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Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by PS2_Luke, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. KingOfLuck

    You seem like a "no change freak".

    So you don't want to do something... that means they shouldn't implement it?

    You don't even know what it's going to be capable of yet!
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  2. Nihil

    I'd rather have ANT runs and base drains than big deployables that will crowd maps that are often hard to get around (except by redeploying).
  3. WetPatch

    It's capable of building Turrets and collecting resources. It says so right in the Devs post.

    And I want change, but this isn't the change we have been promised and it's not the change we need at this time.
  4. John001

    Well i would to see the squad deployment as it was before the changes with only the time delay.How it works now it makes no sense to me.Maybe troll devs like it this is some kind of pervert development
  5. Stopper

    I would prefer new and better bases (Hossin-like) on Indar...

    And the quality of life things I am / was waiting for since launch : UI HUD for my deployables / mines and an indicator of the radius of my motion sensor / scout radar.
  6. Armcross

    Ok, next time I'll ask hanging question regularly. Maybe monthly.
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  7. Maxence822

    Sounds fun, also sounds nothing like "Planetside 2 2.0, the best thing to happen since Planetside 1!!!!" (Direct quote said by: me)

    I'll wait and see. Either way, I am stuck with Planetside 2, it is practically the only game that satiates my desire for such fast paced combat on a huge scale (Elite Dangerous does that too, but not as well).
  8. Commander Tychus


    ....So it begins. Time for some ANT runs.
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  9. Cookie5000

    OMG ITS HAPPENING!!! http://www.vg247.com/2012/11/30/pla...ear-plan-wants-to-run-until-2025-if-possible/
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  10. Shiaari

    Luke, my name is Stu, it's a pleasure to meet you!

    You said ANT, and you followed up ANT with an ANT themed Frisky Dingo meme. That, sir, is too much win for me to handle.

    I have determined that you meet all appropriate criteria for permanent companionship.

    Will you marry me?
  11. Timithos

    Leadership tools?! I'd rebuild my outfit for some leadership tools. In fact I bet a lot of old leaders would come back and rebuild their outfits with enough leadership tools in our hands. Gone could be the days of the revolving door of new outfits rising and falling in this game. We could actually stay, build and revitalize the playerbase for you.

    Companies; player-directed missions; map on dual screen or tablet; drawing on the map; squad/platoon leader auto-designation in case of disconnects/sudden leaving based on outfit rank/time playing in squad; expanded outfit ranks; squad player banning; squad class requesting system with xp; squad vehicle requesting system with xp; etc., etc. etc. Yup. All the things we've been asking for for years.

    Player-based construction: Sounds like a great step in the right direction of increased ground control, instead of Steamrollside. Deployment will of course have to be adjusted, and the lattice further relaxed.

    ANTs: I have to laugh. Everything that was PS1 eventually makes it into PS2, regardless of the precise mechanics of it all. Just give up already, and put everything PS1 into PS2. lol
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  12. Shiaari

    I would definitely love more command tools. Half the problem with command is that it is very difficult to put all squad/platoon members on the same page.

    I'd love the idea to "draw" on the map, or to have multimonitor support to have the map on one monitor and the game on the other.

    The tablet idea sounds awesome too. That could open up a whole new metagame for outfit leaders, commanding platoons over mobile device, while not in the game. It would make outfit leaders more visible to the playerbase.

    Outstanding ideas.
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  13. Timithos

    It it true that not everyone is looking for a Planetside 1 experience, but most everyone is looking for a greater experience, and some of those mechanics for a better experience are still sitting in Planetside 1.

    Let me give you another example of that. Auto-driving off a vehicle ramp in Planetside 1 you are "ghosted'/incorporeal, and vehicles stack while ghosted, and become corporeal only when driven away. This prevents traffic jams, blown up vehicles, vehicle block-griefing, and a fighting chance against vehicle mines. This is a mechanic sitting in Planetside 1 that would provide a greater gaming experience.

    So if a large portion of the playerbase is telling you that the original ANT mechanics and base power/draining was great, then... PLEASE listen and implement. And it's also not that I don't want the ANT to do what you are having it do now - player-based construction.

    We provide you the revenue to put features we want into the game; not "take them off the table".

    To be fair you say this is just a start. Well I say, it darn well better be, and the bulk of the Roadmap better be on it's way back!!! :)
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  14. Kronias

    no Radar, not everyone wants the PS1 Experience. However Making the game more like PS1 than it is now can only be a good thing. The game currently has no competition, but it will very soon (sort of). So you guys need to make the game more intelligent, more strategic. Make it so we have to think a little, not just run down the road mindlessly in zergs. You should be be encouraging the logistical side of war. Reduce the ability to Redeploy to Facilities. Troop Transport should be more heavily emphasized as an important tool to use on a regular basis. Not something you use once then just sacrifice it and move on to respawn spam. The hybrid Lattice/ Influence system should be moved forward provided you address the ghost capping problems and redeploy spam. Also you NEED, absolutely NEED to finish the damn Resource Revamp. You simply cannot leave the Resource System like this.
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  15. Lilium Atratum

    The resource revamp Phase 1 was made public with a promise that Phase 2 is going to happen.
    Now that Phase 2 is officially cancelled (since February!?) please roll back back the resource system to what was before Phase 1. Because it was better - in the current state it is just vehicle-spam.

    Phase 1 was accepted together with a promise which you then later failed to deliver and crossed it out silently ... :(
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  16. HateHoppersWJetpacks

    Everything else you've said seems interesting but please don't mention implants anymore. I have discontinued using it, ever since your developers reset everyone's implant energy. And I had 4 characters with near max implant energy wiped, and I've been disputing with your GMs over getting it fixed, and they won't do anything because it's 'too late'. I'm not clicking 54x4 times to charge up implant energy. For all I know, any given update will also wipe all the implant rechargers I haven't used.

    If I can't trust the integrity of the system, why should I buy into it? And why would I ever spend money on it, if it could be wiped out again when DGC is careless? Your experiment to make a little extra cash on selling implant bundles and super rechargers have failed. Just drop it. And use the time wisely in another area like fixing the persistent bug in the existing content.
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  17. Paul T Shoink

    Did someone say.... "TURRETS"?!?!?!!?!?!?!
  18. G05ty

    Is this 2015 road map only for the PC version?
  19. Skiptrace

    I never played Planetside 1 when it was first released, but I did try it for about 15 minutes or so and saw like no-one playing it and got bored, but the one thing I did like was the variety of vehicles. Now, most of them (like the Skyguard) got condensed into the current Lightning Guns. But It felt like I had options without paying immense amounts of Certs to use them. If we had a few more default gun options on each of the tanks. Say, allow people to start with the Skyguard and the current starter gun for the Lightning, that would allow people to feel more useful in the battlefield because they can be an AA support for their AA challenged MBT's (It's a common setup to use 2 MBT's, 2 Skyguards, and a Ammo and Repair Sundie with the Ammo sundie with Bulldogs and the Repair with Walkers in my outfit's Armor Division) I also think the same should be done with the Infantry classes. Currently you start with a Shotgun, and a pretty good all around gun. But, what if it was changed to start you with a Shotgun, a CQC Gun and a longer range gun? That would allow for more choices depending on the situation. Though, Shotguns are situational as is and have a HIGH skill cap. You could replace the Shotgun with a Long Range gun (Say for NC Medic you would get the Reaper DMR instead of the Mauler, or for the TR LA you would get the Cougar instead of the Fast Reload Shotgun). That would give players more choices and versatility right off the bat from BR 1. And could give the new players a decent edge.
  20. Turiel =RL=

    For those who don't know, here is how ANTs worked in PS1:

    Every base had limited energy. Once energy ran out, the base turned neutral. So players had the duty to refill the energy. This was done by driving a vehicle named ANT to the warpgate, deploy it there, collect energy and drive back to the base and refill the energy silo.

    This may sound laborsome, but the whole system had a huge advantage: It was a tiebreak mechanism. Bases couldn't be defended for hours, simply because it would run out of energy. So that simple concept solved a problem that occurs a lot in Planetside 2, especially in Bio Labs.
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