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  1. HadesR

    IMO it doesn't really matter ...We all know that it's a given that if possible it will be abused to **** by the players .. So I hope the Dev's have the foresight to add some limiting factors as to where and what can be placed at any given location ..
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  2. Rraymondo316

    Canned liked everything else SOE/DBG promised :(
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  3. WorldOfForms

    This construction feature can be promising, but I hope the devs take into account the problems the PS1 ANT had.

    "Hunting" for resources sounds like it could mostly involve driving a defenseless vehicle around barren landscapes to harvest... which would be incredibly boring (90% of ANT runs in PS1 were boring).

    Plus, you can't count on teamwork to defend these things. If an ANT has no defenses, it will just get picked off by aircraft. It would be incredibly frustrating to drive a long ways bored out of your mind, just to get ganked by some guy in an ESF.

    An no, you cannot say "You should bring an escort." If ANTs are primarily driving around away from battles (which a smart ANT driver will do) then nobody will want to escort them on the chance of getting to kill a random ESF that tried to gank the ANT.

    Devs, please be careful with this. It has interesting potential, but there is glaringly boring gameplay here on paper that needs to be addressed. You should look at the PS1 ANT for what NOT to do with the new ANT.

    Honestly, the way to make ANT runs exciting is to ONLY or MOSTLY spawn resources very close to battles. Then it will be tense for the ANT driver and there will be allies nearby willing to help. That way, we could see big ANT defense convoys, which would be really cool.
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  4. Multivariate

    Agreed with this. Taking from your idea about keeping ANTs near battles, maybe they could harvest nanites from fallen enemies and vehicles?
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  5. Razgarize

    I am in the same page with you about this. Though I may not played Planetside 1, but hearing that you have to gather resources with what sounds like a defenseless drill sounds boring and frustrating. As of right now, is to put special turrets that will protect it controlled by the player, AI, or both. That may not be original, but this is Planetside 2, so changing it for this newer title would make sense.
  6. iccle

    Better continent capture: Interested but need more ideas/details on how you plan to make it better.

    Better leadership tools: Interested, more ideas/details please.

    Implants: The basic problem I have is I am unwilling to pay rent for any in game items where the stats are likely to be changed in the case of implants this refers to the recharge rate vs charger availability. I'm happy to pay for cosmetic items because they don't change once released and don't affect weapon or personal stats; Ignoring this I also find the current set of implants rather lackluster there are only a few 'go to implants' the rest are only kept for constructing chargers. I feel monetizing implants was a mistake because its hard to offer anything that is really interesting in function and affects gameplay whilst also charging money for refueling without the items ending up either so weak they are irrelevant or so expensive they are p2w.

    ANT Not what was expected, need more details, perhaps should be called NCV (Nanite Construction Vehicle) or ACV (Advanced Construction Vehicle).
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  7. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    I'm... not convinced. It seems like a neat concept that is going to fail horrifically.
    Unless you want to allow players to build entire bases on a yet to be announced continent, in which case, the performance is going to fail horrifically.
    I might sound negative, because I am, but .... ah well, I'll see.
    I guess I'll see.
  8. DerelictDoug

    Sounds like an incredibly boring job with lots of reward - so I guess the outfits will be the only ones utilizing that gameplay mechanic. I can't really judge it without having experienced it but I might end up wishing that you guys would add a 5th continent where ANTS can be used, and leave the current continents and their balance of gameplay ALONE. That way not everyone is forced to play that way and less people would be possibly alienated.

    I may end up finding it to deepen the gameplay by tenfold, who knows. Invisible sunderers seemed like a bad idea at first too. But they ended up making the entire game feel fresh again.

    And I'll just throw this opinion out here - implants so far suck and add nothing to the fun of gameplay. Nothing but a hassle. I kinda hope you get a lot of negative feedback on that and remove them and find another way to get more money from the players. I understand wholly that you guys need to get paid and I want PS2 to be around in 2020.
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  9. GreenCZ

    Make a destructible enviroment and bases!
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  10. Cham

    Please don't put more AA turrets in the game. In fact, don't put any more turrets in the game period.
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  11. cellinaire

    Well said =D definitely disappointing to be honest..can live with that though. At least I'm glad to know that ANT isn't delayed to spring 2016 lol. (and I think yer omitted the Meta-game changes on that list...)
  12. KALU

    BUMP - 100% agree! well said.
  13. RainbowDash9

    Lets all build an impenetrable wall of turret towers around a techplant and then surround said wall with tanks!
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  14. SamReye

  15. Roland_Staghare

    I know this is my first post on the forums, but this is very much my mentality as well. There is a huge wealth of finished/half finished promised content packed away in the game files. Finish up and roll things out before working on something new. Dedicate yourself to follow threw and completing your promises.
  16. DawnMurder

    It would be cool if the ANT can have a deploy-able shield cover that is small and can put out hard-light shield that recharge over time after deployment like the deploy-able shield sunderer. It would be a unique feature that most fps games don't have! Like imagine being out on an open battlefield with no possible cover, and you managed to get a deploy-able cover. This should be a fun experience if this ever gets implemented into the game, looking forward to the new ANT!
  17. WorldOfForms

    What makes the idea potentially worse is that, at least in PS1, the ANT run was necessary. Bases ran out of power, so you had a reason to drive the ANT to get nanites and then power the base.

    PS2 ANTs have no necessary role. Meaning, who will drive a defenseless, boring mission simply to build something that might not even turn out to be useful?

    Imagine you drive all that way, build your little turret, and then the fight moves on or the enemy ignores it, or it gets destroyed instantly.

    There are just so many way for this idea to fail.

    I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just that the devs really need to think this through, and not do the "fantasy scenario" where they imagine a huge convoy defending an ANT so it gets set up an oh-so-important turret that turns the tide of the battle. Real players will NEVER do that.

    In PS1 the devs clearly had imagined epic ANT runs where convoys of tanks escorted the ANT into contested bases, but that happened almost never. In reality, people drove ANTS with no enemies ever present, or they got ganked on their way and gave up and the base ran out of power.
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  18. Mezinov

    As a former Planetside 1 launch-day player, I am disappointed that the first implementation of the ANT is not in a similar role to what it was in Planetside 1.

    However, as a Planetside 2 launch-day player, I am excited for the possibilities this development direction can bring to the game. I imagine a future where only "major facilities" are "pre built" by the Devs, and connected by lattice, with the Hex system being apportioned to player-built bases and structures. Bases and structures built through the collection and application of a resource.

    I see a future where said resource-built structures are destructible and impermanent, giving Auraxis an ever changing face. A future where Outfit Bases are a thing; because of this resource and building system.

    This future excites me, and this future doesn't preclude the possibility of the ANT eventually reprising its original role; which is exciting.
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  19. BlackSand

    Wow i like it.
    But i wonder how to place turret or fortress because there is alot of static base right now and the open field is a rare ..
    Are you planing to delete some base and change it to open field or something?
    It would be great if it were.;)
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    I'm waiting for the obvious greifer to blow up the ANT, with all those nice resources on it.... back to square one.....
  21. Gliscameria

    please put outfit decals on these!
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