/D. But...for some people that is fun. *shrugs* but I don't harass em for their farming ways.
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  8. Takara

    This is my only problem with how they want ANTs to work. With the exception of Esamir most of the bases on the continents are so close to each other that deployable turrets are generally not so useful. There is so much AV in the game that immobile turrets are just going to be fodder.

    However, if that ANT could in turn construct tower like those on main facility walls with a place for A Sundy to park under it.....THEN we are talking useful. THEN we are talking something that might help lay siege to a base or help slow down enemy zerg tactics.
  9. Traumatol0g

    I hope it will not include PVE and wow like resource gathering!
  10. RandomFatGuy

    I honestly don't see the point in any kinda deployables, or setting up of anything, with the current game killer that is redeployside.

    Set up Turrets... Enemy just redeploys past them." - AGREED

    I can fly over them with a sky whale and use it as a re-spawn that negates any tactics between bases... (dumbest idea ever to make a gal a respawn...) really, really stupid idea and I left the game for 8 months because of it, just got back into it a few weeks ago...

    That being said, I don't see this single turret (maybe an AA option) being strong enough to kill a galaxy before it lands on you and kills you with its belly like we already do to the base turrets. A gal crashing into a full health base turret then flying away thinking himself clever should not be a viable game mechanic.

    The galaxy should explode and why not the turret survive? The game is currently backwards in SOOO many ways. Kamikaze attacks usually destroy the aircraft, but not in PS2. Too many things are troll in this game. The base turrets are not much of a threat. There is too much AV and C4. I can re-spawn my C4 flying fairy in 5 seconds. Yet the new ANT/base turret will take how many minutes to gather/build? C4 is like, FREE.... Maybe make C4 cost 400 resources so people have to think and use wisely and not spam it? IDK... something has to be done though. Its just a spam fest. The deployed turret can't move... so its a sitting duck for my C4 flying fairy. Hell my engineer can pick off a base turret in about 2 clips with the archer..... Every class can destroy this thing in a 10th of the time it takes to make one. Thus it serves no use other than to waste time and take people away from the spawn battle, so they can go out playing a broken Sony version of RUST. I really like the idea of the ANT, we need to fix this game so it isn't do linear, but other things need adjustments to make this viable.

    Many mechanics and HP of the game need to change to accomplish this.

    I see zero use to this turret at all under the current system. Spawning in an ANT, taking my time and resources to make a turret, seems like a total waste of my battle efforts considering the TR minigun Harasser (far cheaper) will be able to machine gun it to death in 15 seconds.... why is a machine gun able to kill turrets at all? Why should a harasser be able to destroy an object that takes 3 times the resources to make? Like a tank? I can see myself spending 20 min to gather and create this turret, so a harasser TR can pop it in 20 seconds? the minigun should only hurt infantry and other light vehicles, not tanks and turrets.... Do the game makers ever play this game? I offer to platoon with the devs any time they like.

    The TR minigun can kill anything. It can kill a lightning tank faster than you can kill him... WTF!?!?!?! A dune buggy, can take HE or AP shells to the face, but a tank can't withstand the machine gun fire? This game, is backwards. In other war games, machine gun fire has little to no effect on hardened units like tanks. but not PS2.

    Maybe no turrets, why not gather the resources to upgrade vehicles with special nanite shields or other things? Then the C4 and all the AV wont be so troll and the devs can leave those values alone for now. Maybe gathering the resources could also be refined into chargers for the implants?

    So a new goal for the players is to cover the resource nodes in tank mines? thus anyone who drives a vehicle there without the special perk to see the mines is toast? I can see a few lib pilots camping resource nodes.... and a few fairy squads too.

    My buddy who ONLY played TR the last 2 years started playing VS heavily with me a few weeks ago and says "Why are my energy weapons less accurate than a standard TR rifle? Why do I shoot them with an entire clip, and they run away, then randomly one shot me? Why do I feel like I am half the soldier as VS as I am with my TR?"

    Ok enough whining, here are the good things about PS2:

    game runs well, I have never crashed the client for any reason. Only the login server had hiccups for me at times.
    I like the weapons for VS. Lasher is alot of fun to use. I like the classes, but think C4 should not be an option for so many of them.
    the HUD is effective and easy to understand. Upgrades are easy to navigate and I know what I am doing, how much I need to get to the next goal, without a tut to explain it all, unlike Mechawrrior online. that is an example of a bad vehicle customization GUI.

    The map and the map icons are intuitive and easy to digest. Objectives are also correctly implemented. commanding a squad is good. Environment is immersive enough, I really like Hossin and the fog/lighting.

    Another buddy of mine in TS "1107" used to play planetside one, but won't touch planetside 2. I even offered to buy him 5,000 credits last week for weapons and camo, but he declined. Says there is no reason to play a spawnfest in a game with no tactics.
  11. Bordel2Merde

    You have to understand that a turret (let's think a Phalanx one), must be deployed wisely. If you think it's clever to deply it on a 96+ battlefield, then it's up to you to say it sucks because of AV weapons.

    But on a 1-12/12-24 battle, it has its usefulness, mostly when an engineer accompanies it...
  12. RandomFatGuy

    Oh, this game is called team fortress 3 as a joke due to the fact everyone runs around with a rocket launcher. HOW can a soldier shoot a rocket launcher within 10 feet of himself, killing the enemy, but not himself? just, straight up stupid. this has been stupid since the 90's and is still stupid. BEING I was in the ARMY, and have used RL MANPADS the warhead does not arm the second it leaves the tube. This is so I don't kill myself, and the rest of my platoon with my own weapon.

    If I spawn a MAX, I am taking resources to do that, up to 450, more than half, so a heavy or a flying fairy can kill me with suicide tactics and suffer no losses for the idiocy? Then respawn in 5 seconds and think themselves clever?

    Maybe if you kill yourself with C4 or launching a missile 4 feet away from yourself you have a 40 second cooldown and not 5?
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  13. MozzyOsbourne

    As always when Devs are coming up with "updating" and "improving" the game, i expect the worst !!!
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  14. Ascythian

    Nanites is the answer you are looking for, also 42.
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  15. Smokeonfire

    Maybe even fix some bugs:
    - Instant Actions is still sending me to other continents when there are enough battles on the same one
    - I still run into shield not recharging bug for weeks now
    - Available deploy locations suddenly disappear just a second before I can klick them
    - Enemies rendering too late, being shot by invisible enemies, especially when running and flyining around a lot with a Light Assault

  16. sjtw_w_stot

    Add a Ubermensch class for the leets.
    All loadouts - all abilities.
  17. Superman_X

    There is a very good idea here, it is just not the one that is being implemented (initially).

    They are looking for a way for players to affect the flow of battle by building temporary structures. This is a great idea, and it could help fill in a very necessary gap in gameplay. However, they have chosen the absolute wrong thing to be built (turret towers).

    What is NOT needed is more ways to attack, we already have a wide assortment of weapons and vehicles for this. What is needed is a way to slow/block movement/line of sight, to create choke points, and to provide cover. We need a way to manipulate the environment in a fight, so as to change the way that the players engage each other. Things like tank traps (block vehicle movement), half walls (provide cover for infantry), overhead cover (provide cover from air), force fields (prevent targeting) , and other such structures that would change how the existing attack/defense capabilities are used.
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  18. HadesR

    Ohhh Oooohhhh

    Now maybe we can get rid of the stupidly broken Hossin lock bonus and change it to a Harvest gain one ? ;)
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  19. Crackers

    This is a videogame, not real life.
  20. KingOfLuck

    No.. that's not how ANT's worked in the original Planetside. ANT's were used to gather nanite energy at warp gates to keep your bases powered up so the systems wouldn't fail and your shields/auto turret cannons would stay active.

    Regardless, I'm pumped about this.
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