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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Dj Gus

    This will break the numbness of playing over a year of glorified TDM / DOM on a huge and beautiful map.
    New strategic dephts where we can all dive into... It will be glorious!!!

    Dunno if you can tell, but imma little hyped :p

    Once again, DBG i liek where you are taking us.
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  2. WarmasterRaptor

    Why can't I add more than one like to your idea :(
  3. BIllyGG

    Love how it's just called "2015 Update"

    way to make me feel ******* impatient now.
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  4. DirArtillerySupport

    I had PS2 dreams I didn't want to wake up from that were not as good as this. Kind of reminds me of the 2007 engineering update.
  5. sebastian oscar post

    SHUT UP!
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  6. sebastian oscar post

  7. Devilllike

    LUKE WE LOVE YOU MAN that sounds so ******* exciting!

    Btw as far as implants go please just remove the chargers...they really are annoying :/ and they only give frustration to the game
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  8. AlterEgo


    All these guys feel good.
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  9. Rraymondo316

    Shame is gonna be nothing like that

    Instead of actually adding some real meta.....there adding the option to farm resources so we can deploy a tower turret, which will no doubt be destroyed within seconds o_O
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  10. Dgross

    I'll be brutally honest.
    This is completely underwhelming.

    We've been scraping and asking for information for months now, since Smed announced a "2.0" revamp.
    We asked some more and RadarX finally said "info soon".....we waited and waited.

    And the big news is...an ANT that can deploy towers? That's the giant 2.0 revamp? Where's the rest of it? I feel like this update was carefully written to just give us the barest minimum of info to tide us over until the next boiling point is reached in the forums/reddit and people start going crazy again.

    What about the following?

    - resource revamp
    - new continents
    - weather system
    - new base types
    - vehicle hacking
    - recon drones
    - MAX flamethrower
    - MAX melee weapons
    - orbital strike
    - benefits for player owned facilities (a logo doesn't count)

    Where's the update for all that stuff? The stuff that players have been hammering into these message boards for 2 years or more?
    I mean thanks for finally speaking to us but after all this time players have been supporting you through subs and micro transactions while development was stale and stagnant, this update is just mediocre.

    Sorry but that's how I feel.
    We've been lied to so many times by Smedley, I think a large chunk of players are sick of seeing promises and would like to see some actual content.
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  11. Shocky

    can we get faction sanctuaries next and warp gates that you know warp us and the vehicle we are currently in.
    i also want to know if and when we will ever get caverns they would be so much fun as a light assault. come on daybreak[IMG]
  12. Pointyguide2

    Oh Wow. It looks like the tired old train Engine is starting to move. All Aboard.
  13. Dethonlegs

    The level of strategy in PS2 is pretty much non existent. The only time a faction truly cares about loosing a base is if:
    • It's a Tech Plant
    • There is 5 minutes left on an alert
    • Loosing a hex will cut off other hexes (only a recent thing)
    Everything else is "hulk smash". Will this update truly change things?
  14. RadarX

    This is the new plan. Most of the stuff you have on that list I said was off the table back in February during our company change so that part all I can do is apologize that message didn't make it to you.

    We're excited about what is coming next and hope you can be a part of it.
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  15. Devilllike

    You wont be able to place just a turret you will be able to place structures in general,turrets are only the beggining of it
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  16. HadesR

    Hopefully they come with some major placement restrictions .. or else we are going to have huge issues both gameplay and performance wise if they can be just added at a whim anywhere...
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  17. McMan

    So I will be able to place a turrent tower in the middle of the road? I dont know how far are you with the development, but I would rather see ANTs as resurce gathering vehicles and then you can spend those resurces to upgrade bases (aka. give them more turrent spots, extra generators more baricades, faster spawn time, more teleporters) BUT each such improvment would drain power. So more you (the faction) improves the base more expensive it gets. You get that power from local power generators that would be spread around the base and from gathering minerals.

    With this setup you would make 10-20 main bases on the continent conected with lattice and all other smaller bases would become mines, farms, factories, coal plants... aka the power generators. This way you could siege down a large base, by eliminating its power generators. Ants would collect this power and bring it to the base. If a base lost its power, turrents would start to shut down and spawn timers would be longer and longer.
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  18. sIcGER

    so i got it right then

    to all those who complain 'you can only build a tower turret' - what i read was 'build a medium sized turret tower

    pretty exited about that
    i agree...

    lets wait and see - but at least it sounds very interesting
  19. Devilllike

    i dont know but it makes me wonder what kind of structures will those be
  20. Mogsy

    I'd be happy now they have made the client 64bit only that they get a move on and get is off the ancient/geriatric Direct X 9 graphics engine, and get a DX11/12 upgrade project under-way.

    Within the next 12 months, other PC games and MMO's are likely to start using DX12 and the good CPU & frame-rate benefits that that brings, and this game is more often than not, CPU bound for most folk, the GPU is not really being pushed and the game engine is not exactly pushing multi-core or high end graphics that well either (esp. AMD).

    Come on DB, get us off DX9!! :cool:
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