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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Pepenador66

    :( Please fix the game!!!... I wanna play!!... it crashes and freezes after character select... I got AMD phenom II x2 555 3.2 ghz, 8gb ram, asus radeon r7 260x 2gb, windows 7 ultimate 64bits...
  2. TheWolf1973

  3. TheWolf1973

    And this!
  4. TheWolf1973

    Sorry, but I am not buying any of this BS! We all heard this before from Higby and Smed. What makes you, Luke and Radar any different than those two? You say you do not want to create a PS1 experience; well that is exactly what you should be doing. PS1 ran for almost a decade, a decade, because of the player base. And by the many comments in these forums asking for just that! But you don’t want to create a PS1 experience maybe you don’t want this game to live long either. Higby and smed proceeded to alienate that community in the name of their egos. If those two jerkoffs had done the right thing and take PS1 update the netcode, graphics and movement mechanics, and removed the BFRs then released it as PS2 they would have probably been in the running for game of the year in 2013. Additionally, not alienate an entire community base in the process. But they didn’t and we all have had to suffer for, and continue to suffer for it. Yet, you expect us to believe that you have some master plan to save the game, once again BS!

    This is nothing more than a facejob to use us (PC) for your new precious baby, PS2 on PS4. You guys don’t give a damn about us, but you need us now for testing and upgrading game play on PS4 (see your post on pg. 11 of this thread to prove my point). You want this game to run until 2025, good luck with that. It will not make it as long as the original game.
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  5. Multispastic

    I play on a razer edge tablet and the game runs nperfectly...i only have to avoid 96x96 + fights as it ends up with warping players everywhere but i think thats my internet (i live in cambodia) i used to play on my desktop pc with phenom x4 and it was terrible...i9 think the optimization done is incredible.
  6. Sandpants

    Wow this thread went places... And it wasn't in the direction of the devs telling what they are planning...
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  7. Boomkrach

    How about a double Daybreak Cash Event?
  8. Blam320

    Woa, dude. Give Daybreak a chance! While it may not look like it to you, there is still strategy involved in the corners of the PS2 community. And the PS4 update was made by Sony, before Daybreak took over. Plus, the "new" PS1 content being added is to both attract new players, and old veterans back, giving PS2 the playerbase it needs to last 'till 2025 and beyond.
  9. TheWolf1973

    The same people that made this game are still running it, minus the talking heads. As I already said they are only worried about PS4 and they need us (PC) for testing. The new PS1 content will not work in PS2. The ANT will neither make it to the warp gate or from it, because every vehicle of every kind will stop what they are doing and hunt and kill the ANT. Additionally, as others have already said, the only way to get a filled ANT from the warp gate is to fly it, but there are no Lodstar in the game so dead ANT. If you have read others comments you will notice that many PS1 vets have already commented on this,so called, plan and said that it will not work and does nothing for making the game more like PS1, which, which once again, the Devs do not want and PS1 community does. To add to that, they can't do it; to make this game more like PS1 the Devs would have to pull the whole game down and basically rebuild it so that bases are bases, not just zerg fighting points. Bases that are enclosed and locked. This will not happen and for me it is the number one thing that needs to happen. Everything will stay as it is a zerg spamfest.
  10. Blam320

    If you would just give the game some time, it just might live up to your exceedingly high expectations. I know about the Lodstar, but the ANT still has wheels, and will probably be able to be spawned where you can get Sunderers. Needing the Lodstar will probably come at a later date. And honestly, Sunderers and Galaxies are still going to be priority targets over ANT's, due to being mobile spawn points/gun platforms. Furthermore, I realize that bases are little more than a Zergfest at the moment, but adding more PS1 content now probably won't change that immediately. It will take months for new players to adjust to the dynamic, and probably years before the game is an exact reboot of PS1. And I agree, PC version needs to be prioritized over PS4 version; In fact I did a whole report on how games are "dumbed down" for the console player. Everyone knows most PC games are made with the diverse wants and needs of the community in mind. So relax, enjoy the fireworks of war. And maybe instead of complaining, you can take the time to appreciate how much effort goes into designing a game of this magnitude. Oh, and as an added note, they should probably perform more optimizations, because I lag out whenever I get close to a 48v48 battle nowdays.
  11. Travman245

    Daybreak, you are in charge of a game that I love and have played for a very long time (despite being terrible at XD)
    This update
    Has the potential to change the face of this game forever
    This update could bring insane amounts of players in every day
    Please make sure you have at least some metagame
    Make sure we feel like we're doing something
    I love this idea for building things, I've never seen it done before in a game that's mainly an FPS
    But make it do something
    Maybe like
    One guy can build a giant gauss cannon that will one-shot any vehicle in the game but it has to be powered by other people who build 6 energy pylons or something
    Or like
    Vehicle shield generators that allow an energy shield to be put on top of a vehicle
    And how about
    The ability to build these items is determined by what continents you own (Obviously the main things like the pylons you'd always be able to build)
    That's just an idea
    But my main point here is that I want to feel like my faction is getting something done.
    This update will change the game (if you put what you say you will in it), and it's your choice if you want it to change for the better.
  12. sebastian oscar post

    instead of sniper towers next in the check-list, put in a communication centre were squad can radio in to comand and other stuff...
    im kind of in a hury hear so you guys can take over this post for me.
  13. LOLdragon

    And I appreciate your being passionate about this game, but I really think you need to look at things from a different perspective.

    PlanetSide 2 is NOT a monthly subscription-supported game. It is first and foremost a free-top-play game, and I've spent very little money on it over the years (in large part because I'm crazy poor right now) and still been able to squeeze boatloads of enjoyment out of it.

    And updates to the game since launch have been much more than 2 vehicles... how about 2 new vehicles, adding Amerish, adding the Lattice System to funnel the fights for bigger combat encounters and less random ghost capping, revamping Amerish, adding Hossin, providing a wide plethora of new weapons, countless balance adjustments to weapons for infantry and vehicles, updates like the medic's deployable shield regenerator and the Engineer's auto-turret and empire-specific abilities for each of the three faction's MAXes... plus an avalanche of player-generated content in the form of unique helmets, armors, paintjobs for body armor and vehicles, fancy horns, fancy voices, fancy emblems, better management for Outfits, major overhauls and improvements to the UI to assist with squad management and map information, alerts... ...ALL of those things have been added since Beta! I know because I was a part of the Beta!

    And I'm sorry if you feel betrayed after spending so much money on these games but... that's on you. I don't want this to get into a thing where it's like I'm trying to bash you for having an opinion. I WANT DBG to be given some **** for not delivering enough new content or failing to follow up with promises and whatnot. Criticism is good... I just feel like it doesn't need to be quite SO toxic and SO filled with anger. I remember reading on these forums years ago that some employees said they actively stayed out of the forums because any time they posted, they were attacked by angry forumgoers complaining about this or that feature... which made them not visit the forums in general and unfortunately remain somewhat out of touch with the needs of their playerbase.
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  14. rserga11

    when is the september uptade coming it is cinda september for few days
  15. Armcross

    In here since Feb.
    They doing something different this time.
  16. sebastian oscar post

    im oz and its sep for me over here!
  17. Colakold

    Here is the problem. They talked about the resource revamp and we all know what happened. Smedley talked about his ideas for september and again we all know what happened. Now they are talking about an 2015 Update. Sorry but i hope you understand why some people are frustrated.

    The only bigger thing this year is the ANT. Players will be able to deploy turrets or maybe buildings. Do you think it is that good? I dont see the space to build stuff. If i take a look at the area around snake ravine, regent rock or xenotech i dont see much room to build complex things. This location is just an example. Hossin is full with trees, water, hills and rocks so where do we have the space to build?

    You need more space between bases to use the full potential. You go deep in friendly territories for the resources because you want to be save from ESF and liberators. You drive all the way to the front to build your turret and then a zerg or liberator blows the whole thing in seconds. To keep the map clean and organized the buildings need to be destructible. More things for the servers to calculate and to render. I´m waiting for all the hot framedrops when buildings are exploding and the map is full of it. I can see a platoon building 20 or more turrets to defend a base. Good lord!! Sounds like the liberator will be the new cert machine because you can wreck everything from above.
  18. xMaxdamage

    I think we as a community are a bit spoiled. dunno what kind of games are you guys used to, but I never found anything similar to how ps2 developers interact with the playerbase, especially for a game made/produced by a big company like sony.

    if they didn't listen to most of our complaints then ppl would complain A LOT less, keep that in mind.

    personally I love the game and can't wait to see what they want to put in it, I'll be the first ranting guy if they make mistakes, but that's why we are called to provide feedback.

    also I'd like to read some more info about these "leadership tools", the game is in desperate need of incentives to good squad/platoon leading.
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  19. TheWolf1973

    Hahaha, give the game some time. What almost three years is not a enough? Also, like many others I was in beta testing and we were telling them then what needed to change, and of course they ignored us. So that puts it at over three years we have been tell the Devs what we want to see in the game, and nothing. "exceedingly high expectations", you mean like having the successful playbook on how to create this game and ignore it! Sure! Unlike you many of use have been wait for three years for this game to be right, and we are still waiting.
  20. sebastian oscar post

    more positive less negative
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