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  1. Kohodo

    I want an implant to move rapidly towards the sides. I need it :oops:
  2. RadarX

    Our goal is to implement all of this to the PS4 as quickly as possible, preferably this year.
  3. Crator

    One thing to note is that in PS1 you only had a limited amount of certs to use. You gained certs as you went up in Battle Rank. You only got a finite amount of certs and you could never get enough certs to cover all equipment. This, of course, isn't the way it is in PS2 (mainly because they didn't want to restrict players to specific equipment due to free-to-play model).
  4. Darth Oby

    I like updates but some i hate.......
  5. TheFrost

    There should either be a new ability for the Galaxy or a new Plane all together that can transport vehicles like the chinook helicopter in GTA V
  6. UltimaRecon

    I'd enjoy escorting an ANT far away from combat, as I would also enjoy driving the ANT since I know it would be helpful to the rest of the team to do either job. I'd just be happy to have something else going on that isn't just kill whats in front of you for more certs. Would be a nice change of pace for me.
  7. Lorr

    Here is what I think about the ANTS system.

    I really like how you are adding ways for players to build up defenses, however if these just end up being turrents then it will just turn into another force multiplyer. Players should be able to create buildings that help the rest of the army or harm the other's army , such as small walls to be used as cover for infantry or barracades to slow down the enemy's advance. Buildings should also be very strong, perhaps even having certain ones only be removed once enemy infantry reach the defenses and destroy them manually (similar to overloading a generator) so the tactic doesn't just end up being "Deploy as many tanks as possible to destroy their deployables."

    Also, if you are going to place resorces all along the map, you should also have little bases to make them defendable (just very small ones, such as a single tower with a spot to put a sunderer). This way you are encouraging empires to fight over these valueable pieces of land in order to give their side an advantage.
  8. MiriamLuv

    Advanced Nanite Transport from Planetside... *rocks in chair and reminisces...* Those were the days of gathering the old power from a wg and driving it to a base that's been drained. Battling against enemies whom want to steal it from you...or OS that baby!

    Ant = Planetside 2: My thoughts are....I thought I had none but, I think I am missing the point of the need for another turret?
    I like the idea of introducing the ANT to Planetside 2, but I am having difficulties in understanding the purpose, when there are so many other vehicles capable of taking down vehicles.
    Maybe for us OLD-SCHOOLERS, you could use the ANT for the purpose it was intended from Planetside?
    YES SHUT UP I *KNOW* Planetside 2 is NOT Planetside.
    Oh I give up - I know the point I am wanting to make, but can't find the words.
    End of.
    But essentially a good idea.
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  9. WachaDune

    It's time to take up the mantle and make Planetside your own, Daybreak. You SHOULD NOT have called this thing the "ANT"!
    Hearkening back to PS1 just brings up memories and invites comparisons to a game that doesn't really exist anymore. (Look at how far this single thread has drifted off topic!).
    The idea for this vehicle is a good one, but it is a PLANETSIDE TWO vehicle—it's NOT the ANT. Call it a "Constructor" or something.
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  10. Imp C Bravo

    It would be very interesting to see ANTs able to do multiple things besides just harvest. Being able to use some of the resources it harvests to give everyone at the base a quick boost in available nanites (for example) or directly affect individual players in some fashion would make ANTs more attractive as an activity.

    But Yeah, I hope they are resistant to most air with the exception of the hard to use armor killing stuff. Don't need them getting farmed by zephyrs, rocket pods, or bulldogs o_O

    Edit note: Regardless, I think that having ANTs out there in between bases or the a-joining roads is a good thing to use the maps more effectively. Having the option to make small modifications on the map with them is also awesome. I can clearly imagine having a few squads outpopped (I'm on Vanu - ps4 so, always heavily out popped) and we are getting hammered at a base leading to a more critical multi lattice node base and sending a squad out to gather resources, setup some defenses, and generally augment the base we will have to fall back to. Turrets, walls, chokepoints, whatever you can give us would be awesome.
  11. WachaDune

    As to what a "Constructor" *ahem* can be used for, how about a two-way, shield-generating equipment terminal? Maybe an AoE repair pod with an invisibility shield big enough to cover a vehicle (though the shield would have to disable vehicle functions and prevent friendly aircraft from entering. Also, a timeout that would start damaging the vehicle 5 seconds after it's fully repaired would be great). How about an automated anti-aircraft missile structure? Or a pod to generate an area-wide darklight infiltrator reveal? Or a field that slows all vehicle movement by half? Or something with cats.
  12. Lorr

    I like the idea of having an infiltrator-reveal deployable. While were at it, how about allowing "constructors" to create mine fields, or maybe temporary landing platforms for aircraft, or small spawn points that don't resupply consumables, or artillary cannons, or short-range jump pads, or destroyable bridges, or giant deployable screens that distract the enemy with cat videos?!

    The possabilities are endless.
  13. Nemetis

    So.. PS2 will turn in a game like C&C Renegade?
    This could be fun, but what I really dream is:

    - BIG Motherships
    - Thematic Events
    eg. Protect/destroy the caravan, destroy the enemy mothership, capture enemy hostage in X base and transport them to your warpgate.. etc.
    - BATTLE ISLANDS (the city one and the sky islands you guys worked before will be just fine)

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  14. Armcross

    I imagining when bioLab lose power it would lose it's dome.

    It's called Lodstar and the galaxy did that too with smaller vehicles.
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  15. onadinz

    oh okay, i can't barely read engrish well.. ilove the ANT capable will be in PS2 soon..
  16. Darth Oby

    Are you going to work on phys-x? i never used it but looking at you tube that would really be something nice to get back in the game, and my pc is fully able to run phys-x
  17. Coldmeister

    I like the sound of it actually. Could make the game a lot more interesting. Walls and/or shields such as those found on bases as well as lift pads could all make for some interesting construction and game play. Ammo towers and air pads also come to mind. Please don't forget to add one thing PS1 had that made it awesome though... INFILTRATORS COULD HACK UNOCCUPIED VEHICLES! I miss it so bad. Please put this in the game. It was so cool when you saw an empire specific vehicle fighting for a different faction because they stole it.
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  18. Vevvev

    Planetside 1 also had small bunkers outside the bases gate openings. I really want NTU not structures but if that's what your going for add the bunkers to the ANT's buildings.
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  19. Riffix

    I would like to see more meta please. Along the same vein, I would like to see more care given to actually make the world and the way we function in it to make more sense. Yes, I am talking about things that don't largely speak to gameplay per se. But I feel like it would improve overall enjoyment a lot if it felt less like a "game" and more like an actual world we are fighting for and actual reasons for taking bases like that they provide logical and meaningful benefits.
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  20. Kirppu1

    ******* awesome, move on

    Do NOT piss on our eyes this time
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