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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. customer548

    Can we have any idea of those new features implementation deadline ? Will it go live within a month or two, in December or early 2016 ?
  2. Amarsir

    Those sound like good changes. But even if they weren't, I love that you're addressing the player base and giving us a sense of reasoning and direction. It's a good thing I'd love to see a lot more of.
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  3. Carnage

    We REALLY need to be adamant about making Nanites Matter in basses AS WELL as this funtionallity. Fighting over a base for so long that you need an ant to replenish the energy it took for it to keep its gens going, turrets firing etc. This is key before playing around with new mechanics. Also we need to get working warpgates, This is childsplay to the metagame true continental siege would add. Zoning in my mind is much higher priority then littering the battlefield with player created content!
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  4. Carnage

    Also think of the lag we just reduced by taking out as much crap as we could on each continent to optimize it. We really need to get a fully multi-threaded game here before we unoptimize it! We still have people on 6 core hyper-threaded machines being cpu bound!
  5. Kaizer

    About a month late on this Ant-Man tie-in promotion.
  6. Hacar

    Awesome, Really would like to see a ANT again.

    Going to add some RTS style on this game. Please do.
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  7. WTBLife200gold

    Im sorry if i didnt really get it but what kind of resources will the ANT harvest? The kinds you summon things as C4, Nades and vehicles with?

    Thanks :)
  8. sebastian oscar post

  9. Zar

    see me and my brother had the same response but then we figured they will have the same deploy field as sundies can't put them in certain places and can't put them right next to each other should sort out the over pop spam issue. also just make them able to be destroyed problem solved.
  10. WTBLife200gold

    Sorry if i double post but my previous magically disappeared for me.

    Anyhow i asked you before what kind of resources the ANT will harvest, the ones you use for nades, C4 and vehicles or another kind?

    Thanks :)
  11. CalineLaBourrine

    Hello to all the team of PlanetSide 2,

    I am a very old player planetside 1 since launch, and I play much less planetside 2 for one main reason: There is almost no action music game !!! Or are past the music of planetside 1 atmosphere? why not put them in planetside 2? please RadarX !! This is also the case for many former players planetside 1, please, you can add music to planetside 1, we are very nostalgic !!
    Thank you !
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  12. Devilllike

    Well yeah obviously i mean they will take care of it but so far we have 0 clue as to what they will be able to make
  13. Silverlady

    Sounds really great what's about to come!

    If you would offer me 3 whishes, here they are: - kick the lattice system
    - give us the possibility to hack stationary enemy sundys
    - please think about german spoken people (like me!) which can't
    understand what's going on right now. Please tanslate it for all of us (we're not only
    a few douzen)
  14. Armcross

    Apology accepted. But please next time update us also here in your official forum.
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  15. Liewec123

    oh look, another NS cross faction vehicle!
    i'm starting to wonder why the factions still have names!
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  16. RadarX

    I answer questions where they are asked. I didn't see a thread asking about old Roadmap items or I certainly would have responded to them.

    This isn't the kind of thing you make an announcement about. Regardless I'm glad this is all cleared up!
  17. Sandpants

    So that we know who to shoot during the TDM gamemode.
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  18. NinjaTurtle

    My ***** is wet and has grown another 2 inches, I am now packing a 3 inch meat stick ready to beat those dirty Terrans

    I am well stoked to see the game finally evolve to that next chapter

    Been waiting so long for this. Have not played for a couple months aside from 15 minutes last week before quickly losing motivation.

    This will certainly bring me back for a while when it hits
  19. Harmon

    I honestly don't see the point in any kinda deployables, or setting up of anything, with the current game killer that is redeployside.

    Set up Turrets... Enemy just redeploys past them.
    Even in Planetside 1 with more reliance on transport and amazing fights between each base, the siege engineering turrets were really under used. But i guess Spitfire and variants were really important.

    But i still don't see the point in having anything that doesn't need to be captured, be on the map, because people will just redeploy past them.

    Remove Redeploy, make people use transport, there is plenty of options for moving around the map, make people use them, and then deployable turrets etc will have a purpose, and then valkyries can maybe find a bit more use :D
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  20. bloodfuchs

    How to: New content
    Step 1: Take original content of older version of game.
    Step 2: Reskin.
    Step 3: Make a topic.
    Step 4: Hype train. (yes this is sarcasm)

    REMOVE REDEPLOYSIDE so the vehicles actually solve other purposes then ZERGING.

    - maybe let alive some "log in" deploy choice, so player can travel to contested facilities, other then that, vehicles are meant to transport people.

    Wake me up when there´s actual new content.
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