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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. TheUnseenDragon

    Hmm.. ill have to wait and see how this will be played, if the resources will be inside the map boundaries like up in the mountains and plains (which i think i'd prefer) then this would be good!
    If these ANT's could later build wall type structures and road barricades that would be awesome! as to stop advancing Armour (never played PS1 so don't know about that, and how they worked) but make these different to 1 as this is a different game!
    Also will these need more than 1 person to always man, and how vulnerable will they be inside it? For instance could a sniper (other class) come up from behind and kill the solider inside, with them being protected with front armour plating? Thinking of like an AA gun IRL

    As for the implants you definitely need to increase the chance of getting more energy, and also the type of implant, but still pleased with this news!

    Another increase i think, is too make the hold breath system slightly longer for Sniper rifles as its way to quick for him to loose his breath and have tones of weapon sway, maybe just a couple of seconds longer? or do these guys have asthma or something! :p

    finally i do agree with the others as there should be a better reason for capturing bases, different resources again: Air, Ground vehicle, Infantry. Type of vehicle unlocks needs to be improved, amount of resources you get etc...

    i could go on forever of new improvements alone... that'll be for a future post. XD
  2. Crator

    So no resource revamp anymore I guess. :(

    Although, making the ANT a transformer is kind of a neat idea. Let's not relive the BFR fiasco with these things though, ok?

    And the PS1 experience didn't provide tools to create gameplay experiences through strategy?

    For instance the PS1 router? Can we make the ANT transform in to the router that was in PS1?
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  3. Ronin Oni

    no, not confirmed.

    They're going to be changing something about continent capture, they have said nothing in reference to details

    Hold onto your pants.

    I already told you the biggest problem with WG siege under current FFA continent system, and you never even aknocledged it beyond fantasizing that the 2 remaining empires would, for some unknown reason, decide to suddenly care about the other continents and try to stop the hell zerg they just displaced.

    I *imagine* they're talking something about % territory to capture continents, and maybe reintroducing empire created alerts or something.

    EVENTUALLY maybe they'll finally add BI's and ICL

    but WG sieging and pusing empires off without ICL would be crazy bad.
  4. Scr1nRusher

    You would be surprised how much of the WG capture system has been figured out, DBG has a good team.

    Also you're so quick to shut things down, almost defensively & with some strange "I'm always right" entitlement complex.
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  5. HadesR

    I would suggest that any constructs defenses ( not power ) is directly proportional to the resources needed
    Having something for example take 30mins of harvest time be able to be destroyed in seconds by a tank buster lib, would be seriously out of whack
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  6. Crator

    Something not mentioned, unless they have after your post here, is that PS1 had air transports that could carry ANTs. So with a little team work it didn't take that long (although there were some locations where you had to fly far).
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  7. Gammit

    I'll be honest, after all these months of feeling like something secret was lurking in the dark and ready to pounce, I am a little disappointed that this is all that is coming out in the near future. I was hoping for content with a lot of meat, like steak.

    That being said, this seems like a really fun addition to the game, and I'm really looking forward to it. It may not be steak, but at least it's chicken or a burger. Keep this up and I may resubscribe.
  8. Spyrho

    yay more bugs and FPS drops lag and hackers broken hitbox lashers and shotguns game crashing DDOS attacks and more features
  9. SLK18

    2015 update = DB Language Translation = 2016 update

    Lets hope DB doesn't drop the ball -.-
  10. Ronin Oni

    I've never once questioned the CAPTURE system itself.... (THAT part sounds fun)

    It's what the hell does a displaced empire have to do??

    You have an answer for that? Cause I haven't heard a single answer to this question that wasn't dreaming for player behavior that time and time again has proven it would not do.
    I'm not entitled, but I am generally right
  11. Scr1nRusher

    The displaced empire would be fighting on the other continents.
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  12. Saval

    I'll believe it when I see it. I haven't played much since November 2014. For your sake, let's hope you deliver or dust will continue to collect on this game.
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  13. Crisic

    Never quote me.
  14. Scr1nRusher

    But I just did..............again.
  15. Crisic

    This is the fundamental problem, Radar. The community time and again tells you guys what would be useful and cool to see, and instead we get things we didn't ask for.

    We asked for the second half to a resource management system to govern battle logistics. No one asked for resource gathering for deployable turrets for base defense. The list, regrettably, goes on and on. The stuff we do ask for, generally gets shelved for some new half-finished idea.
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  16. Ronin Oni

    FTFY ;-)
  17. Ronin Oni

    Well, it wasn't mentioned.... at all.

    All they talked about was building (presumably destroyable) turret towers
  18. HypheNation

    I think neither of these things. I may not represent truth, but from above comment I'd reckon I'm less of a Clegghole than you. Scrin has his downfalls, but he raises some valid points - that others seem to ignore - from time to time.
  19. SeniorChief

    I think this is an excellent idea for the ant.
    BUT while we are waiting lets let one of those Beautiful Minds tinker with equalization of firepower.
    As you can tell I love and for that matter the only faction I play is TR.
    This is not a whine!
    there has to be something wrong when my 75mm head shot wont kill a max, yet one shot from an nc or vs rifle will take me out when I am a max! 6 rounds from a prowler in vr range to take out a sundie, gimmie a break!
    These are just a couple of examples.
    Couple 3 of your guys should take a couple days off the grind and look at what is real in the game, go to the range test the weps for each faction ,yes I know each empire has different weighting on weps speed power ect , but what good is it if you are dead before you can fire a half clip from a wep that may as well be a nerf gun!

    I love the game ,But I am giving a lot of consideration to terminating my station access account if there continues to be this gap
    in the TR verses NC/VS. I wont change empires, however at present that looks like the only option if I want to getmy moneys worth.
    and on a regular day the number of premium players is dwindling significantly.
  20. SeniorChief

    And what did ANTS construct in PS1 all they did was haul nanites!
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