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  1. Kumaro

    I think after 3 years of doing bad choices *cough Higby/T-ray cough* may they never touch an FPS game again.
    Giving them time is a bit late to say. But i shall agree that patience is needed. As the reformed Team has a few things to prove.
    The move in the ANT and squad focus part is a good step. But PS2 still is considered the what not to do when making a large scale fps game. Thus i hope the team works on to sort out the mess others made for them :(

    and on a side note.
    (for the love of god do not let scrubs have this! leave it to outfits and squads to do. I don't want to arrive to empty harvest points because some noob wanted to play Farm simulator 2015 and then died because he was alone) D=
  2. KingOfLuck

    Erm..how so? I think it's a matter more about what wasn't done that should've been. Planetside 1 in it's prime was well designed and rather popular (pre-Aftershock Expansion era). The game died out due to BFR's (the real example I see of what not to do when making a large scale fps game) and technological advancements in gun play engines and graphics.

    A big thing PS2 is lacking is new content. 3 years down and we've got 1 new continent, 1 new vehicle, a handful of new weapons, cosmetics created by players themselves, and a directive system. This is great and all, but this game had the potential for SO much more. There were tons of players dedicated to Planetside 2 that invested lots of time and money, and many have left because there's been very little energy returned to the players.

    I've been hopeful that they've just been busy with the console port, now ironing out bugs, and then returning to show some much needed love to the PC game yet again. However, I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Kumaro

    Well to keep it short.
    Balance choices from the start that made a hard to balance game way harder to balance then necessary.
    That includes. Infantry classes and abilites, Vehicle abilities and strengths, Empire specifics, Base designs, Map designs.

    While Ignoring the fact that the game is a Combined arms game on a large scale. Large scale being very underestimated or simply not understood.

    Software choices that included an already outdated engine for the task at hand but to make it worse a deal with Nvidia to run development stage software in the game to. All on DirectX 9!

    Bad marketing that tried to focus on micro transactions while player base happiness was plummeting.
    I mean guess how happy people where when we asked for better as we said back then Meta game and all they did was release a new Shotgun or rocket launcher.

    oh and Prowler dual barrel gun that has both barrels on one side of the turret. Which is completely beyond me why someone would do that to a tank.

    And after that we come to Original designs. Google Planetside 2 original designs. Not all where great but many where way way better looking then the current ones are.

    Im going to say this right of now and im fully convinced that this is a fact.
    If this game from the start had a deeper and richer Tactical and strategical UI for Outfits and squads to utilize. With a much better focus on teamwork in both tools and class designs this game would have had many of it's larger outfits still active today and would have a better flow of players actually investing into the game.
    Since Alpha players have told them how to do things right and SOE never listened.

    Now to the positive in this. Leadership has changed. Daybreak is the new name and as a Veteran since beta i have hope because im in love with the potential in this game. But for the potential to flourish outfits needs the ability to grow and immerse themselves into the game on a deeper level then drop 24 guys on A point. That is key to get this game running again.
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  4. BaronVonJackal

    All of these ideas are nice and I just might be repeating what others have said, but what about all the hacking that has been going on? I mean sure the game updates are nice, but I as well as a few others are getting tired of all the aimbots, movement cheats, and other stupid crap that seem to happen in front of us on Connery. So until something is done about those exploits; no matter how many add-ins you put the game isn't worth playing until this is resolved too.
  5. Armcross

    Because somebody didn't know recoil on tank guns.
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  6. Who Garou

    How long do these "constructions" stay up?
    I can only hope that they are "destructible" constructs as well.

    Wall sections
    Tunnel wall sections
    General Buildings
    Temporary vehicle/aircraft spawn points

    Powered gate arches with related generator

    fixed ammo resupply points
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  7. SLK18

    Sound familiar?
    Please give air the ability to drop bombs (Low ammo count, would have to resupply frequently).
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  8. Travman245

    Funny you should say that, that's the way Liberators used to be in PlanetSide 1. They were a dedicated bombing platform that required the pilot to fly completely steady while bombs were being dropped by the bomber, who had the choice of tank buster bombs or cluster bombs for infantry. They aren't the ******* ******** kill-an-esf-in-one-shot-because-im-an-mlg-****** crap that they are now. Liberators actually required teamwork - the way a bomber should be.
  9. snipesharkVS

    ok ive played this game for 2 and 1/2 years and never in that time when I took the galaxy up side down has it ever acted as erratically as it does now. I don't know what you've done but it needs to be reversed. Im absolutely sick of the dumb physics crap that's completely gotten out of hand. it was never this impossible to take the gal upside down. when I do it now it immediately descends unto its doom no matter how fast I reverse my altimeter switch so I don't know what you've done but in the next patch could you reverse it, it would be appreciated thank youo_O ps I have over 20 piloting awards and several epic pilot plays so I know how to fly and I know its not me you guys have obviously changed something what it is and why you have changed it I don't know but its absolute ********.
  10. snipesharkVS

    why must you make that sort of change so you can see how many suicides happen from people who previously flew the galaxy upside down exclusively? Is this some sort of joke on your hard paying members? what is the motive behind adding more gravity and lift to the physics when the galaxy pulls a 180 degree twisto_O
  11. Slayerchain

    Why Don't the Jump Jets work on light Assault anymore ? Are you making us pay daily to use them ? Because if you are I'm deleating this game and I will be urging the rest of my clan to do the same.
  12. ytman

    Not sure if serious.

    The Jump Jets work perfectly fine.
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